In space, a ship with the word engraved: Nega,

(Nega Knight): The drones were destroyed, my lord.

(Unknown Enemy): Send out more!!!

(Nega Knight): As you wish, my lord. [presses button 3 times, sending out three Nega Men.] 

The Nega Knight then presses a bigger button once, and then an even bigger button once, sending out a same kind of droid that Leo fought last time with a Nega Wizard. Meanwhile on earth,

RUMBLE RUMBLE, RUMBLE RUMBLE, the earth shook as a crack appeared, then some linking cracks, then a whole triangle fell into the earth. Leo jumps out, as Armodrillo. He jumped onto the higher ground, then did a somersault, transforming back into Leo.

(Leo Galaxion): Being a hero rocks!

(Droid): It might now, but it will never last. [shoots four streams of fire at Leo]

(Leo Galaxion, transforming): You want it? Come and get it! Armodrillo!

(Nega Wizard): You know, that is actually a good name.

Armodrillo used his drill arms to create a wind shield to redirect the fire streams elsewhere. Angered, the droid shot streams of fire across the sky. Armodrillo failed to dodge the blasts and one hit the Galaxamatrix symbol, forcing Armodrillo to transform back into Leo. Leo stumbled and fell, with a smoke ring rising from the Galaxamatrix.

Suddenly, the Galaxamatrix's interface dial turned blue and created a ball of blue energy that encased him and scanned the Nega Men's DNA, making their silhouette appear on the now-green face dial. 

(Leo Galaxion): I have no choice. [turns the dial, seeing the silhouette however how much he turned it]


Four antennae grew from his arms, like the other drone. He shot them at the 3 drones and his identical drone, destroying them. The Nega Wizard shot a Nega-Blast at Leodrone, but Leo countered with a combined blast, that absorbed the Nega-Blast, shooting it back at the Nega-Wizard, destroying it.

Character Debuts

  • Leo Galaxion
  1. Armodrillo
  2. Leodrone
  • Nega Knight
  • Nega Wizard
  • Nega Men (x3)
  • Nega Drone
  • Unknown Enemy
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