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A Hero of 10
Season 1, Episode 1
Written by Dreamer2Dusk
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Washington B.C


When I woke up, I didn't expect to find myself in this predicament. I sit up and stretched, and see that it was still dark out, "C'mon, don't tell me I only slept for an hour or two." I say and get up and see a boy walking this way, upon closer inspection and from waking up a little more I find myself in the middle of some woods. "I guess I am dreaming then, hehe," I say a bit nervously.

The boy got closer and so did an incoming danger that was falling out of the sky. I went to stand up and approach the boy when some sort of meteor struck down near me and made me fall into the crater it had made in impact with the cool ground. I also have no clue what the heck is going on... I am just as confused as you are, seriously I am so confused.

The boy comes to the meteor or at this rate a space pod of sorts, I am not sure if he even saw me there at all. The pod opens up and I was staring face to face with the boy, "Are you alright? How the heck did you survive being crushed by this space pod thing? How did you end up inside of it?" He asked and held a hand out to me, I grab it my right hand and there I see the 0#%!&^!%, on my wrist... But yet I couldn't think of the name properly, almost as if something prevented me from knowing it.

"Y-yeah, I'm... I'm fine, I think? I have no idea what is happening or why I have this on my wrist." I say as he pulls me up and out, "Yeah, you sure can fit into small spaces, and I'm Ben Tennyson." Ben said, I just Ben Tennyson as in the Ben Tennyson the wielder of the and only 0#%&^!%, and I can't say it I wonder why...

This was my chance to say the name I always wanted to have, "I am Azlin Jones, it's nice to meet you, Ben." I say with a smile and proceeded to dust myself off as well. "That a cool looking watch, you got there." Ben says "Yeah but I'm not the one who... should... have… it,” I say and he looks at me confused. “If you’re not supposed to have it, then can I have it?” Ben asks and little did he know he was the one who is supposed to have it.

We walked off from the pod that also could have been my grave. “So can I have the watch or not Azlin?” Ben ask “Well… The thing is, you're the one that’s supposed to have it and at the same time… It sort of doesn’t come off, heh.” I was nervous about all of this, none of this should be happening, what have I gotten myself into.

Ben was disappointed that he couldn’t get the watch, but they never really explained how to remove it at all, mostly because of Ben never wanting to remove it, to begin with, well it was like that at first. I know it may be the only way I can ever get back home.

I look at the watch and try to remember exactly how Ben made it work from the show, after enough examining I found out how it was done. If I have it, I might as well use it.

With a beep and whir, I managed to turn the watch on, now to truly activate it. I switch through the different aliens and land upon a Pyronite better known as Heatblast from the show, wow I can say that or think it… good to know.

I pressed down on the center and instantly became the Pyronite, Ben turns and looks at me and was awestruck at how HOT I was. “What’s wrong, am I too hot for you to handle?” I say with a smirk, Ben laughed at my joke and I smiled and laughed with him.

“Good one Azlin, but what the heck just happened?” Ben ask “Um… That’s kind of hard to explain.” I say and try to avoid eye contact, I step back a little and step onto some dry brush and it lit on fire.

Looking down I freak out and was thinking that I had to get all worked up about this and start a bush fire, as long as I don’t cause a forest fire I am good. I let out a freaked-out and squeal and try to put the bush fire out.

“Why me, this isn’t even how it’s supposed to go.” I say attempting to put it out knowing full play that fire doesn’t put out a fire unless the eat the oxygen on each other.”Don’t just stand they help me put it out already.” I say and he just stands there, with a shrug of his shoulds he tries and stamps it out as well.

“Gah, nothing working… I think we are just making it worse… Why me,” I say and sulk a bit at what was going on. “Well, I am ten and you’re some sort of fire monster so.” Ben states trying to be smug, “It was a question.” I say “But it still has an answer.” Ben says and I stare at him just point for him to go with also set a tree on fire due to me blasting accidentally.

We all know what happens next, it becomes a forest fire.

I yelp in frustration and just sat on a patch of dirt, “When I woke up I didn’t expect to for any of this to happen.” I say and play in the dirt by drawing. “Wow, you're really good.”Ben says staring at me doodle in the dirt, “Thanks, I guess.” I say unsure of how to really respond at this point.

Soon enough Gwen shows up with the fire extinguisher and starts putting out fires best she can till she sprays me and Ben, but mostly me.

Gwen freaked out and screamed when she saw me, “Hey, that’s not very nice.” I say and stare at her coldly, well I think I was at least. She freaked out and hits me with the fire extinguisher, “man that really hurts.” I say “How can that hurt, your literally made of fire.” Ben states not knowing that I was an alien and not a fire elemental, though I was on par with being one.

