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Ben 10: Stupidity Force: End Of Omnivangelion: Future
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 17/7/20
Written by Omi
Directed by Omi
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And Then There Were Ben 10: Stupidity Force: End Of Omnivangelion: Future is the first episode of Ben 10: Stupidity Force: End Of Omnivangelion: Future.


Ben discovers Crazy Ben and Muslim Ben still exist within him as alternate personalities of himself, which leads to complications as he deals with Psyphon and his henchman.


(Ben): He showed up again.

(Therapist): Who exactly is he here, Ben?

Ben, now 25, has aged considerably, and sat in front of his therapist in their office.

(Ben): You know, Crazy Ben, Insane Ben, Stupid Ben, whatever they called me during that time.

(Therapist): Those adjectives are a bit insensitive to him, Ben. How about referring to him in a more accepting way, such as Challenged Ben 10?

(Ben): Fine, Challenged Ben 10, whatever. Anyway, he- Challenged Ben 10- (pause) Seems like a bit of mouthful, doesn't it?

(Therapist): We can just shorten it to CBT if you'd like.

(Ben): CBT? Like- you know, never mind. Anyway, he showed up today, while I was fighting one of Psyphon's minions.

(Therapist): What do you mean by him showing up?

(Ben): Well, he didn't, but one of his aliens did.


Ben was in the middle of the street of a futuristic city, confronted by a massive enlarged Vaxasaurian, wielding a giant arm-mounted rocket launcher.

(Ben): Enough!

(Henchman): Ben, you know what we want, it doesn't have to be so complicated, you know?

(Ben): You're damn right it doesn't have to be! Let's just make it even easier! (transforms) This-this isn't Gutrot! Who the hell?

Ben looked down at himself, and sees that he's transformed into a platypus-like creature with a pineapple for a body and spoon appendages.

(Ek): EK!


(Therapist): What did you say this alien's name was again?

(Ben): Ek. His name is Ek.

(Therapist): Why is he named Ek?

(Ben): (shrug) I don’t know why either.

(Therapist): Is it maybe short for something like Eccentric?

(Ben): Beats me. CBT had a bit of a... random alien phase. For his entire existence.


(Henchman): What-what even are you, Tennyson?

(Ek): Ek, I guess? What does this guy even do?

The henchman fired his rocket, as Ek fired out a spoon directly at the rocket, exploding both in mid-air, and knocking both backwards.

(Ek): Oh, right. He controls random bullshit.

Ek got to his feet, and charged at the henchman, and shot out two eyebrows from his eyebrows to latch onto his face. Using his eyebrow manipulation, he pulled the eyebrows down on his eyes, blinding the Vaxasaurian henchman, and rapidly shot a barrage of spoons into his chest, most of which ricocheted.

(Henchman): ARGH!

The henchman grabbed at the eyebrows, pulling out tufts of hair and trying to clear his vision. Quickly managing to clear enough of his vision, the henchman slammed his fists into the ground, trying to hit Ek. Ek conjured a comically large spoon shield which blocked a spoonful of the attack.

(Henchman): Feh! Not bad!

(Ek): Yeah, this alien is actually pretty good!

The henchman tried to stomp Ek, who unloaded a pineapple from his mouth and smashed it against the floor before jumping backwards, causing the henchman to slip in the pineapple juice and fall on his back.

Ek let out an ungodly platypus screech, as suddenly dozens of platypuses emerged from the nearby buildings, manholes and sewer grates. The platypuses all grabbed onto the Vaxasaurian henchman, pinning him to the ground.


(Therapist): I’m sorry Ben, besides the odd transformation choice, this all seems very standard so far.

(Ben): It was normal until then. Then I did something weird.


Ek stood over the Vaxasaurian henchman, staring in front of his face.

(Ek): I have a henchman! I have pineapple! Ugh!

Ek shoved a pineapple down the Vaxasaurian’s throat, the spikes of the pineapple cutting through the edges of the henchman’s mouth. The henchman let out a muffled scream through the pineapple, as blood from the top of his mouth dripped down the pineapple.

(Ek): Pineapple-Henchman!


(Ben): I don’t know why, but I did the Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen meme. It was like CBT took over me again.

(Therapist): (confused) You did the... what?

(Ben): Pen Pineapple Apple Pen? That meme with the Korean guy? Or- I think he’s Japanese?

(Therapist): I don’t... really follow “memes”, Ben. Is that something CBT likes?

(Ben): (sighs) Yes. He loves them. But the weird thing is, this meme is from 2017. I haven’t “been” CBT since 2011. This is the first time he’s shown up. I’ve transformed into his aliens accidentally before, but never this.

(Therapist): Do you think him appearing might be related to your current situation with your family?

(Ben): I mean... maybe. But the day I woke up at that hospital the doctors told me that I’m cured of Clancy’s virus, and that everything that I thought I went through was a fever induced hallucination. Still, it felt so real. I keep thinking, maybe he rewinded time, or used Alien X or something, to undo everything that happened...

Ben’s Omnitrix started rapidly beeping.

(Ben): Sorry, urgent call.

Ben tapped his Omnitrix, and talked into the mouthpiece.

(Max): Ben, we need you at HQ, it’s an emergency, come now!

(Ben): On my way, grandpa.

(Therapist): We’ll continue this next week.

Ben, as XLR8, dashed into HQ’s command center, where an aging Max stood in front of the screens, and reverted.

(Ben): Hey Grandpa, what’s going on?

(Max): Oh, the school called and said the kids were going to come earlier than expected. But they just called, and apparently they’re stuck in traffic. So we still have a few minutes until they come.

(Ben): Is this seriously what you call an emergency?

(Max): Yes. The kids came to see you.

(Ben): (sigh) Fine. I’m gonna go to the restroom, call me if when they’re here.

(Max): Sure, champ.

Ben walked away, but then turned back to ask Max a question.

(Ben): Hey, grandpa?

(Max): Yes, Ben?

(Ben): What do you remember from that time back when I went crazy after Clancy’s bug virus thing?

(Max): That was only a day or two, wasn’t it? I remember you being confused by your alien transformations and then... (shudders) a lot of Four Arms nudity.

Max licked his lips lustfully, as Ben stared with a confused expression.

(Ben): Oh... kay.

Ben went down to the restrooms, and went into a stall, lowering his pants and sitting down on the toilet to relieve himself. While sitting, he scrolled through his alien list on his Omnitrix, trying to find any of his aliens from his period as CBT.

(Ben): Hmm.

(Crazy Ben): Hey. Nice cock.

Ben jumped backwards, as he saw himself as a teenager, with cheap dark sunglasses, standing in front of him in his stall. A splash was heard as something dropped into the toilet water, as Ben rushed to put his pants back up.


