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Anderson Stark is a human from the planet Earth in Heart String; The Calypso Saga who wields the Infotrix.


Anderson has brown hair. It is usually incredibly messy, sticking up all over the place and covering his face. He has long eyelashes, which gives him an unfortunate feminine complexion. His skin is quite pale and unevenly toned. He often wears a dress shirt and black slacks. His shoes either consist of torn up Converse™ or black Crocs™. His backpack is a hand-me-down which is at least five years old. It is decorated with pink doodles from his older sister and black and red pentacles from his other brother. Personality wise, Anderson is shy and timid by nature. He rushes past without a word to anyone. He struggles to speak with others, stuttering or losing his train of thought almost immediately after beginning a conversation. He finds sports interesting to watch, but useless and embarrassing for him to participate in. He is paranoid, often thinking that if someone is laughing, they are directly laughing at him. He wishes to be brave, however any moment he has a chance to be, he cowers away. It is possible he could slowly gain courage if he stays around the right person and/or people.


  • Understands alien technology.
  • Retains information which most humans would forget.


  • An Alliance Is Born!
  • Missing?!
  • Departure to the new world