This is the first story in the series Lotus: A Girl With A Gross Side

By Iscrump


On a normal summer day, on a normal summer afternoon, at a normal summer lunch hour, a girl was in a forest with what we creaters assumed was her brother. As they were walking, a errie blue glow was coming from a valley below. "What's that?" the girl whispered. "I don't know." the boy said. "But it looks a lot like this." He pointed to his green and black watch that was glowing green.

The girl was tall and had black hair and and white jumpsuit with a black horizontal stripe. The boy was short and had brown hair, but had the same outfit as the girl.

"Lotus, c-can w-we l-l-leave?" the boy urged, voice shakey now. Lotus had not moved. She had her mouth open in awe. "What is it now?" the boy asked. Lotus arm moved to the side and the boy saw a watch.

The Omnitrix (Doesn't get the ultimate feature until later....

A blue watch that looked exactly like his. "Ken! I finally am like you! I'm awesome now!" Lotus cried. Ken looked puzzled. "You thought I was awesome?" "Well.....Er.....Look what I can do!!" Lotus turned the watch and slammed it down. She was beginning the Trasformation. Lotus's body had become green and black, and now the shape was growing different. "LotuJet!" she cried.


Lotus-LotuJet began looking at her new body. "Wickid." she said. "Wait 'till dad finds out!" Ken glared at her. "Don't tell him."

The Interview

I am Lotus Tennyson. The Ultra Supreme Master of alien discovery, I am. Why? I am the aliens. I kick villian-ey butt. I am awesome. There. If anyone asks you, 'Who is Lotus Tennyson?' all you say is She is awesome. There, have it ?

So you ask, how many aliens am I? Well, I have eighteen aliens so far. My brother has excactly the same amount, and they are the same speices, but have different names and look different.

So, how did my accident happen? When I put on the divice, the Omnitrix, it put me into a hypnotic sleep. Then it scanned my DNA and transferred it to the Omnitrix, and it stuck to me. Then the transferred DNA combined with alien species my dad has on his Omnitrix. There. That's all. Please get the camera away from my face!

Chapter One- Ken's Rise

Ken seemed jealous ever since I got my Omnitrix. He has one, yes, but he likes my style of mine . So this is how it started. Ken was absent from home one day and I got an emergency call that a giant robot was attacking the city.

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