(Crazy Ben): Woah, hey, I’m just complimenting you bro. You’ve got a nice penis my dude.

(Ben): Are you-are you real?

(Crazy Ben): Pretty sure I am. Wait, no, technically I’m just a hallucinated personification of your alternate personality LOL

(Ben): I-I thought- The doctors said I stopped acting crazy when they cured me of the virus, I thought you were gone!

(Crazy Ben): Nah, not really bruh. That bug virus permanently left your mind splintered for sure. Oof ouch owie ur brain

Ben was having obvious problems processing all of this.

(Ben): This-this is a lot. Nice, to uh, see you’ve updated your meme catalogue. So what-why are you showing up now?

(Crazy Ben): Okay, so remember what you said at the shrink ladies’ office today? About how you think I rewinded time or reseted the universe? Weeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll........

(Ben): Wait, all that was real? You really did reset the universe? All that shit really happened?

(Crazy Ben): OH YEAH

(Ben): Upchuck Norris, Eggy, the-the fucking Sex King, all that shit was real?

(Crazy Ben): HELL YEAH

(Ben): H-how? How the fuck? How was that all real?

Crazy Ben pulled out an entire raw head of lettuce from his inner jacket pocket, and started chomping down on it, dropping bits of lettuce on the floor and talking with his mouth full.

(Crazy Ben): You know I actually got that checked once. Turns out we have like Alien X blood in us or some shit. So I think it’s just this subconscious thing, y’know. I’m thinking about my crappy 4th grade teacher, and boom, she’s suddenly leading an entire team of made of my enemies to kill me.

(Ben): What? How did we even-

(Crazy Ben): Do you remember that Alien X bathroom we went to when I tried Alien X for the first time?

(Ben): The what? Oh. Right. When you-we had to relieve ourselves. Ugh, in front of Serena and Bellicus as well.

(Crazy Ben): Do you remember that burrito we found in the trash?

(Ben): The what?

(Crazy Ben): Y’know, the blue one, with the black Alien X sauce inside. That was DELICIOUS. Anyway I think that’s where it came from lmao

Ben realized what he was talking about.

(Ben): That was- that was a Celestialsapien pad. You-we got reality warping abilities off of fucking Celestialsapien period blood.

(Crazy Ben): ngl it do be kinda tasty doe

(Ben): Ugh. Okay, I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that. So, wait, so my last memory- the one where everyone became Muslim- that- that really happened?

(Crazy Ben): Oh yeah for sure. Muslim Ben is the one convinced me that we should let you go back to normal cause you’ve been through enough lmao. So we both agreed to reset the universe using Alien X.

(Ben): Wait- Muslim Ben? Is he-

Muslim Ben appeared next to Crazy Ben, another 15 year old version of Ben, wearing a taqiyah.

(Muslim Ben): Salam Alaikum, habibi.

(Ben): Oh my God.

(Muslim Ben): Hey! Don’t say his name in vain!

(Ben): A Muslim Ben and Crazy Ben. I have officially lost my fucking marbles.

(Muslim Ben): First of all, why am I Muslim Ben and you two aren’t atheist Bens? Why does my religion have to be my one defining characteristic?

(Ben): I’m actually agnostic.

(Crazy Ben): I’m misogynistic!

(Muslim Ben): Okay, then why aren’t you agnostic Ben?

(Ben): I mean, you’ve got the hat on and everything...

(Muslim Ben): It’s a taqiyah. And you two don’t have a hat on.

(Ben): Well, we’re two and you’re just one- (pause) Why am I arguing with the voices in my head?

(Crazy Ben): How else will we own the liberals man

(Muslim Ben): CBT, stay out of this. You promised me that when you reset everyone will still be muslim, and lo and behold I’M the personality being marginalized for my religion in this system for the past 10 years!

(Crazy Ben): uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

(Ben): Wait, wait, wait, what were you two even doing in my head for the last 10 years?

(Muslim Ben): Studying the Quran.

(Crazy Ben): Vibing.

(Ben): Well, I’m not surprised at least.

Suddenly, Ben’s Omnitrix started ringing. Ben tapped and answered it.

(Max): (through Omnitrix) Ben, we need you up here, the kids are here, come now!

(Ben): Coming, Grandpa.

Ben hung up, and stood up from the toilet seat, pulling his pants up.

(Ben): I don’t know how much control you two have over me, or how real you two even are, but, please don’t ruin this for me.

(Crazy Ben): Okay buddy!

(Muslim Ben): Sure.

A few minutes later, Ben went up to the Plumbers mission center, where about 20 kids and a few teachers were waiting. Ben went up in front of them, and began to speak.

(Ben): Hi, my name is Ben Tennyson, and today I’d like to show you around our Plumbers facility.

Ben woke up in the hallway of underground alien-looking prison, with alarms blaring and lights repeatedly flashing red all across the room. Looking around, he could see many empty prison cells that were smashed into. Around him, human guards were encased in giant chunks of what appeared to be yellow cheese. Looking down, he noticed he was holding a white, egg shaped, cartoony bird between his hands.

(Eggy): Bagahk!

(Ben): What the fuck?

One of the guards trapped in the cheese mumbled out a plea.

(Guard): Help... Me...

Crazy Ben appeared, with a jar of pickles in his hand.

(Crazy Ben): EGGY I’M BACK

(Eggy): BAGAWK

Ben looked at him in shock.

(Crazy Ben): Sorry normal me I had to go get some epic picklez for me and Eggy now that he’s free oh yeah we freed Eggy lol

(Eggy): BAGBAK

(Ben): CBT, did you just black me out and take control of me?

(Crazy Ben): Yeah bro I had to free Eggy.

(Ben): (furious) You can’t fucking do that man! You can’t just take over me whenever you want! I’ve got a family now! I’m an adult now, I’ve got a life, a job, responsibilities! I've got a wife and kids, and I swear, if you somehow come near them, I am putting a bullet through my head if that’s what it takes!

While Ben was ranting, Crazy Ben was slowly chewing on a pickle from his jar.

(Crazy Ben): u mad bro

(Ben): Yes I’m fucking mad! I didn’t know you could even do that! And drop those pickles, your random humor hasn’t been relevant for 8 fucking years!

Ben smashed the jar of pickles from Crazy Ben’s hands, causing it to fall and smash on the floor. Crazy Ben looked at the pickles on the floor in shock, and turned back to Ben in anger.

(Crazy Ben): I. Had. To. Save. EGGAH!

Crazy Ben took Eggy from Ben’s arms and shoved him in his face.

(Eggy): BAK!

