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And Then There Were 10 was the first episode of Owen 10.


In space, two ships are fighting. Inside one ship is Vilgax, a large squid alien. His ship is piloted by drones. Inside the smaller ship is Xylene, an alien who is attempting to deliver a device called the omnitrix to earth. She has no choice but to put it in a pod and sends it to earth just before her ship explodes. Drones investigate the ship’s wreckage.

Meanwhile on earth, in a town called Bellwood, a boy called Owen runs out of his house on a school morning. He is joined by his friend Jade Green. Owen asks if they are still meeting in the woods after school. She says yes before two bullies called Cash and J.T appear, making fun of them for hanging out. Jade pulls Owen away, telling him to ignore them but Cash call him a chicken. Owen turns around and punches Cash in the face. Angry, Cash and J.T start to beat Owen up. Some people turn up and Cash and J.T run away. Owen is okay and only suffered a bloody nose and a couple of bruises.

After school, Owen and Jade are walking in the woods and Owen is still angry he wasn’t able to fight back, but Jade assures him it’s okay. Then she sees a shooting star and makes a wish, but Owen realises it’s heading towards them and pushes her out of the way as it hits the ground and makes a crater. Owen, out of curiosity, slides into the crater besides Jade’s warning, and finds a pod. It opens and the Omnitrix jumps on his wrist, automatically turning Ben into an alien made up of vines, to the shock of both him and Jade. He finds out he can shoot flames from his hands, making a tree catch on fire. Jade warns him the fire might spread, and he realises he can control plants, so he makes vines appear from the ground, digging up dirt and dropping it on the flames, putting it out. Owen decides to call himself Swampfire. Jade thinks he might be stuck like that forever, but he reverts to human form. Owen finds the device cool and decides to see what else it can do, but it’s recharging.

In space, Vilgax’s drones tell him the omnitrix has been sent to earth, so he tells his right hand man, Psyphon, to send some drones to earth to retrieve the omnitrix.

Back in Bellwood, Owen and Jade are walking home through the woods, Owen messing with the device. Then two small drones attack them. They run but end up being separated. The drones follow Owen and he hides behind a tree. He realises the drones must be after the omnitrix and decides to use it to fight. He figures out how to turn into aliens and turns into an alien with an acidic body. He fights the drones, using his acid to melt them. Then, more drones appear and he discovers the blasts go through him. He defeats all the drones before Jade finds him again and he reverts. Jade wonders how many aliens are in it.

Psyphon tells Vilgax the drones failed, so Vilgax tells him to send in their bigger drone. Pysphon sends the drone to Bellwood. Owen and Jade come out of the forest but find a giant drone is wreaking havoc in Bellwood. Jade tells Owen he has to stop it hurting someone, so he turns into a flying moth-like alien. He turns intangible like a ghost, the drone’s blasts passing through him. Then he breaths ice at the drone, freezing its arm. It blasts out, but Owen’s form, who calls himself Big Chill, freezes the drones head first, then the rest of its body, preventing it from escaping. People record the battle on their phones.

At Jade’s house, Owen says bye to Jade. She tells him not ot try anything stupid, but after he leaves he smirks. In a street, Cash and J.T are hanging from vines. Swampfire laughs at their expense, and they promise never to bully anyone again.


  • Owen Johnson (first appearance)
  • Jade Green (first appearance)
  • Cash (first appearance)
  • J.T (first appearance)
  • Xylene (first appearance)


  • Vilgax (first appearance)
  • Psyphon (first appearance)
  • Drones (first appearance)

Aliens Used


  • Swampfire being the first alien Owen used is similar to how Heatblast was the first alien Ben used in the original series
  • The scene where Swampfire put out the fire by dropping dirt on it with his vines is similar to how Wildvine put out a fire in Recipe for Disaster