“Ben is that you… nevermind... stay down if you know what’s good for you.” Gwen threatened me and I looked at her and sigh and that made her foot or really her shoe catch on fire. She hopped and try and put it out.

When she managed to put it out she stares at me with the fire extinguisher high above her head ready to strike me down. “You asked for it…” Gwen says and just as she was about to strike Ben comes over and stops her, “Hey that’s my friend, leave her alone freak.” Ben defended me and stood between me and the nasty blow.

“You, friends, with this monster… somehow I believe it, despite how phony it sounds.” Gwen states and lowers the fire extinguisher slowly and stares at me and Ben. “Would someone mind explaining what’s going on here?” Gwen asks but I was just as lost and confused as she is.

“Well, that’s sort of…” I started to say but Ben cut me off, “I found her in the woods, there was this meteor but it wasn’t a meteor but some kind of space pod, I went to the pod thing and I get close to it and it opens up and there she was inside but not like this but as a regular kid like us, and she fiddles with this watch thing and then she becomes this fire monster person and made a really good joke about it too.” Ben declares “Uh yeah and It was an accident with the forest fire, it wasn’t my fault Ben made me do it.” I say “Hey!” Ben exclaimed, “That I believe, I mean he always getting into trouble.” Gwen says.

“Now that is also very believable,” I say and laugh a little and Ben was not happy, “I’m right here you know.” Ben states grumpily, “Yeah we know doofus.” Gwen says and laughs with me.

Just then Max comes over “Gwen are you al-... What the blazes?” Max says confused when he saw me, “Meet my new friend, Grandpa, hehe.” Ben says with a quirky awkward grin and laugh.

Max looks me over and then at Ben and Gwen, “It’s a long story sir, and I think we should take care of this raging forest fire first,” I say and get up since I will burn everyone if I or they touch me.

“Right… Backfire, make another fire to snuff out the old one.” Max states, “Sure, I can do that, I think, the first time I blasted fire was an accident really.” I say and run off to start a new fire.

At the reach of a brush and trees, “Here goes nothing.” I say and make a small fireball and that made me smile. How the heck did he make it look so easy in the show seriously. I look at the brush area and fling the fireball at it and hops that my aim is better than it usually is.

The fireball hits its mark and I sighed in relief, “Well that another disaster avoided, thankfully.” I exclaimed and continue with making the fire stable and t cut off and put out the other fire raging out of control.

Once the fire was taken care of, I was invited back to their campsite for talking and marshmallows that I better not be the one toasting.

“So ah Azlin was it now, you mean to tell us that the thing the watch came in crashed on top of you and somehow you ended up inside and with this watch.” Gwen says “that turns you into this first monster and that I should have gotten instead?” Ben states “Yeah pretty much, at the same time I am a kid again and it was some of the worse years of my life and I am only in my 20s.” I say “I see, but your not a monster..” Max started but I cut him off, “I know, I am an alien known as a Pyronite.” I say and look at him and he was dumbfounded by the fact I knew that, but really why would I not know that.

“So you think you’ll stay pyro-girl forever?” Ben asked “No, I hope not, I mean if I ever want to draw again without burning my paper or pencil I better not. But nothing is going the way it should so who knows.” I say and sighed as Gwen tossed me a marshmallow, and I actually caught it. As I cheer in delight I also change back to being normal human me, well if you count being a 10 year old again normal, because I don’t.

“Yes, I am me again, well as much as me as one can get,” I say with a laugh and ate the marshmallow. “Are you wearing pajamas?” Ben asked, “Well yeah, the last thing I remember was going to bed than waking up thinking I only slept for an hour or two.” I say and Ben laughed at me, “Hey! Be nice dweeb, come on Azlin, I got something you can borrow.” Gwen says and rushed me inside, “I’m going to go check out that crash site, I’ll be right back.” Max says and heads off with a flashlight.

Inside the RV with Gwen had me put on a bit of a fashion show for her with the clothes she had. “You look so cute in these Azlin.” Gwen states and I smile at that compliment.”Cute, I am always cute.” I huffed and look at her and she laughed, “Definitely.” Gwen said and laughed and I laughed with her.

“I think this one is definitely you Azlin,” Gwen says with a smile “Really, are you sure I mean it’s super cute and pretty but.” I say “I mean it, and you can even keep it.” Gwen states and hugs me.

We leave the RV and find Ben was spying on us, Gwen and I look at each other and agreed that a little life lesson was needed to teach him about privacy. Wegooand hide and I activate the Omnitrix and look through it for another Alien I remember the second Alien used and went with that one so I can still stick to the script.

I press down on the watch and become the beloved Vulpimancer, Wildmutt, “Ew gross, but it should totally work.” Gwen whispered looks at me more, “Wait, What good is this one, they got no eyes?” Gwen says, I shake my head at her and try and depict how I see in the dirt, not that it would help if I can’t see the difference in temperature on the ground. “If you can’t see you can’t draw Azlin,” Gwen whispered and pushed her to the side, and crept up on Ben instead.

