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An Ancient Revelation
General Information
Original broadcast November 15, 2019
Season 2
Episode number 8
Overall episode number 28
Written by Ebomnitrix & Kakapokid5
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An Ancient Revelation is the twenty-eighth episode of E-10: Horizons.


Ethan and co are assigned to a temple near the amazon forest to grab the last remaining object that the Esoterica has been searching for!


I WANT TO... RETURN HOME & Time for Action (Ep 28, E-10 Cut)

[We open to black, then pan to the side to reveal a rocky tunnel. The camera zoomed into an area where a man was sitting with his legs crossed. Everything spun around to reveal he was sitting in front of a large group of pillars with ancient symbols surround most of the cave. A seal was revealed to be placed in front of him as well. We zoom into the man, who was wearing a black cloak which covered his entire body. The man was praying to the pillars. A figure with a dark cloak slowly entered the room and looked around worriedly.]

Cult Leader: Come on in, Miles, I know you’re here.

Miles: Dammit…

Cult Leader: Why are you so nervous? Just tell me what you came here to tell me.

Miles: [Pointing to throat] B-but last time you-

Cult Leader: Ah, right. I forgot about that.

[The cult leader stood up and removed his cloak, revealing that he was wearing a grey and gold suit with a four-pronged star on the top of his head His face was completely obscured by a black mask with 3 differently colored dots, each being white, blue and yellow.]

Cult Leader: I was in a bad mood that day. But I assure you, I am in a better one right now. So, tell me what you were sent to me to say.

Miles: Right. I was told to tell you that we have searched four out of the five possible locations that were able to contain the Inferno Viper. We have not found it yet.

Cult Leader: So, what is this fifth location? That must be where Viper is located.

Miles: That’d be somewhere in this sector the Amazon Rainforest.

[Miles took out a tablet and pulled up a map of the world. It zoomed into Brazil, then zoomed in closer to the Amazon forest as a yellow dot highlighted a dense tropical area.]

Cult Leader: Well, what are we waiting for? We should get there as soon as possible. Our saviors have no time to wait.

[Suddenly, the cult leader began violently coughing and doubled over. He then looked up at Miles and began shouting.]


Miles: W-wh… Um, sir! We need to get to the ship!

Cult Leader: Go prepare the ship! But let me be here to worship for a little while longer, unless you want another hole in your neck!

Miles: Uh, yes, my liege!

[Miles fearfully dashed out of the chamber. The setting shifted to deeper inside the cave where the cult members entered inside a ship. The ship took off and flew down the tunnel, which appeared to be in a white, rocky cavern with crystal clear waterfalls. The ship flew out of a large waterfall and flew into the sky and took off. We cut back to the cult leader put his cloak back on and bowed down to the pillars once more.]

Cult Leader: Soon, my lords… Soon, you will be free.

OP 2:

E-10 OP 2 - Catch The Moment - Lisa
Another Day at Horizon - S2 (Ep 28)

[The next day, the sun shined at the screen and we zoomed down to the Horizon campus where Alice, Hannibal, Terence and Nikki were having a conversation.]

Hannibal: Check it out guys, it’s done!

[Hannibal held the toolbox in the air.]

Alice: Wow, that’s amazing!

Terence: It looks just like a swiss army knife.

Hannibal: I said it was going to, but check it! It has compartments for all my tools, and it can do stuff like this!

[Hannibal pulled out a paintbrush, switched to a utensil, then switched to a taser with electricity charging from it.]

Nikki: Okay, now that is cool.

Terence: Eh, it still looks like a swiss army knife.

[Ethan and Maria walked toward the group.]

Maria: Hey guys!

Nikki: Hey, Ethan!

Terence: What’s up, man?

[Ethan noticed Hannibal's was holding the finished Toolboxx.]

Ethan: Hey! You finally got that thing to work!

Maria: I’m impressed.

Hannibal: Yep, thanks to my girl here, I got it done in time to present it to the EXPO in three months.

Ethan: Nice. [Turns to Alice] Oh, hey, Alice.

Alice: Oh… hey… [Turns away.]

[Ethan sighed, then looked away. Ethan and Maria then sat down with the others as Nikki whispered to Alice.]

Nikki: Is something going on between you two?

Alice: I don’t want to talk about it.

[There was a dead silence as the song ended. Meanwhile, a nearby petal fell into the fountain, revealing the fountain had been scattered with more petals. We cut back to the group.]

Terence: Okay, then?

Hannibal: Awkward…

[Maria’s phone rang, and noticed it was from Lieutenant Steel. She answered.]

Maria: Hello? Okay.

[Maria put her phone down and put it on speaker.]

Lieutenant Steel: Hello, everyone.

Nikki: Hey, Lieutenant Steel!

Hannibal: What’s up?

Lieutenant Steel: I need you guys to head over to headquarters immediately. I have a mission for you all.

Terence: Oh, c’mon Lieutenant Steel! I just requested some time off.

Galactic Law Enforcement Emissaires

Lieutenant Steel: It’s urgent.