(Ben): I don’t care about some Angry Birds character you brought to life! That game hasn’t been relevant either since 2012! And how-how is he still here? (pointing at Eggy) Didn’t you fucking reset the universe?

(Crazy Ben): Well, yeah, but I wouldn’t delete Eggy now would I?

(Ben): Okay, just for the sake of clarity, what else didn’t you delete?

(Crazy Ben): Well, all my aliens, obviously. And I kept the product placement gang man. Gang gang for life, bro. I ride or die for my homies. We walked around like those ninjas, fingers on the triggers. But sadly times changed. I didn’t see the point in rescuing them today. Master Chief drifted away from us after he got married, his kids taking up most of his free time. He didn’t want to abandon them like his dad abandoned him. We all respected that, he’s always been the most responsible and adult of us. We used to meet up a few years ago until he moved to Florida. Sometimes I find a funny meme he’ll like and send it on Instagram, although it never flourishes into a real conversation, besides like “hey, how are things with the kids?”. But besides that I don’t want to force him to come on these wacky hi-jinx with us, because I know he is too mature for us. Beats By Dr. Dre betrayed us and uploaded one of our mix-tapes to SoundCloud without even crediting us. It got pretty big but it was obvious that without us he’ll just end up a one-hit wonder, which is what ended up happening. No one knows who he is anymore. Last I heard, he’s serving 5 years in prison for a DUI. I assume his fall from his 5 minutes of fame brought on excessive drinking as a coping mechanism, especially for the guilt of fucking us over. Fuck him though, he deserved what he got for betraying the gang. Gang gang for life. Al’Akir the Windlord. Man, Al’Akir just isn’t the same anymore. He started getting into weed and shit, like way too much. Dude would sit inside 24/7 ripping bongs with his friends. You can’t actually talk to the guy, he is high constantly. He’s not the same person he was. We kept trying to get him off it, and that that addiction was crippling him, but he just wouldn’t listen. Eventually we gave up. I still feel kind of bad for it, but some people are just lost causes, and torturing myself over them won’t do me any good. Maybe I am simply repressing my feelings for not helping him, but I suppose it is better than stressing over him constantly. And Villager. Don’t get me started on Villager. Dude’s a full-blown communist now, and a preachy one too. Like we couldn’t go out to a restaurant without him complaining about the proletariat suffering to make the food we ate. Only Eggy stayed the same man. Eggy is the OG. He’s always been humble and kind. Our product placement gang might be only 2 people now, but we’re still gang gang for life (for life!). Oh, yeah, and I think I didn’t fully revert the Alien X DNA being inside us for some reason.

Ben stared at Crazy Ben blankly.

(Ben): Are you-um. Are you done? Also, can you repeat that last part?

(Crazy Ben): I just said I think the Alien X DNA is still in our brain lol.

(Ben): So- you’re-we are- still unconsciously warping reality?

(Crazy Ben): Yep.

(Ben): So, not only did Trumpchuck, Jeve Stobs, and evil Justin Bieber exist in an alternate timeline, but they might be real right now?

(Crazy Ben): Yep.

Ben sat down on the floor, putting his face between the palms of his hands, shocked, and confused.

(Ben): What the fuck.

(Crazy Ben): Well, except for evil Justin Bieber probably, I don’t think he’ll be accidentally willed to life. I feel like the hate he got back then was unwarranted. He has some good singles. Dude’s probably a decent guy.

(Ben): I mean, yeah, probably. “Sorry” wasn’t that bad of a track.

(Crazy Ben): I know right?

Muslim Ben stepped in, with his prayer carpet rolled under his arm.

(Muslim Ben): Ah, Eggy, my old friend. I am glad to see you again.

(Eggy): Bagahk. (Abu-Spanner, my good friend, how have you been? It has been years since we last talked!)

(Muslim Ben): I have been doing well, thanks for asking! It really has been too long!

(Ben): Wait, you can understand him?

(Muslim Ben): Yes.

(Ben): Is that, like, a Muslim thing or...

(Muslim Ben): It’s not a Muslim thing, Ben.

(Eggy): Bakak! (Guys, are we finished with the exposition? The guards are coming after us!)

(Muslim Ben): Huh?

The trio of Ben alters looked behind them as they saw a wave of armed guards running towards them.

(Ben): Alright, time to get out of here!


(Ben): Why should I, when Fasttrack can do the trick!

Ben quickly selected Fasttrack and pushed down the dial, and began to dash away from the guards, Eggy in his arms, avoiding guards and dodging turret lasers. His visions of Crazy Ben and Muslim Ben still floated beside him. Across the hallway, giant metal walls began dropping from the ceiling, trying to lock them down in one place.

(Crazy Ben): Ben, I said use one of MY aliens!

(Ben/Fasttrack): Forget it, CBT! This is too big of a risk!

(Muslim Ben): Ben, you might want to reconsider, as some of CBT’s aliens do have significant advantages.

(Ben/Fasttrack): I am not transforming into one of them!

(Crazy Ben): Too bad!

Crazy Ben slapped Fasttrack’s Omnitrix symbol, transforming him in a flash into a brown, toasty ghosty alien with a single eye. From his sudden loss of speed, Toastfreak fell and rolled on the ground, Eggy still in his arms, eventually landing on the buttery side, as all toasts do. Two walls in the hallway closed down on them in a loud slam, locking the Bens and Eggy inside, as a turret dropped down from the ceiling, targeting Ben.

(Eggy): BAGAHK!

(Ben/Toastfreak): DAMMIT CBT!


Toastfreak shot a blast of butter from the palms of his hands, covering the turret's blasters in butter and causing it to explode after it attempted to fire.

(Ben/Toastfreak): What the hell is this guy useful for? Why not just use Ghostfreak?

(Crazy Ben): Toast is yummy yummy

(Ben/Toastfreak): (to Muslim Ben) Does he ever stop talking like a literal child?

(Muslim Ben): To be fair Ben, we are in a prison built to hold alien prisoners. Most likely this prison's walls are made with a hypertangible substance, preventing intangible species such as Ectonurites and Necrofriggians from passing through.

(Ben/Toastfreak): And how is Toastfreak any different?

(Muslim Ben): Because, you see, Toastfreak can go toastangible as well as intangible.

(Crazy Ben): Ye

(Ben/Toastfreak): Huh?

(Muslim Ben): Just try it, Ben.

Toastfreak turned his hand intangible, making it visually transparent. His hand touched the metal barriers and instantly bounced back, turning it tangible again. Looking at his hand again, he turned it toastangible, transforming it into wisps of toasty aroma. This time, his hand passed through the metal barrier with ease.

(Muslim Ben): See?

(Ben/Toastfreak): I-What? Okay. Sure. I give up.

