Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Season 3, Episode 2
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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An Extreme Crisis Part 1
An Extreme Crisis Part 2 is the 32nd episode of the series, Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero.


Brandon as Voice Over/Narrator: Previously on Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero...

Extreme Biker Leader: I didn't bring you here.
Cybernetic Voice: I did.
A big, grey, humanoid suit of metallic armor emerges from the dark. The suit has a red visor, representing an eye, in the shape of the letter "T", and a cloak.
Coco: ...What's bugging you? You need to talk to me.
Sarah: I will. I just... need some time.
Armored Warrior: -Change is coming and it starts now.
Brandon turns around and then looks up. The scene cuts to the sky where a small pod is seen falling towards the Earth.
Brandon: Whoa... Looks like some type of escape pod.
Brandon looks inside the pod. Inside, there is a female alien humanoid with pale yellow skin laying there, unconscious. She is wearing a white ragged robe over a purple uniform of some type.
A motorcycle smashes right into Coco's Car which knocks it over on its side. The motorcycle is unaffected from the crash and circles around to make a stop.
Sarah is about to fire an energy disc when she is shot in the back by an electric blast.
Sarah: AHH!
She falls over and lands on the road in front of the two Bikers. The first Biker then jumps onto the car, holding Coco with one arm.
New Extreme Biker: Let's get these chumps back to base.
Jenny: Why are you looking at me?
Brandon: Sorry. Just wondering what your story is.
Jenny: I am- I'm a erm scavenger on my world. I collect things. I was attacked by some criminals and needed to escape. I used the pod to escape my world. Space was the only safe place for me.
Brandon: Whatever happens, Jenny, you're safe with me.
Extreme Biker Leader, over the Ultimatrix: I'll give you three hours to get to these coordinates. And if we see any of your associates show up, I will end them myself.
Ro-Warasaur charges for the Armored Warrior who grabs his fist. Ro-Warasaur looks surprised by this as the Armored Warrior then knees him in the side then punches him in the chest, sending him back a few feet. He then shoots a beam at Ro-Warasaur causing him to fall over.
Armored Warrior: Shame. You use the same old forms but, in the end, your strongest hitters don't stand a chance.
Ro-Warasuar: Wait... I know that saying.
Armored Warrior: I am The Extreme Biker King! And I reclaim my throne!
The Extreme Biker King then blasts Ro-Warasaur some more with his gauntlet blast. Ro-Warasaur yells out in pain.
The Extreme Biker King: Tonight, the world will finally know how Extreme the Extreme Bikers really. Tonight, we will start our plans and tonight, I will personally make you break.

Theme Song

After the titles, the Extreme Biker Base is seen from the outside. It is night. The scene cuts to inside of the base where the new Extreme Bikers are seen navigating around. Two of which walk past a metallic door. Inside the room, there is a metal platform with a stand underneath, keeping it suspended above the ground. On the platform is Brandon with cuffs around his arms and legs. He struggles. The sound of footsteps approaches the table, they are loud and metallic. Brandon then stops and turns his head towards the noise. The metallic feet then stop at the table. A chair is then dragged over to the feet. The scene cuts to height of the table, only showing the waist downwards for the figure and Brandon's head. The figure then sits on the chair, coming into the scene, revealing himself to be The Extreme Biker King. His breathing is heard as he just looks at Brandon for a moment.

Extreme Biker King: Comfortable?

Brandon: ...What do you care?

Extreme Biker King: I don't. I just want to make sure that you're- in tact before we begin.

Brandon: What are you talking about?

Extreme Biker King: Before the incident, I wanted to save the world. Protect it from those things from the skies. But now, they're everywhere. Hidden on Earth. They're apart of our world now. I can't save it anymore, it's too late for that. I have to change it. I must change it.

Brandon: Aliens are people like us, Biker King. They have feelings, they have wants and needs. Not all of them are planning on invading.

Extreme Biker King: Say what you what, Tennyson, but I know what they are. They're not Human and they don't belong on this planet. We don't travel to their worlds and mess with society there and they have no right to do it to us! (looks down, trying to catch his breath)

Brandon looks at him. The Extreme Biker King looks up from the ground and looks at Brandon.

Extreme Biker King: We're going to rid the Earth of them. All of them.

Brandon: You don't have to this.

Extreme Biker King: We're discussing this now? After so many years of you making me look like a fool. After destroying my work and progress over and over again. I have the right to do as I wish.