I growled and snared at Ben and he was shocked and tumbled over and onto the ground, “Hey! No fair! I thought you were my friend.” Ben says “Really and what friend peeps on them when they are changing?” Gwen says with an annoyed smirk. Ben and Gwen begin to bicker and I sensed trouble in the distant of the thicket of trees, I ran oof towards, knowing very well what it was.

“Hey! What you think you're doing?” Gwen shouts “Azlin? come on, we fight all the time!” Ben shouts and they most likely chased after me.

I head towards the drones that Vilgax sent, I race past the trees deep into the woods and might lose my way back to the campsite at this rate. I find one and pounce on it and tear it to scarp metal, time out and return to being myself and that is when another come out but Ben and Gwen both smash it with a shovel, they gave in quite a thrashing and looked at me with concern and amazement.

“Uh, thanks, I forgot about that one and the timing out part that would make me um rest in pieces, hehe.” I say and smiled as Ben helped me up, “no problem but why you run off like that?” Gwen asks “Isn’t obvious dweeb, she was going after the robots.” Ben defends me and I smile at that.

It seems this might not be a total loss for me, but why in the world do I have the 0#%!&^!%, and why won’t it let say 0#%!&^!% already, I mean I know what it is but… they don’t at least not yet, hmm… maybe I have to learn things like Ben did in the show, but then why do I know about Vilgax and can think his name… I am so confused.

I look at them and we head back to the campsite. Max was there and he didn’t look all that pleased either.

“I was gone for only a few minutes and I come back to find the campsite empty?” Max scolds us, “But there were these drones and-” Ben says but was hushed when Max looked at me, ”Azlin, I am not sure what is going on here, but I worried you might get popular with that thing on your wrist.” Max says while looking me in the eye.

I nod in response, “I-I know, but I shouldn’t even be here… I mean,” I say “It’s alright, your in good hands now sweetie.” Max says with a smile trying to calm my worries, and it worked, somewhat.

“So do you know how to stay a super cool alien lady?” Gwen asks “Yeah I mean nothing against you but those aliens are awesome.” Ben says “not really, but I know about some features it has only I am not sure if I can access them or not.” I say “huh, well with a device as powerful as that clamped on you, we better help you learn and fast.” Max states and smiled at me, they all did and I smiled right back.

Just as started getting things on good terms and pace, the radio goes off and there was a ranger confused and distressed. “Mayday! Mayday! Somebody help us! We’re under attack by some sort of - I know you’re not going to believe me, but - …robot!” The ranger says and I smirked, looks like it’s time for Diamondhead to make his debut.

“Sounds just like those things that attacked Azlin.” Ben says “They are looking for the watch. Those people are in trouble because of me!” I say and sulk a little, for I never wanted any of this. “I think you can help them,” Ben says with a smile trying to cheer me on.

“That good and all, but what are you going to do about it exactly?” Gwen asks and I look at the watch and smiled, “Oh you know what I am going to do about, we all do it.” I reply and even though I know how to defeat the robot I will still need to fight and get it to fire its laser at me.

We head behind some trees and I cycle through the watch for the obvious alien of choice, Diamondhead. “So what can this guy do?” Gwen asked, “You’ll see, this guy got a trick up his sleeve.” I say with a smile and we part ways.

I really had no confidence about what is to come next, no, really, I don’t have any at all. I brace myself for the fight ahead I know that it’s do or die.

I brace myself for the fight ahead, “I can’t believe I am about to do this.” I say and take a deep breath to calm my nerves but that didn’t really help, “You got this Az!” Ben shouts at me and I smiled and looked at him with a wave and a thumbs-up.

Out of nowhere, the robot fired a laser, it seemed to have blasted it sooner than I thought it did. It hit me and I went flying into an RV and possibly a tree, “I really should have seen that one coming.” I say and get up and I actually managed to make my hands into blades, don’t know how but I m thankful that it happened none the less. I knew that I missed my first chance, but it gives me time to learn how to use this alien at least.

They say if you don’t learn from the past you're doomed to repeat it, I don’t know about you but this isn’t exactly my past, yet it will make way for my future. I head at the robot ready to slice and dice some metal, My first strike was a miss just like in the original of which I should have seen coming.

I look up and the robot spin it’s legs around and then it starts to come back down, but it lands on top of me just like it did as I remember. Why me…

The robot gives way and gets off of me, but just as I try to get out of the pit it made and with me might I add, it grabs me and sends me flying into a ranger’s car. I get out and see a ranger running off, can't say I don’t blame him.

Soon the robot starts to fire its lasers again, I am in so much trouble and again how am I even doing this, it should impossible.

