And Then There Were 10 Again

And Then There Were 10 Again is the first episode of Ben 10 Ominihero.


The episode begins with flashbacks to Ben's story. It is revealed that he is talking to some alien kids and promised a show, before being interrupted by Rook, who told him he should not reveal such important details.

After that, Gwen, Kevin and Zed appear out of his car, and Ben asks if they are finally ready to go. Before they hop on the ship, Kai appears, and reveals to be dating Ben. She brought the Excalibur with her. They hop on the ship on their way to Galvan Mark II.

Halfway through their journey they encounter Galord, an evil scientist, destroying two planets with his ship, and they board his ship to stop him, making Ben, as Jetray, be captured by the ship and put into a containment tube.

Ben returns to normal and the Omnitrix detects too many DNA samples, making it reboot and recalibrate. Ben is freed by Kai and they fight the Vulpistacher with Gwen, while Kevin and Rook fight the Pyroflor. Ben then comes to fight with Galord as Batbolt, being defeated in battle and fleeing back to their ship.

Major Events

  • Ben and his team finally begin their travel around the universe.
  • The Omnitrix is recalibrated.
  • Galord first appears.

Minor Events

  • Ben and Kai are revealed to be dating.
  • Jetray makes his first debut in his 'Omniverse' form.
  • The Rust Bucket 4 is revealed.




Aliens Used

Spells Used


Rook: Ben! I don’t think you should give such details about your most important missions, such as the recreation of the universe.

Ben: Relax Rook. The entire universe knows about this already. Besides, it must be nice to them to know how does it feel like to be saved by the great Ben 10.

Rook: Oh, by the Celestialsapiens, how can I have put up with you for the last two years?


Kevin: C'mon Tennyson, can you stop scaring these kids with this freakish alien? Oh, forget it. That’s just your face!

Ben: So you have finally decided to show up, huh?

Gwen: Sorry we’re late. The traffic was terrible.


Kai: Hey guys, how are you? Sorry I’m late! Now, can we hop up on the ship?

Ben: Heh... good evening Kai... we were just waiting for you, babe.

Gwen and Kevin: BABE??


Rook: There’s a ship destroying two planets right in front of us. We need to stop it!

Ben: Oh man, my smoothie...

Rook: I give up on trying to make Ben act seriously...


Galord: Quiet, you filthy being! You will soon become a subject to my experiments.

Jetray: What?

Galord: I don’t believe this! You’re...

Robot: Boss, there are punks boarding on the ship.

Galord: You are safe for a while, human.


Omnitrix: Error! Too many DNA samples to scan! Initiating recalibration. Estimated time necessary to finish recalibration: 20 minutes.

Ben: Oh man, come on! What have I done for you to hate me so much, Omnitrix?


Ben: Ok, time to try this new watch! IT’S HERO TIME!

Elements: Lava? I guess I can handle this one then. Let’s heat it up, shall we?


Galord: Do you really think this can hurt me?  Freeing my subjects - look at the problem you gave me, human. Thankfully for me, there is enough DNA in your Omnitrix for my experiments.

Batbolt: I don’t know who you are... But just so you are up to the news, I’m the guy who saved the universe a million times, and it’s not easy to take me down.

Galord: I know who you are, you disgusting creature! You’re Ben 10. You need to use the abilities of many other species just to feel like you’re someone.


Ben: I tried to save those aliens... But then the red guy showed up...

Gwen: What red guy?


Kai: Ben, look at how you’re talking. We only want to help you.

Ben: I’m sorry guys, it’s just that... I haven’t seen any trouble with villains for a while now.

Kevin: Listen here, Tennyson! Whoever this red asshole is... I doubt he is any harder than any of the other bad guys we have fought before. FOUGHT TOGETHER!

Gwen: You know that we never lose when we’re together.

Ben: Change of plans. Our vacation trip has just turned into saving the universe one more time!


  • And Then There Were 10 Again is the first episode of the fan made continuation to Omniverse, Ben 10: Ominihero.
  • The name of the episode is a reference to the first episode of the classic series, And Then There Were 10.
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