Brandon: Look, just because you got all this pain doesn't mean you have to-

Extreme Biker King: No. Don't talk to me about pain. You have no idea what pain I've been through! ...What you did to me.

Brandon looks at the Extreme Biker King slightly confused. The Biker King then places his hand on the circular device in his chestplate. He grasps it and then rotates it clockwise until it clicks. Steam then blows from the edges of his helmet. He reaches his arms out and grabs the sides of his helmet. He then pulls off the helmet which releases even more steam. Brandon closes his eyes and cletches his face as the steam blows over past him. He then uncletches and opens his eyes, seeing a small object where the helmet used to be, hard to make out because of the steam exiting the suit. The steam then lowers and a head is seen. The head is dark grey with burn marks, there are patches of black hair on the head but the majority of his head is bald and the area underneath his eyes are black. There are various wires plugged into the suit, attached to his head in different places at the sides.

Brandon: No...

The suit spits out more steam when the machinery inside makes a pumping noise as he breaths in.

Extreme Biker King, in a raspy voice: Yes, Brandon. This- is what you did to me. I barely- survived. I had to use- (breaths in) alien technology- to turn my armor into a repair station. I've been healing for 6 years. Gathering as many resources as I can- to destroy you. (breaths in) 

Brandon: Biker King, I'm- I'm sorry.

Extreme Biker King: ...What?

Brandon: I'm sorry. If I knew, I would have tried to help you.

Extreme Biker King: Liar!

Brandon: I'm not lying. Nobody deserves to be the state that you're in now. Not even you.

Extreme Biker King: I want to believe that, Brandon. (breaths in) I do. But there is one person who deserves pain like this. Maybe- worse than this. Something- extreme. That person- (breaths in) is you.

Brandon looks at the Extreme Biker King as he places his helmet back on until it seals. He gets up from the chair and looks down at Brandon.

Extreme Biker King, in cybernetic voice again: Protecting them won't stop the inevitable.

Brandon: What is the inevitable?

Extreme Biker King: ...You'll see it soon enough.

The Extreme Biker King then leaves the room.

Extreme Biker Leader: What did he say, my King?

Extreme Biker King: Nothing of any concern. It is it ready?

Extreme Biker Leader: Nearly. What about the boy, my King?

Extreme Biker King: If you want revenge, it can wait. If you're concerned, don't be. We have his friends and he came alone. He has no access to his watch and is locked in a reinforced room. He won't get out and no one is coming for him.

The scene then cuts to the outside of the base where the Mach 10 is. It remains parked. There is suddenly a small shake within the car. The shake gets bigger as a thud is heard. The trunk then opens up and Jenny emerges from within. She then closes the trunk door and looks around. She then sees the base in the short distance. The scene then cuts over to the entrance of the base where two Extreme Bikers are seen posted there. One of which is checking out his blaster, a big, modified piece of alien technology, while the other is lifting a dumbell. Jenny looks at them from the bushes closely. She looks up and sees the armed turrents at the top of the base, double barrel and powered on some type of blue energy which is fed from a wire coming from the interior of the base. A vehicle is then heard approaching. Jenny looks down and sees one of the advanced motorcycles approaching,a larger variation which seats multiple people. It then stops in front of the entrance and four Extreme Bikers jump off. There is also some cargo attached to the back.

Extreme Biker: Get the cargo.

Extreme Biker 2: Why do I have to do it?

Extreme Biker: Because I said so.

Extreme Biker 2: Why don't you get the cargo?

Extreme Biker: You wanna fight?

Extreme Biker 3: I'll get the cargo. You whimps can't even pick up a box.

Extreme Biker: What did you say to me?

Extreme Biker 4, to Extreme Biker 3: Just do it already. (to the first Extreme Biker) You can get your dumb self inside and shut up.

The fourth Extreme Biker pushes the first one inside as the Bikers posted at the entrance let them in. The third Extreme Biker goes to get the cargo from the back of the motorcycle. Jenny squints and moves from the bushes. The scene cuts to shortly later as the Extreme Biker is removing one of the crates from the back of the cycle and places it by the entrance.

Extreme Biker Guard: Hurry up.

Extreme Biker 3: I'm coming. Go back to what you were doing.

The Extreme Biker goes back to the cycle and grabs another crate. A tapping noise is then heard from the side of the cycle.

