Stick Land
Season 1, Episode 1
Written by Creeper
Directed by Creeper
Episode Guide
La Révolution


Noteworthy Events

  • Stick Guy gains and subsequently destroys the Stickatrix.
  • Echo Stick is teleported away somewhere.

Speech Guide

Panel 1 - A mysterious object in a crater.

Panel 2 - Please be Omnitrix

Panel 3 - You got a poo (fossilised)

Panel 4 - Stick Land: And Then There Were Stickmen

Panel 5 - That poo made me rich.

Panel 6 - Moving on to another crater...

Panel 7 - You got the omni Stickatrix!

Panel 8 - Sweet!

Panel 9 - Distant Boom

Panel 10 - Uh oh.

Panel 11 - At the bank...

Ha! All this money is mine!

Panel 12 - Not on my watch! Geddit?

Panel 13 - *boom*

Panel 14 - Stick Land: And Then There Were Stickmen part II

Panel 15 - Earlier… Stick Echo -> You know the drill.

Panel 16 - Distract him while I kick some criminal butt!

Panel 17 - Ohmygodjeffthekiller

Panel 18 - I’m not J-ah!


Panel 19 - I feel like I got shot in the head. Oh no.

Panel 20 - Stick Guy Stick Guy Stick Guy

Panel 21 - Where am I?

In the hospital, you got shot in the head.

Panel 22 - Oh no… (I couldn't read the rest of it.)

Panel 23 - Stick Land: And Then There Were Stickmen part III

Panel 24 - A house…

Panel 25 - Ow my face


Panel 26 - (Can't read this one either)

Panel 27 - We found a watch on your person, but it didn't tell the time, so we threw it into a volcano.

Panel 28 - End



Aliens Used


  • This episode was originally split into three parts.
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