Toastfreak turned his whole body toastangible and grabbed Eggy in his arms, turning him toastangible as well. He flew through the ceiling, passing through the underground and exiting above ground in Bellwood, in the middle of a Bellwood shipping yard. Floating down to the ground, Toastfreak slammed down the Omnitrix symbol on his chest and reverted to human.

(Eggy): Baaaak!

Eggy nuzzled Ben in appreciation.

(Muslim Ben): Eggy says he's grateful, Ben.

Ben, a bit flustered, dropped Eggy to the ground, who started jumping in joy.

(Ben): It was nothing for me, don't worry about it.



Suddenly, Ben's Omnitrix rang again. Ben answered, seeing Grandpa Max’s hologram again.

(Max): Ben, are you okay? I couldn't reach you for the last few hours!

(Ben): I'm fine, Grandpa. I didn't have any reception, sorry. (uncomfortably) And uh, sorry about the mess with the kids.

(Max): What mess? You were great with the kids! That 40 minute rant about popularization of alcohol in mainstream media resulting in a powerful destructive decay of western civilization's morality was a bit strange, but the teachers seemed to like it at least!

(Ben): Oh, um, that's good to know.

(Max): Anyway, what was I calling about? Oh, yeah, some shifty Vaxasaurian guy came looking for you, talking about some due payments. One of our interns just told him to go look for you at your home and just blurted out your address. These interns, I tell ya. Just watch out, Ben.

(Ben): Okay, Grandpa, thanks for the heads up.

Ben hung up the call.

(Ben): Hey, Muslim Ben?

(Muslim Ben): Yes, Ben?

(Ben): Was that you back then? With the school kids?

(Muslim Ben): Yes, it was. And I’d like to be referred to from now on by my kunya, Abu-Spanner, if you will.

(Ben): Oh. Sure. Thanks, Abu-Spanner. For not letting him take over.

Ben let a side glance at Crazy Ben, who was using Eggy to lob egg bombs into the ocean in rage.



(Muslim Ben): Don’t worry about it, habibi.

(Ben): We should head to my house before that henchman guy comes over. Which one of my old random aliens should I use this time?

Muslim Ben smiled.

(Muslim Ben): Well, both Ultimate Fasttrack and Hat Crashhopper are pretty fast.

(Ben): I’ll try out Hat Crashhopper. He sounds... cool, I guess.

(Muslim Ben): (takes off taqiyah) Here, you can have my taqiyah to transform.

(Ben): Does that even work? Like, isn’t that taqiyah just a part of my hallucination of you?

Muslim Ben just shrugged.

(Ben): Trying wouldn’t hurt I guess.

Ben selected Crashhopper on his Omnitrix and put Muslim Ben’s taqiyah on the Omnitrix, pushing down on it and transforming into Hat Crashhopper, with a taqiyah instead of a top-hat.

(Ben/Hat Crashhopper): Not even gonna bother asking.

Hat Crashhopper turned back towards Eggy and Crazy Ben, who were both squirming on the floor in a pool of seawater, Ben rubbing his eyes as a result of the seawater in his eyes.


(Ben/Hat Crashhopper): Come on.

Hat Crashhopper picked up Crazy Ben and Eggy and dashed towards the main street, jumping over a few tall buildings and continuing his dash until his home.

(Ben/Hat Crashhopper): Woohoo!

Hat Crashhopper reached an apartment building, and stopped on the street in front of it, before detransforming.

(Ben): Look, before we go any further, there’s something I need to tell you guys first.



  • Vaxasaurian Henchman

Aliens Used

By Ben

By Crazy Ben

(Ben): Look, before we go any further, there’s something I need to tell you guys first.

(Crazy Ben): wat

(Muslim Ben): What is it, Ben?

(Ben): I, uhm, I'm not actually-

Ben was cut off by the ground shaking loudly, as he looked back and saw the huge Vaxasaurian he fought before as Ek, stomping into the floor, coming out of his apartment building. The Vaxasaurian’s mouth and body were wrapped up in bandages, and he wielded the same rocket launcher from before.

Aiming his rocket launcher at Ben, the Vaxasaurian yelled out his threats through the muffling bandages.

(Vaxasaurian): Ben Tennyson! Psyphon needs his debts paid! And I need my revenge!

(Ben): How did they let you out this quickly, Juemungousaur?

(Juemungousaur): Psyphon generously paid the bail, but we still need that money, Tennyson! I’m giving you your last chance to pay up!

(Muslim Ben): Wait, his name is Juemungousaur? Like Jew-mungousaur? That seems a bit insensitive.

(Ben): Vaxasaurian naming customs, beats me.

(Crazy Ben): Bro u can’t fight him now thats antisemitic

(Juemungousaur): Who are you talking to, Tennyson? Are you talking to yourself?

(Ben): Yeah, kind of. It’s complicated.

(Eggy): Bagak.

(Juemungousaur): And what’s with the bird?

(Ben): It’s also complicated. Trust me, you don’t want to get into it.

(Crazy Ben): Please, let me explain.

Crazy Ben pushed Ben aside and stepped forward.

(Crazy Ben): It all started when we fought Clancy in 2011-

(Juemungousaur): I’m not here to play games, Tennyson! It’s time to pay up!

(Muslim Ben): What does he mean by paying up, Ben?

(Crazy Ben): Bro just pay him bro

(Eggy): Bakbak.

(Ben): I, uh, don’t really have the money to pay him right now.

(Muslim Ben): What? I thought you were a rich celebrity?

(Crazy Ben): Bruh

(Ben): I’ll explain later, just-

(Juemungousaur): Alright, I’m counting to 3, Tennyson! If you don’t stop playing games with me and pay up, well...

Juemungousaur’s rocket launcher began to heat up in a red glow.

(Muslim Ben): Don’t the Plumbers pay you well? I thought you literally saved the universe multiple times?

(Ben): They do, but, uh, I might be in other debt besides just Psyphon’s.

(Juemungousaur): 3...

(Muslim Ben): I thought your merchandising deals were making good money?

(Ben): Listen, I’ll tell you everything after we beat this guy, okay?

(Juemungousaur): 2...

Juemungousaur’s rocket launcher began glowing as it prepared a rocket.


(Ben): What? No! What the hell?

(Juemungousaur): 1...

(Crazy Ben): I said Jueish I’m not antisemitic I swear just use him please

(Ben): This time I’m using one of my own aliens. (transform) LODESTAR!

Lodestar used his magnet abilities to grab Juemungousaur’s rocket launcher and point it towards the ground, forcing it to fire a barrage of rockets under Juemungousaur’s feet, causing him to blast himself backwards and fall on his back.

(Juemungousaur): ARGH!