Extreme Biker 3: What the-

He looks to see what it is but a hand grabs his face causing a short discharge, knocking him out. The Extreme Biker Guards then look over as the third Extreme Biker returns.

Extreme Biker Guard: What's up with you? You alright?

Extreme Biker 3: I'm fine. Open the door.

Extreme Biker Guard: What about the cargo?

Extreme Biker 3: I need to get something.

Extreme Biker Guard: Alright.

The Guard opens the door and the third Extreme Biker enters. The Guard then closes the door behind him.

Extreme Biker Guard: "I have to get something". Pft. Who's the whimp now? Can't even carry a box.

The third Extreme Biker continues walking past other Extreme Bikers until he enters a small hallway, empty.

Extreme Biker 3: (sighs in relief)

The third Extreme Biker then removes his helmet revealing that it was actually Jenny underneath it. She wipes her face. The scene then shows Jenny's whole body which shows that she was wearing her actual clothes and the helmet only. Some noise is then heard coming from the other end of the hallway. Jenny then quickly puts on her helmet again. Two Extreme Bikers then walk down the hallway right past an Extreme Biker standing where Jenny was. Jenny/The Extreme Biker then continues moving. She then comes across a door with a panel at the side. She accesses the panel and the door opens. She walks into the room and sees an energy field projected around a metallic platform similar to Brandon's but positioned vertically rather than horizonately. Coco and Sarah are on it. They look weak. Jenny approaches them, no longer appearing as an Extreme Biker, and takes off her helmet. She examines the forcefeild and looks at Sarah. She's not moving and appears to be unconcious.

Jenny: Hello?

There is no reponse.

Jenny, repeating: Hello?

There is still no reponse. Jenny then continues looking at Sarah. She places her hand out towards her. Nothing happens. She tries it again. Nothing happens still. She places her other hand against her temple and tries again, concentrating.

Jenny, in her mind: Hello?

There is no reponse.

Sarah, weakly, in her mind: ...Who's there?

Jenny, telepathically: I am Ja'Nene. I'm looking for someone who calls himself, Brandon 10.

Sarah, weakly, telepathically: Brandon...

Jenny, telepathically: You know him?

Sarah, weakly, telepathically: Yeah.

Jenny, telepathically: Can you take me to him?

Sarah, weakly, telepathically: I'm weak, Ja'Nene. You need to shut off the field.

Jenny, telepathically: How do I do this?

Sarah, weakly, telepathically: Deactivate that generator on my right.

Jenny turns her head to her left and looks down. She sees the generator Sarah described. She then squats down and examines the generator after lifting it up. She then accidentally drops it which causes it deactive. The forcefield then weakens. Some noise is then heard coming from the door. Jenny turns her head in slight shock. The scene cuts to the door opening and an Extreme Biker walking in. The Extreme Biker looks up and walks towards the forcefield which still has Coco and Sarah in it. He looks at them but then turns his head to the left, not seeing anything. He then looks back at the forcefield. Jenny is then seen behind him, with her hands reaching out behind the Biker's head, as he continues looking at nothing. Jenny then starts to back away from the Biker towards Sarah who is trying to help Coco stand and get the door open.

Sarah, regaining her strength, quietly: How long will that mental image hold?

Jenny, quietly: Long enough for us to get out of here.

They then exit the room. The scene then cuts to Brandon's cell where he is still strapped to the table. The doors then open and the Extreme Biker King enters with two Extreme Bikers. One of them is carrying a device in his hand.

Brandon: You know when you said you'll cause me pain, I thought you were serious.

Extreme Biker King: It will happen soon enough. (to the Extreme Biker with the device) Activate it.

The Extreme Biker nods and moves close to Brandon's Ultimatrix arm.

Brandon: What are you doing?

Brandon struggles, making it difficult for the Extreme Biker. The other Biker then attacks Brandon with a stun rod that he retrieved from his back holister.

Brandon: GAH!

The Extreme Biker with the device then successfully places the device onto the Ultimatrix and activates it. The device looks like a small claw with a satelite dish attached to it, obviously made from alien technology. The Ultimatrix dial then starts rotating as the faceplate symbol changes rapidly between an hourglass and a diamond shape.

Brandon, recovering: It- It won't work. You won't get the Ultimatrix, I tried hacking it before.

Extreme Biker King: I don't want the machine. (pointing to the device) This is a locator.

