Ghostfreak: I've Got you Now!

PRTO-Echo: ummm... you have Bigger problems to worry about, so see ya?

Ghostfreak: What do you mean AHHHHHH!!!

Dean: it's Iron. It binds ghost, such as your self.

Ghostfreak: I can go thought th-

Dean: Sammy, Now!

Ghostfreak: What's This?

Dean: Salt. Now you're going Down. *raises gun* See ya.

Sam: Wait. Don't you want to know What he's up to?

Dean: Not really.

Sam: Dean, he can talk. Normal Ghost can't talk. Let's hear him out.

Dean: Ya ya right. *turns to Ghostfreak* Spill. Who or What was that blue thing and who are you?

Ghostfreak: I think The first one will answer for It's self.

The Omnitrix starts Beeping Red. A flash of red light comes from the Salt circle.

Ben: I'm Ben. nice to meet you. *steps out of the salt circle*.


Sam: I'm Sam.

Dean: and i'm Dean.

Ben: So what about PRTO-Echo?

Sam: Were hunters. We hunt things like ghost and werewolfs and zombies. PRTO-Echo, well, were kind of Hunting him.

Ben: Really? That's my evil twin, in his PRTO-Echo form.

The Omnitrix turns green.

Ghostfreak cannon OS .jpg

Ben: Were Back in business! So you Guys know were he going?

Dean: The Old lumber Mill. Why?

Ben: *smiles, then presses a button on the Omnitrix.* nope. nope. nope. found you.

Ben slaps his hand on the dial. He's engulfed in green light.

XLR8: XLR8! you need a ride? Race you!

Dean: There's no way my baby can lose to That thing!

Cut to lumber mill

Dean*coughs* There's now way i lost. No way!

Sam: Dean, let it go.

Dean: There's No Way! He Cheated.

Sam: Dean.

XLR8 *switch back into Ben*.

Ben: Got save some energy for latter.

Evil Ben: You came. You Won't be beating me. *Presses Prtotrix*

Evil Ben's body is engulfed in green energy, witch then explodes.

Heatblast 10,000 .jpg

PRTO-Bolt: PRTO-Bolt!!!!

Ben: Ya? counter this!

Ben slams the Omnitrix dial. He's encased in red rocks, witch then explode.

Heatblast: Heatblast!

Heatblast: Your going Down! Fire Shield!

Sam: Dean, get us guns!

Dean: all right Sam!

Heatblast: Special Move: Flames unbound!

PRTO-Bolt: time For a switch out. lets go to-

PRTO-Fire: PRTO-fire! Special Move- Flaming Vine Twister!

Heatblast's fire ball bounces harmlessly off.

PRTO-Fire: Get ready to OW! OW!

Sam: That worked better than i thought it whoud.

Sam: You got any one that can take this guy down?

Heatblast: *Smiles* you bet!

Feedback: Feedback! Electric Strike!

PRTO-Fire: Time for an exit.

PRTO-Echo: PRTO-Echo! See you losers.

PRTO-Echo flees.

Feedback: *times out*

Ben: You Guys wanna help me take him down?

Sam: I don't see why not.

Dean: No scratching My car!

Sam: Of all the things that just happened, THAT'S what your worried about?

Ben: I think i know were he's going next.

Sam: Lead the Way.

The episode Ends with Sam, Dean, and Ben driving away in the 67 impala.

Ben: You got any sumo slammers cards?


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