(Ben/Lodestar): Eggy, get back!

(Eggy): Bagahk!

Eggy jumped away behind a car, and hid away from the fight.

(Juemungousaur): TENNYSON!

Juemungousaur heated up his rocket launcher and fired another rocket. Lodestar caught it in mid-air, reversed it towards Juemungousaur, and released, hitting him straight in the chest. Juemungousaur looked at his launcher in anger.

(Juemungousaur): I don’t need this bupkis!

Juemungousaur tore the rocket launcher off his arm and threw it to the ground, as he charged towards Lodestar.

(Ben/Lodestar): Fine. Then I’ll take it.

Lodestar pulled the rocket launcher towards him, and aimed it at Juemungousaur, firing off rocket after rocket, which repeatedly knocked him backwards.

(Juemungousaur): TENNYSON!

(Crazy Ben): Ben can I take control now please uwu

(Ben/Lodestar): No, you’ll just make me dance the Gangnam style or some shit! I need to beat this guy!

(Crazy Ben): pwetty pwease (nuzzles Lodestar)

Lodestar pushed Crazy Ben aside.

(Ben/Lodestar): Stop being obnoxious!

While being distracted by Crazy Ben, Juemungousaur made it past the rocket barrage, and jumped onto Lodestar, pinning him in place.

(Juemungousaur): Got you now!

Juemungousaur grabbed Lodestar’s head from his shoulders and pulled it off, holding it in front of his face, as he pinned down the rest of Lodestar’s body with his foot.

(Juemungousaur): Now, either you give me Pysphon’s money or I crush your head like an egg!

(Ben/Lodestar): Like I said... I don’t have the money...

(Juemungousaur): Stop lying!

Juemungousaur began slowly crushing Lodestar’s head. Meanwhile near Lodestar’s body, Crazy Ben was ecstatic.

(Crazy Ben): Finally!

Crazy Ben walked into Lodestar’s body, taking over it. Grabbing the rocket launcher, he aimed it under Juemungousaur’s chin and launched a rocket. The rocket hit made him fall over, dropping Lodestar’s head. Crazy Ben grabbed Lodestar’s head back to his shoulders, causing it to hover safely back into place.

(Juemungousaur): RAAARGH

Juemungousaur’s mouth bandages were ripped up as a result of the rocket hit. Tearing them off, Juemungousaur opened his mouth for a roar, revealing metal braces.

(Ben/Lodestar): Sick braces bro.

Lodestar grabbed his braces telekinetically, holding his mouth open.

(Juemungousaur): Aahk- whaw awe you-

(Crazy Ben/Lodestar): Bye bye!

Lodestar caused the rocket launcher to fire off a rocket, and directed into Juemungousaur’s mouth, exploding and knocking him out.

(Crazy Ben/Lodestar): WOOT WOOT

Lodestar started doing a Fortnite dance before being quickly reverted by Ben.

(Ben): Yeah, we’re not doing that.

(Crazy Ben): Aw.

Ben looked at his apartment building, and noticed the front door to it was broken open by Juemungousaur.

(Ben): Shit, I hope he didn’t reach my apartment!

(Muslim Ben): Wait, Ben, what did you want to tell us before?

Ben ignored Muslim Ben and ran into his apartment building, and went up the stairs to his apartment. Muslim Ben and Crazy Ben followed him.

(Muslim Ben): Ben, what is it?

Noticing the door wasn’t broken down, he unlocked the door to the apartment.

(Ben): It’s okay, everything is-still here.

(Crazy Ben): That’s good lol- Wait a minute...

Crazy and Muslim Ben looked into the apartment. A 1 bedroom apartment, it was nearly empty, besides a mattress on the floor, a laptop on a chair, a messy closet, and a TV, also on the floor. Ben sat down on his mattress, looking up at Muslim and Crazy Ben.

(Muslim Ben): Didn’t you say you have a family and kids before?

(Ben): Well... that’s what I wanted to say before. I’m going through divorce.

(Crazy Ben): Cringe

(Muslim Ben): CBT, let him talk.

(Crazy Ben): k

(Ben): Me and Kai, we’ve always had troubles in our marriage. I would always be off saving the world while she was stuck babysitting the kids, with no real career in mind. But it got worse once the Gourmandistan War happened. I had to drop in to support the Plumbers there, and well, I ended up being stationed there for a few months. Kai had to take care of the kids all that time, mostly alone, and the rift between us grew more and more. That’s when, um, Ren came in. Do you remember our cousin Renly?

(Muslim Ben): Yeah, I think so.

(Ben): Kai had been having an affair with him since then, and I never even suspected it. A few months ago, Kai decides comes clean to me about the affair, and says she filing for divorce. Then, they- they-

(Muslim Ben): They what?

(Ben): Kai and Ren took the fucking kids.

Crazy Ben and Muslim Ben sat down on both sides of Ben, consoling him.

(Muslim Ben): I’m sorry, Ben.

(Crazy Ben): I’m sorry man. But this is what you get for simping bro

(Muslim Ben): CBT, shush. But yes, this is what happens in western countries. Divorce, allah yerhamo.

(Ben): (sarcastically) Oh, thanks for the support.

(Muslim Ben): Sorry, Ben. Why is Psyphon after you then?

(Ben): I, uhh, got into some gambling debts with him. I’ve been in a rough spot okay? The legal fees didn't help with my financial situation. At least I'm out of it. The gambling I mean.

(Muslim Ben): It's okay, Ben. You can always repent.

(Crazy Ben): What about your toys and shirts and stuff doesnt that give you a lot of monies

(Ben): There aren't any more merchandising deals, man. I'm a has-been. Everyone has better superheroes to worry about, not to mention all of those Plumbers brutality protests going on recently dragging my name through the mud.

(Crazy Ben): more like has-Ben

(Ben): Yeah, a has-Ben. In summary, my life sucks.

(Muslim Ben): I’m sorry, Ben.

(Crazy Ben): i’m sowwy (nuzzles Ben)

Ben flinched backwards.

(Ben): Get off me, man!

(Crazy Ben): Ahem.

(Muslim Ben): So what’s your plan? With Psyphon, I mean.

(Ben): I dunno. I’ll just fight him I guess. Scare him off.

(Muslim Ben): Are you sure that’s going to help? We both know how connected Psyphon is with the underworld.

Crazy Ben sat down in front of Ben’s laptop, opening it and messing around on it.

(Ben): Probably. Can’t think of anything else I can do, really.

(Muslim Ben): If you think it'll help, we'll be right there behind you, inshallah. Isn't that right, CBT?

(Crazy Ben): Yee.

(Ben): Thanks, guys.

(Crazy Ben): Do you have any games on your laptop bro

(Ben): No, not really.