Brandon: A locator? What are you- GAH!

The Ultimatrix then starts sparking slightly as various holograms start appearing.

Utimatrix, in cybernetic female voice: Systems Compromised. Scanning for nearby Alien Lifeforms.

The Ultimatrix then fires a yellow beam from its side which circles around the room until it hits the satelite dish on the device attached to it which stablizes the beam, keeping it from circling around the room, and redirects upwards. The beam then shoots out into some type of a dish on the ceiling. On the roof of the base, a larger satelite dish is seen, being primed by Extreme Bikers. The Satelite Dish then activates and fires the same yellow beam on a larger scale. The Dish then rotates around slowly. From Space, a view of the Earth is seen as the yellow beam scans the entire planet. Back in the cell, Brandon is struggling with the pain of the sparking as the Ultimatrix continues firing its yellow beam until it sparks up even more then before, causing the beam to shut down.

Extreme Biker, checking the device: The beam stopped working, King.

Extreme Biker King: Go and check if we got what we needed.

The Extreme Biker then leaves after disarming the device and taking it with him.

Brandon: What did you do?

The Extreme Biker then returns after a moment.

Extreme Biker: We got it, King.

Extreme Biker King: I have to thank you, Brandon. Without you, we wouldn't have been able to get to the next step.

The Extreme Biker King then starts to leave with both Extreme Bikers.

Brandon: What did you do?!

The door then slams. Brandon then sighs and looks at the Ultimatrix. He notices that his cuff is damaged. Brandon then tries to get his arm out. An Extreme Biker then enters the room.

Brandon, looking: Uh... This isn't what it looks like.

Extreme Biker, in Jenny's Voice: Brandon, it is me.

Brandon: Huh?

The Extreme Biker then goes to the table to unlocks the cuffs. Brandon then rolls off of the table and gets in a fighting position. He looks at the Extreme Biker and sees Jenny holding an Extreme Biker helmet in her hands.

Brandon: How did you-

Jenny: Mental Image. It's one of the studies. It works better when you're trying to blend in.

Brandon: Jenny, what are you doing here? It's dangerous.

Jenny: I came here to help you. You did the same for me and I owe it to you.

Brandon: You- (tries to express himself with his hands with fustration) (sighs and drops hands after failing to do so) Come on.

The two then exit the room and hide out in a hallway where Sarah and Coco are.

Brandon: Sarah? Coco? (to Jenny) You found them?

Jenny nods.

Brandon: Are you guys okay?

Coco: We're fine, Tennyson.

Sarah: What did the Extreme Bikers want with you?

Brandon: I'm not sure yet. They mentioned something about a locator.

Jenny: There was a room where most of them were meeting. They mentioned something about commands.

Coco: That's probably the command center.

Sarah: The doors are reinforced. We're going to need a way inside.

Brandon, showing Ultimatrix which is now green again: You got one.

The inside of a room is now seen, focused on the doors. Suddenly, the doors explode and go flying, sending a couple of Extreme Bikers being thrown through the air. Magnesium then walks in and fires a fireball from his cannon which, upon contact with some machinery, explodes. Magnesium then explodes some more machinery. A Extreme Biker fires a blaster at Magnesium which has no effect on him. Magnesium then blasts fire and melts the blaster. Another Extreme Biker then uses a rocket launcher which knocks Magnesium through the door opening. More Extreme Bikers then start rushing towards Magnesium from outside the control room. Sarah creates an energy shield around Magnesium, keeping the Extreme Bikers out. They start firing at the energy shield.

Sarah: I can't hold this up.

Coco: This wasn't exactly a good plan.

Magnesium: The Extreme Biker King wasn't there. Neither was the Extreme Biker Leader.

Coco: Wait, King is back? I thought that guy was toast.

Magnesium: Doesn't matter. He's back now and he got something from the Ultimatrix.

An engine noise is heard faintly.

Jenny: What is that noise?

Coco: Sounds like a ship.

Magnesium: They're leaving the base. We have to stop them.

Sarah: We're sort of being attacked right now, Brandon.

Magnesium then aims up and fires a fireball at some of the corners of the room, causing an explosion in that area. The ceiling then starts to break and fall. Some of the Extreme Bikers retreat while the other ones continue shooting. One of them is hit by debris and falls over. Magnesium fires more explosions at the ceiling.

Magnesium: Move!