I am frantic and start to run around and dodge the fire of one and it hits a randomly placed tree that was behind me, only that tree was about to fall on the guy who should be doing all this and not me. I quickly go to him and out of pure luck I cut the tree in have with some sort of back blade from my literal back, ha. I guess I can do this, but I still have my doubts.

I smile nervously, “hehe, looks like I am figuring this guy out fairly quickly, but not as fast as it did originally or am I doing just as fast?” I ponder, “Az, lookout!” Ben shouts and just then the robot grabs me and as it held me in the air, it tried to rip my arm off, yes it trying to rip me to pieces, piece by piece.

I managed to make my hand into a giant crystal formation sword thing and make its hand explode, of which it did not like or take too kindly to, so it released me and fires a laser at me at the same time. It sent me flying off, of course. Straight into the, I don’t know, ranger’s station? Well, who cares its rubble now.

I hear Max shout my name, I come to my senses and get up. Only to find the robot heading straight for me, again why me.

It gets ready to fire another laser at me, but I get ready with some crystal sword hands, oh yeah I just said that.

It fires at me and I block it, which causes the laser fire to be reflected, and I got so caught up in the moment and heat of battle I missed my opportunity to send it back to the thing, dang it.

I then smirk, at least I think I am, that I recklessly went to get it to fire at me again.

There was pretty much no hesitation from the thing, and it gladly fired at me but I was ready for it. I seemed to have got Max worried for he called out for me to run, yet I know what I was doing this time around.

Upon impact I surprised them all, the force of the laser sent me back a little but I held my ground against it. “What comes around, goes around. Let's see how you like, kid.” I say and shirt the angel of the reflecting laser which by the was is concentrated light energy of sorts in the end, and aim it right at the robot.

It pretty much got trashed the main part of it causing it to collapse to the ground, and explode. Man are explosions awesome, seriously what’s not to like about them.

Max, Gwen, and Ben were relieved that I was okay, and they cheered at my victory, “Yeah, way to go Az-... Uh, Diamond-headed girl!” Max shouts and I turn around and look at them, and smiled, “I did, I actually did it… Woo hoo hoo, best day EVER!” I cheered and strike a giddy and jump around happy and strike a pose of that any person and a stereotypical girl preferably young girl would do.

I look at them again and they seemed a bit embarrassed by me and my actions at that very moment, still why me. I should have known better than to get carried away.

“Uuuhhhhh, umm, well then, your all safe now… Bye.” I say and get the heck out of there, and I am pretty sure my friends did the same.

After the whole thing we went to bed, for once I was pretty exhausted and actually slept well, but I still woke up at like five in the morning, seriously what is wrong with me… don’t answer that.

Out of boredom and nothing better to do, I use the watch to entertain myself.

"Eeny, meeny, miny, you…" I chose the alien XLR8 but I think I will call it SPDR and mostly for why not, I mean it can be awesome, plus a little training with it won’t hurt, okay it might but still.

I mess around with as and go and check if perhaps there was a version of me in this world. I check every address I could, but nothing, not even one person I know was found. Am I stuck here, what is my purpose, and how the heck did I end up with the OMNITRIX! Really, now you let me say it, you stupid world!

Whatever, I race back to meet up with the Tennyson’s, for they are all I got now.

They see me race back, and I finished up the packing of the RV and when I changed back I was quiet and just went inside the RV, they knew something was wrong but didn’t pry. I was thankful for that.

Once we all settled in, Max started up the RV and let me sit up in the front with him. Ben and Gwen argued and bickered and I just lifeless I guess you could say. “Hey sweetie, is something wrong?” Max asked, “Nothing that really concerns anyone but me.” I say and mope at the thought of being stuck here, with no home or even a single family member. “Max looks at me and smiled, “it’s alright Azlin, I know this isn’t what you expected to happen this summer but we will make the most of it, together.” Max states and tries to comfort and cheer me up, it worked for he reminds me of my own late grandfathers. I really miss him and this is the closest I will get to having him again I suppose.

I look at Max and smiled, “Thanks Max, It’s nice to know that I am not alone even when I still feel it deep down.” I say and max ruffles my hair, “Any time you need someone to talk I am here.” Max says and he drives off onto our next destination.

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Azlin Jones makes her first appearance, and almost died in the first few seconds of it.
  • Ben Tennyson makes his first appearance.
  • Gwen Tennyson makes her first appearance.
  • Max Tennyson makes his first appearance.
  • Heatblast, Wildmutt, Diamondhead and SPDR first appearance.

Minor Events

  • Minor Character 1 makes his debut.



  • Drones 2x
  • Giant drone

Aliens Used

  • Heatblast
  • Wildmutt
  • Diamondhead
  • SPDR



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  • Testing...
  • One, two, three...
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