Crazy Ben opened YouTube and started watching dumb videos.

(Crazy Ben): Heh, Eggy, come look at this-wait, where is Eggy?

(Ben): I told him to hide before the fight. Where is he really?

Ben, Crazy Ben and Muslim Ben looked outside the window to the street, to see Juemungousaur gone, and no sign of Eggy. They ran down to the street itself, and looked around.

(Ben): Eggy? You there?


(Ben): I think Juemungousaur took him!


(Muslim Ben): Where do you think he could have taken him?

(Ben): Probably to Psyphon to use as leverage against me. Shit.

(Muslim Ben): How do we find where Psyphon is?

(Crazy Ben): I’ve got an idea!

Crazy Ben selected an alien on his Omnitrix, and pushed it down to transform.

(Crazy Ben/Infinite Wildmutt): INFINITE WILDMUTT RAWR

Infinite Wildmutt walked towards the bandages on the ground, and sniffed them with his nose.

(Crazy Ben/Infinite Wildmutt): SNIFFFF

Seeing visual trails of aroma in a direction, Infinite Wildmutt began chasing them. Ben and Muslim Ben began running after him.

(Ben): Feels weird not being the one in control.

(Muslim Ben): Oh yeah, does it? Huh, who would have guessed.

Infinite Wildmutt tracked the scent down into a passageway leading down into Undertown, with the other two Bens still running after him.

(Ben): CBT, hold up!

(Crazy Ben/Infinite Wildmutt): SNIIIIIFFFFF

After running through a couple of market stalls, Infinite Wildmutt went into an alleyway, leading into cargo loading area, where they heard a loud sneeze.

(Psyphon): ACHOO! Get that thing away from me!

(Ben): Shh! Get back!

Infinite Wildmutt reverted, as the trio hid behind a few crates. Looking over the crates, they saw Juemungousaur, mouth bandaged again, speaking to Psyphon, who had a runny nose from sneezing. Juemungousaur was holding an electric cage holding Eggy inside.

(Juemungousaur): Sorry, boss, I don’t know where to put him.

(Psyphon): Just put him- ACHOO!- on that stack over there, far away from me. You know how much I’m allergic to feathers!

(Juemungousaur): Uh, sure. Sorry boss.

Juemungousaur placed Eggy on a stack of crates. Eggy tried to peck Juemungousaur, but was bounced back by the cage’s bars.


(Juemungousaur): Be quiet!

(Psyphon): ACHOO! Look what you did, Jue! How am I supposed to show up to Vilgax and my wife now?

Psyphon opened a mirror on his wrist, looking at his reflection, his nose still dripping snot.

(Juemungousaur): Sorry-sorry boss. At least now we can use Eggy as a leverage.

(Psyphon): ACHOO! Ugh. You know how important these cuckolding sessions are to me and my wife’s marriage!

(Juemungousaur): I know, sorry boss.

(Psyphon): What will Vilgax think, when he sees me masturbate in the corner covered in snot while he’s filling my wife’s insides with his thick juicy tentacles! Not to mention what my wife will think, ugh. I’m already on thin enough ice as it is. That vasectomy wasn’t enough for her, huh.

(Juemungousaur): Can I be honest for a second, boss?

(Psyphon): What, are you going to say you think me crying in the corner and thinking about how our relationship used to be while Vilgax savagely penetrates the love of my life isn’t helpful to our marriage? God, you’re just like everyone.

(Juemungousaur): Yes. I think she’s just using your marriage for a sense of stability while she can go out exploring herself sexually. She has no feelings left for you, she is just using you as an anchor, something to keep herself steady, and you are too scared of change that you manage to delude yourself into justifying her behavior.

(Psyphon): Psht, you think we haven’t talked about this? I deserve it for spending all this time in Undertown at work instead of with her at home working on our marriage!

Juemungousaur placed his big hand on Psyphon’s shoulder.

(Juemungousaur): Psyphon, stop deluding yourself. You need to move on. Find someone new. There is nothing left in this relationship for you.

Psyphon slapped Juemungousaur’s hand off his shoulder.

(Psyphon): If this is some ploy of yours to get into my wife’s bed, CONSIDER YOURSELF CORDIALLY INVITED!

(Ben): Okay, I’ve had enough of this. (transform) ARMODRILLO!

Armodrillo drilled through the chests and dashed towards Psyphon and Juemungousaur. Psyphon shrieked as he jumped backwards, but Juemungousaur quickly grew in size, and pushed Ben down into the ground with a large fist.

(Psyphon): Ah! Tennyson! What a nice surprise!

(Ben/Armodrillo): Let me go!

(Psyphon): Let me guess- here to finally pay off your debt, aren’t you?

(Ben/Armodrillo): No, I’m here to free that bird you kidnapped!

(Psyphon): Too bad that bird is going to be the delicious meal of a few select Vreedle Brothers. They’re going to have Angry Bird, SEASONED!

(Juemungousaur): Nice one, boss.

(Psyphon): Did I do that right? That used to be a game right? I haven’t really been keeping up with those since 2014. Which brings the question to mind, why did you bring one of these to life?

(Ben/Armodrillo): It’s complicated, okay? I’d have to explain like, 7 years of alternate reality for that.

(Psyphon): Well, never mind that then. Where is my fucking money, Tennyson?

(Ben/Armodrillo): Like I said to Juemungousaur before, I don’t fucking have it!

(Psyphon): I know you’re lying Tennyson! Jue, help him remember where the money is.

Juemungousaur lifted his massive fist and punched Armodrillo in the face, pummeling him into the ground.

(Psyphon): Remember yet?

(Ben/Armodrillo): There is no money, Psyphon!

(Psyphon): Jue, refresh his memory again.

Juemungousaur punched Armodrillo into the ground again, and again, and again. From behind the crates, Muslim Ben looked over, while Crazy Ben looked as well, uninterested.

(Muslim Ben): We need to help him somehow!

Crazy Ben was picking his nose and inspecting his boogers.

(Crazy Ben): Yeah, huh.

(Muslim Ben): I’m serious, CBT!

(Crazy Ben): Yeah, yeah, I know.

(Muslim Ben): We need to do something.

(Crazy Ben): Sure.

Crazy Ben looked over towards Eggy’s cage, which was being lifted up by a crane to be moved.

(Crazy Ben): EGGY NUUU

Meanwhile, Ben was still being tortured, punched repeatedly in the face.

(Psyphon): Anything yet?

(Ben/Armodrillo): I keep telling you, there’s no money!

Psyphon’s cell-phone began ringing.

(Psyphon): Juemungousaur, keep refreshing his memory, I gotta take this.