The team and Jenny then move out of the base as the ceiling starts falling in. Magnesium transforms back into Brandon as they are now outside of the base. Some type of jet composed of alien technology and scrap metal is seen flying away from the base. It looks big enough to carry cargo but not as big as a passenger plane.

Sarah: We don't know where they're going.

Brandon: When they hacked the Ultimatrix with a locator, it said something about nearby lifeforms.

Sarah: Lifeforms? As in alien lifeforms?

Brandon: Alien? So the Extreme Bikers used the Ultimatrix to- We have to stop them.

Coco: If they found some nearby aliens, they'll want to attack as many as possible. There's an alien service station in Bellwood. They'll be groups of aliens there.

The scene transitions over to a facility in the city. The Mach 10 drives up the facility and parked roughly in the street. They all get out of the car and run inside. The Extreme Bikers are seen firing at various groups of aliens. One of them shoots a sign above an establishment which falls off the wall and onto the floor. There is damaged property all over.

Brandon: They beat us to it.

One of the Extreme Bikers has his blaster pointed a corner child. The alien child, a red humanoid alien with spikes on his face and big black eyes, cowers in fear. Brandon then activates the Ultimatrix and slaps down the faceplate. He transforms into Shock Speed.

Shock Speed: Shock Speed!

Shock Speed then runs quickly over to them. The Extreme Biker fires as a zoom passes by him. He looks and sees the child is no longer there. He then examines his blaster but is electrocuted and falls over. Shock Speed picks the child alien up again and runs over to an female alien similar to the child who is with a group of aliens.

Shock Speed: Is this your child?

Alien Mother: Rawrk Yar! I thought I lost you.

The alien then takes the child. The Extreme Biker King then approaches them and stops a good distance away. Shock Speed turns around and notices him.

Shock Speed, to the group of aliens: Run! Get somewhere safe!

The group of aliens except the Alien Mother and her child escape further into the facility.

Alien Mother, carrying the child: There is nowhere safe from them here.

Shock Speed: I'll protect you. Now please get out of here.

The Alien Mother then runs away with her child. Shock Speed turns back to face the Extreme Biker King.

Extreme Biker King: Ah Tennyson. I had a feeling you would try and stop me.

Shock Speed: This has gone on long enough, Biker King. I can't have you hurt these innocent aliens.

Extreme Biker King: No alien is innocent. They are invaders. They don't belong here. They deserve pain.

Shock Speed: You're a delusional jerk if you think I'm going to let you do anything to them.

Extreme Biker King: I don't expect you to understand. You don't know what I've been through. But I will be more than happy snapping every bone in your body and crushing you with the bottom of my foot.

Shock Speed run straight for the Extreme Biker King who instantly smacks Shock Speed, throwing him into an establishment.

Extreme Biker King: You may be fast but the machinery in this armor runs faster.

A flash then appears from the establishment, underneath the counter. The counter is then ripped off from the ground and lifted over Crusher's head.

Crusher: CRUSHER!

Crusher throws the counter at the Extreme Biker King who discards a sword from a panel at the side of his armor and slices the counter in half, destroying it as he approaches Crusher.

Extreme Biker King: You still don't get it, do you? I'm stronger then I've ever been before.

Crusher throws a fist at the Extreme Biker King but he catches it. Crusher tries to strike him in his side but the Extreme Biker King catches his fist again.

Extreme Biker King: There is no beating me.

The Extreme Biker King throws Crusher into a wall. He then falls from there and onto the floor. The facility then shakes slightly and the muffled rumble from above.

Extreme Biker King: As much as I would love to destroy you right here and now, I have something to take care of. (to other Extreme Bikers) One of you bring the weapon. Someone not dealing with the sidekicks.

The Extreme Biker King goes further into the facility, in the same direction as the alien group. Two Extreme Bikers run past Crusher carrying something. Crusher attempts to get up. The scene then cuts to the roof of the facility. The Extreme Biker King looks up and sees a spaceship flying away, with a burst of flames coming from its rear, not too far away in the sky. The Two Extreme Bikers bring the Extreme Biker King a heavy-looking rocket launcher made from alien technology. He picks it up with one arm and primes it. He then gets into firing position and aims at the spaceship.

Extreme Biker King: If you want to live, run.

