Andrew Steven Lane is a main character of the cancelled show,Universe Demolition.He is 15 years old.

Andrew Lane, cool dude


Andrew usually wears a Blue Penny-Tee that says Ultimate Teen in Scarlet. He wears a red jacket with a 15 sewn on the back. He wears Black denim shorts and white socks. He is always seen in Orange Sneakers.


Although he is a great student, he is always too consiencious about his grades.

He can sometimes be a jerk , goofball, knucklehead or even a complete dingo but he is usually cool and very genius.

He is 57.76435% human, and the rest Pyronite , due to his late father falling into a fire pit in his late teens.


As Largencanter, Andrew has the power of pyrokinesis, superspeed and electrokinesis. In season 2 he can absorb materials like Kevin 11. His Krystalit3 can access all internet data,and the Krystalit3 2.0 can store up to 800 trillion GB of data.


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