Juemungousaur punched him into the ground again, as Psyphon answered his call.

(Psyphon): (into phone) Hey babe. (mumbling from the phone) Yeah, I know I’m late, I just finally caught Ben Tennyson, you know how much he owes me. (mumbling from the phone) This is pretty high priority, sorry, honey.

While being punched to a pulp, Armodrillo looked up at a bunch of crates, and noticed someone familiar.

Crazy Ben, as Moustachio, was sneaking across a bunch of crates, using his long moustache to sneak around. Stretching his moustache, he grabbed Eggy's cage from the crane that picked him up with his mighty moustache hairs. Sneaking across the stacks with Eggy's cage, he began making his way back to Muslim Ben behind the crates.

(Ben/Armodrillo): YOU CAN TRANSFORM?

Moustachio looked towards Ben, and silently nodded.

(Juemungousaur): Who are you talking to, Tennyson?

(Ben/Armodrillo): Man, I hope I'm not hallucinating this. Come fucking help me then!

Moustachio shook his head aggressively, and then pointed at Eggy's cage. Making a pair of fingers from his moustache hair, he indicated that he was going to put Eggy safely behind the crates first.

(Ben/Armodrillo): Well do that and come get this guy off me!


(Psyphon): Can you quiet down? I'm on the phone!

(Juemungousaur): Sorry, boss.

(Psyphon): (through phone) Sorry, babe. (mumbling through phone) Well, just start without me then. We both know Vilgax lasts way longer than me anyway. (mumbling through phone) I'll finish here in time to watch, don't worry. (mumbling through phone) LOOK, if I don't get there in time, just send me a video of you two or something, I'll jerk off and cry to it when I'm FREE, okay? (mumbling through phone)

Psyphon turned backwards from Ben and Juemungousaur.

(Psyphon): (through phone) I KNOW it's just cheating without me watching, that's why we're in an OPEN RELATIONSHIP!

Looking upwards, Psyphon noticed Moustachio, creeping across, holding Eggy's cage.

(Psyphon): (through phone) I'll call you back, honey. JUE! BEN BROUGHT SOME FRIENDS!

(Juemungousaur): Huh?

Juemungousaur looked back at Moustachio at the roof.

(Ben/Armodrillo): At least I'm not hallucinating. Can you PLEASE come help me now?

(Crazy Ben/Moustachio): Welp ok

Moustachio jumped off from the crates, and landed in front of Psyphon on one moustache end, while using the other to shake Eggy’s cage in front of Psyphon, shaking off feathers onto him and making him go into a sneezing fit.

(Psyphon): ACHOO! What is- ACHOO!

Through the constant sneezing, Psychon noticed an Omnitrix symbol on Moustachio’s chest.

(Psyphon): WHO IS THIS?

(Crazy Ben/Moustachio): le moustache has arrived

Moustachio lengthened his moustache and rolled up Psyphon in his hairs, wrapping him up. Using the electric bars on Eggy’s cage, he cut off the hair he used to roll him up, leaving Psyphon snared in a coil of moustache hair on the floor. To finish it off, he dropped Eggy’s cage in front of Psyphon, trapping him with his feather allergies.

(Psyphon): AGHHH

(Eggy): Bak BAK!

(Crazy Ben/Moustachio): GET FUCKED

(Psyphon): (through constant sneezing) JUEMUNGOUSAUR! COME HERE AND HELP ME!

Juemungousaur looked down at Armodrillo, and looked at Psyphon being tortured by his feather allergy. Gritting his teeth, he made his decision, while Moustachio was charging towards him.

(Juemungousaur): You’ve got some chutzpah, boy!

Juemungousaur slammed Armodrillo into the ground with another powerful punch, and let him go, just before getting attacked by Moustachio.

Moustachio sent his moustache hairs at Juemungousar’s bandages, slicing through them. Juemungousaur roared in pain, showing his broken teeth from the damages he’s sustained from his fight.

From behind Moustachio, Armodrillo, his armor crushed and cracked, climbed out of the pit he was slammed repeatedly into.

(Ben/Armodrillo): Finally...

(Crazy Ben/Moustachio): BEN HALP

Moustachio’s moustache arms were grabbing Juemungousar’s wrists, who was trying to pummel Moustachio into the ground as well. Seeing this, Armodrillo quickly turned his hands into drills and drilled underground, before quickly popping up in front of the Vaxasaurian.

Pointing both of his drills at Juemungousaur’s kneecaps, Armodrillo jammed them in while spinning, causing Juemungousaur to moan in pain and collapse to his knees.

(Juemungousaur): TENNYSON!

Moustachio sent his hairs again, wrapping them around his head, keeping his mouth open, and slammed him face first into the ground, his open jaws smashing into the floor. This time, Juemungousaur only let out a quiet groan before falling unconscious.

(Ben/Armodrillo): That was hardcore, man!

(Crazy Ben/Moustachio): No shit bitch

(Psyphon): You think- ACHOO! -you’ve won?

Psyphon let out an evil laugh, finally cutting himself out of his moustache hair roll with a knife from his gauntlet. Pressing a button on his gauntlet device, out of the crates around him came flying mech pieces. The mech pieces assembled around him, forming a giant dark purple mech around him piloted from an open cockpit in the head, covered in a transparent purple force-field with purple bars over the entire mech.


Psyphon showed off his mech, and unveiled its arm-mounted blasters, along with a second cockpit nested inside the mech’s chest, covered in a purple dome.

(Psyphon): And to prevent my allergies from coming up again...

Psyphon grabbed Eggy’s cage and placed him inside the other cockpit, trapping Eggy inside. Bondage handcuffs shot out from each corner of the cockpit, latching onto the bars of Eggy’s cage and keeping him in place.

(Psyphon): I'm going to give Eggy a front row seat to your deaths!


(Crazy Ben/Moustachio): LET HIM GOOO

Moustachio charged at the Psyssy Kage, shooting his moustache hairs out to pierce it. The moustache hairs bounced off the purple force-field harmlessly.

(Crazy Ben/Moustachio): Huh.

Armodrillo jumped in after him, spinning up his drills and aiming for his chest. His drills simply bounced backwards harmlessly, not even seeming to damage the mech.

(Psyphon): Good luck with that, Tennyson! These shields are impenetrable! Trust me, I’ve tried everything!

(Ben/Armodrillo): Shit!

Armodrillo and Moustachio kept trying to pierce through the shield with their attacks, which kept bouncing off.

(Psyphon): Ahahaha-ACHOO!

When Psyphon sneezed, the entirety of the mech’s purple forcefield briefly shut off, before quickly turning on again. For that brief moment, Moustachio’s hairs managed to hit the mech itself, before getting cut off when the shields turned back on.