The two Extreme Bikers look at each other and then both run towards a metal hatch in the roof. The hatch then flies off as Crusher climbs through it. He then smacks the two Extreme Bikers to the side, throwing them off the roof. The Extreme Biker King then pulls the trigger and a large missile is launched from the launcher.

Crusher: NO!

Crusher then charges in the Extreme Biker King, knocking him over and knocking the weapon out of his hands. He then strikes him in the shoulder, damaging his armor. The Extreme Biker King then throws Crusher off of him. Crusher looks up and sees the missile approaching the spaceship. He looks down at the Ultimatrix and prepares to slap it down but the missile already impacts with the spaceship, exploding on contact. The explosion is so powerful it leaves behind a blinding light where the spaceship used to be and a sends out of wave of flames which throws Crusher off of the roof of the facility at high force. The Extreme Biker King is however mounted into the roof, unaffected by the explosion. Crusher then crashes into the street, leaving behind a small crater. Crusher then transforms back into Brandon. Brandon struggles to open his eyes but sees the explosion in the sky.

Brandon, loosing conconciousness: No...

Brandon then passes out making the scene dark. The darkness then transitions to the facility. The Mechanics are now at the scene. Two of them are looking at the building. There are also pieces of debris from the spaceship lying around the area. Brandon is seen with an orange towel around him, seated in the back of a Mechanic Ship. He has a haunted expression. Coco and Sarah enter the ship. Brandon doesn't turn his head.

Sarah: Brandon, are you alright?

Brandon: Those aliens. That mother. I said I would protect her.

Coco: You can't blame yourself for this, Tennyson.

Sarah: The Extreme Biker King got away. We'll find him.

Brandon: He could do it again.

Coco: He won't. The service station was under Mechanic protection. He won't be doing anything like that while they're around.

Sarah looks at Brandon.

Sarah: Are you sure you're going to be fine?

Brandon: I never said that I was.

Sarah looks concerned. Brandon looks away from the spaceship wall and looks at her without moving his head. He then looks back.

Brandon: I just need some time.

Sarah: I understand.

Sarah then leaves, grabing Coco by the arm, bringing him with her. When they leave the ship, she rests her head on his shoulder, looking concerned. Jenny then walks into the ship. Brandon turns his head and looks at her.

Jenny, shy-like: Hello.

Brandon: ...Hi.

Jenny: Are you-

Brandon: I'm fine. Too many people asking me that right now.

Jenny: Sorry. (takes seat across from Brandon) I don't think you're fine.

Brandon: I'm just not used to stuff like this. (changing the topic) Why didn't you get help earlier? The Mechanics could have taken you home.

Jenny: I can't right now.

Brandon: Why not?

Jenny: There is no home left for me. It's gone.

Brandon: I'm sorry, Jenny. I probably shouldn't even call you that anymore.

Jenny: No. It's- I like that name.

Brandon: The Mechanics will take care of you. They'll find you a place to live and make sure you're safe.

Jenny: I would have taken that deal before I met you, Brandon 10, but after seeing what happened, there are people here who need help and I want to help them. I want to join you, be apart of this group of yours.

Brandon: Jenny, I'm serious. You're safer with the Mechanics.

Jenny: You're the one who told me I was safe with you.

Brandon looks at her for a moment.

Brandon: Alright. You can join our team but you have to let the Mechanics help you. You can live with them and work with us. Deal?

Jenny, unsure about the term: Deal. But what about these Extreme Bikers?

Brandon, looking up at the sky from the ship: We'll stop them, Jenny.

The scene then shows the morning sky. Credits

Major Events

  • The Extreme Bikers become more powerful than before
  • Brandon fails to save the aliens at the service station
  • Jenny joins the team



Aliens Used


  • This is the second part of the two parter.
  • Technically, The Extreme Biker King's face was seen was for the first time.
  • It is revealed that the Extreme Bikers have more advanced technology expanding past vehicles, including weapons and devices.
  • Essentially the team were meant to be tortured in the cells but what actually happened was them just being locked in a cell. The power-draining forcefield could be considered as torture in a way but generally nothing major actually happened to them.
  • In the original script for the episode, the Extreme Bikers (not the Extreme Biker King) were meant to destroy a small alien orphanage/housing of some sort within an alien community in Bellwood while attacking it. Within that complex would have been Jenny's parents and she would want to join Brandon's team as a way of avenging them.
  • Ultimate Crusher was meant to be used as the final alien of this episode.
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