(Psyphon): (murmuring) Ugh, me and my allergies... Still must have some feathers here...

(Ben/Armodrillo): Did you see that?

(Crazy Ben/Moustachio): Mayhaps

The two continued to try and hammer down his forcefield, to no avail.

(Psyphon): Enough of this!

The Psyssy Kage unsheathed a blaster cannon from its crotch and began firing off laser blasts at the two. Armodrillo and Moustachio jumped back, and tried to dodge them as much as they could before a blast hit the ground and sent them both flying backwards. The two landed, scuttled behind some crates, and reverted.

(Ben): First, thanks for waiting to let me know until now that you can transform, and second, how do we beat this fucking thing?

(Crazy Ben): Uhhhhhhhhh

The two looked from behind the crates as Psyphon rampaged around in his mech, with Eggy trapped in his chest. Psyphon paused for a minute, before sneezing again, causing his force-field to disappear briefly again.

(Psyphon): (from the distance) Dammit!

(Ben): Come on, CBT! What kind of aliens do you have on your watch?

(Crazy Ben): All of them bro

(Ben): Be more specific! Come on, man!

Ben paused for a second, as he looked at Psyphon sneeze and disable his shields again.

(Psyphon): ACHOO!

(Ben): I’ve got it!

Psyphon walked around in circles his Psyssy Kage, with his cannon still pulled out.

(Psyphon): Come on Eggy, where are your friends?

(Eggy): Baki bak!

(Psyphon): Aw, don’t be like that! (sniffles) Oh no, another one’s coming up.

Psyphon paused for a moment, before letting out another sneeze, shutting down his shields.

From behind one of the crate stacks, a giant metallic Arburian ball suddenly leaped towards Psyphon, flying towards his chest. Ultimate Cannonbolt, in mid-air, launched out a small white chicken he held inside, with an Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

(Crazy Ben/Ultimate T-Rex): COCK...

Ultimate T-Rex flung himself into Psyphon’s control area, taking advantage of the shield being down. Ruffling his feathers, he triggered Psyphon’s allergies, causing him to break into violent sneezing and preventing the shields from coming back up.

(Ben/Ultimate Cannonbolt): AND BALL...

Ultimate Cannonbolt rammed into the Psyssy Kage’s lower abdomen, just below Eggy. His shell spikes pierced through the armor of the mech itself, as he began to spin in place.

(Crazy Ben/Ultimate T-Rex, Ben/Ultimate Cannonbolt): (together) TORTURE!

With the shield being down, Ultimate Cannonbolt’s spinning spikes began tearing through the armor, brutally rending it apart. Ultimate T-Rex ran around Psyphon, locking him in his sneezing fits, keeping the shield down and stopping him from controlling the mech. The mech began breaking down, its shredded bits of metal scattering out and covering the floor.

(Psyphon): TEN-ACHOO!-NYSON!

Ultimate Cannonbolt’s damage finally broke enough of the Psyssy Kage, causing the mech to collapse and crash backwards, breaking Eggy’s cage and causing Psyphon to fall on the ground as well, still sneezing.

Eggy hopped out of the now-broken cage in glee, as Ultimate Cannonbolt uncurled and stood up over Psyphon. Ultimate T-Rex was still running around Psyphon, spreading his feathers around him.

(Eggy): Bak! Bak! Bak!

(Crazy Ben/Ultimate T-Rex): EGGAH

Ultimate T-Rex ran towards Ultimate Cannonbolt’s side, and gave him a bro-fist with his wing. Eggy came to their side as well, as the two birds danced together in happiness.

(Psyphon): (nasal voice) Fine, fine, FINE! You can fuck my wife too if you want, just leave me alone!

(Ben/Ultimate Cannonbolt): What?

Ben and Crazy Ben reverted, as a squad of Plumbers came to the area, their rifles aimed at Psyphon and Juemungousaur. They set up a perimeter around the area, as they put both of them in handcuffs as they loaded them onto the Plumbers van.

The two Ben personalities looked behind them, as they saw Muslim Ben walking towards them, prayer mat rolled up in hand.

(Ben): Where were you, man?

(Muslim Ben): Sorry guys, it was namaz time. I knew you two could handle it.

(Ben): (to Crazy Ben) And why didn’t you tell me you could transform all this time?

(Crazy Ben): Well uhhhh I didn’t really know I could lol

(Ben): Wait, Abu-Spanner, you can transform too?

(Muslim Ben): I believe so, inshallah.

(Ben): So all three of us can transform now, huh. That’s fucking overpowered.

(Crazy Ben): Poggers

(Eggy): BAGAHK!

Making it through the Plumbers perimeter, Max went up to talk to Ben.

(Max): Ben? Who are you talking to? And what’s with that egg thing? And that chicken that just disappeared?

(Ben): It’s a long story, Grandpa. I’ll tell it all to you some other time, I promise.

(Max): Sure, champ. Just make sure you’ll make it for the other school trip today, okay?

(Ben): Alright, Grandpa.

Max looked over towards the wreckage of the Psyssy Kage.

(Max): Now, what was Psyphon doing with a Psyssy Kage Cuck’n’Fuck 3000 sex mech?

(Ben): Grandpa why do you know-nevermind.

(Max): Oh, Grandpa knows, Ben. Grandpa knows very well.

Max winked.

(Ben): Okay. Sure.

(Muslim Ben): Allah yerhamo. I prefer Muslim Max.

Max went up to the Plumbers police vans, as he went up to talk with Psyphon and Juemungousaur. Psyphon mumbled something through his runny nose.

(Max): Well, Psyphon, if you insist. She looks like a lovely lady.

The three Bens walked outside of the Plumbers perimeter, while Eggy jumped around them happily.

(Eggy): Bak bak bak!

(Crazy Ben): EGGY

(Ben): You guys ready for a round of Sumo Slammers 2 at my place? Being divorced does mean more time for video games...

(Crazy Ben): YEET

(Muslim Ben): I’d love to, Ben.

(Eggy): BAGBAK!

The four started walking down the Undertown street.

(Crazy Ben): Wait Ben why didn’t we just use Debtpay to generate enough money to pay him lol

(Ben): We could have done WHAT?

Ben ranted at Crazy Ben as they walked off into the distance. From a nearby rooftop, a short, arm-less, hooded figure looked over them.

(Hooded Figure): This will be the end... of Omnivangelion...

The Hooded Figure’s TV screen face began flickering, broadcasting static, before he started rapidly flipping through channels.



  • Psyphon
  • Juemungousaur
  • Hooded Figure

Aliens Used

By Ben

  • Lodestar
  • Armodrillo
  • Ultimate Cannonbolt

By Crazy Ben

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