[The group looked at each other in concern. A bright white blinded the screen, as we cut to Ethan, Alice, Terence, Hannibal, Nikki and Maria stood aligned inside a dark green moving elevator with light green circular lights surrounding the room. Suddenly, different colored suits started to surround their entire bodies. Ethan’s was green, Alice’s was red, Maria’s was indigo, Hannibal’s was cyan, Nikki’s was purple, and Terence’s was orange. The suit surrounded Ethan’s torso. Alice looked at her arms as the suit formed around them. Terence raised his foot up as the suit finished forming onto him. Then, solid metallic armor began forming around the suits. Chest armor surrounded through Nikki's torso. Shoulder plates appeared on Hannibal’s shoulder, and forearm plates formed after that. Hannibal flexed his arm. Metallic armor formed onto Alice’s shoe and she tapped her foot a couple times. Maria pushed her hair back as gloves surrounded her hand. Maria made a fist. We zoom out from Ethan as the armor finished forming, to zoom further out to reveal everyone was completely armored. Ethan raised his arms up and struck a pose. The elevator moved further upward as we zoomed into the group from above them.]

[The song ended. The scene then shifted to inside a surveillance room. A figure pushed a green button, and the elevator doors opened. The tubes shifted to normal colors as the group stepped out. Lieutenant Steel standing before them.]

To Adventure! (Episode 28)

Lieutenant Steel: Good, everyone is here. Now, we have some business to attend to.

Nikki: What was so important that you had to call us this early in the day?

[A monitor turned on, revealing to be Colonel Rozum on the screen.]

Colonel Rozum: You see, we’ve finally located the remaining artifact.

Ethan: Wait, you mean like those artifacts we were hunting two months ago?

[The scene briefly flashed back as Ethan spoke. The memory showed Ethan, Alice, Terence, Hannibal and Nikki fighting the cult members in the tunnels.]

Lieutenant Steel: Yes, that’s precisely correct. The Obsidian Mirror and the Torrential Rattles.

Nikki: Which means all that’s left is.

[The flashback ended.]

Lieutenant Steel: The Inferno Viper.

[A nearby scientist typed some things into a computer, and a holographic map of the world came up. A yellow dot was located somewhere in the northern part of South America.]

Colonel Rozum: We have located a high amount of energy that is similar to that of the last two artifacts. Our maps show us it is located somewhere inside the Amazon jungle, but according to the stories told by our archaeologists, there is a large ruin hidden somewhere in this area.

Lieutenant Steel: Which that’s where you come in. You need to locate where this ruin is and claim it before that cult does.

Scientist: Actually, sir, our monitors detected some aircraft activity about 30 minutes ago.

Hannibal: That means they’re already here.

Lieutenant Steel: You three need to grab that Inferno Viper before they do. Remember it’s the last of the three, so if they grab that artifact…

Ethan: We’re toast.

Terence: Dude, did you have to say that? I haven’t eaten all day.

[Lieutenant Steel threw a granola bar at Terence, who caught it.]

Lieutenant Steel: Meet me upstairs in docking area. We’re taking you guys the Helicarrier.

Ethan, Alice, Hannibal, Nikki: What?!

[As Terence chewed, he talked with his mouth opened.]

Terence: What’s a Helicarrier?

[Maria crossed her arms and smirked at the group’s reaction. We cut to the garage where the group is standing before the a twenty foot tall airship.]

Hannibal: Whoa, this is bigger than both my Granny’s house and the Horizons buildings combined.

Maria: Sure looks that way, huh? [Touches ship] Yeah, I remember flying on this bad boy. I was riding this thing to take down a fleet of Incurseans. All it took was a couple energy blasts and a lot of blood, but it sure made the job done. So many lives, so little time.

Alice: Hey, is it okay if I bring Hypnotick for this one?

Lieutenant Steel: I already recommended the other officers to bring her on this trip. You’ll need her for this one.

Alice: Yes! Thank you, Lieutenant!

[We cut to the group inside the Helicarrier as they sat in their seats.]

Lieutenant Steel: I sent the coordinates to your GPS, you should get there in under two hours.

Maria: Thank you, sir.

Hannibal: Seriously, look at this control system.

Maria: Don’t touch it.

Ethan: Seriously, this ship is amazing! Isn’t it amazing, Alice?

Alice: Yeah... [Turns away.]

Maria: Hey, you okay back there, Alice?

Alice: Yes, I’m fine. Let’s just go.

Maria: Okay, [To herself] If you say so.

[Maria pressed a few buttons before she grabbed onto the steering wheel. The Helicarrier pulled out from the garage and turned a few feet back to the left. The Helicarrier then flew into the air and disappeared into the sky. A white light blinded the screen and it faded to the Helicarrier flying in the clouds. The song ended. We cut to inside the ship as Maria continued to pilot the ship.]

Maria: We should be approaching the Amazon soon.

Terence: Here’s what I don’t get, why would the first two pieces be so close to home, yet the third piece is so far away. Anybody else realizing this?

Hannibal: It’s best not to question it.

Assignment 16

Ethan: What do you think is going to happen when all three of the pieces combined?

Nikki: Probably something dangerous.

Alice: Think of it, each of the artifacts holds something that makes them very powerful.

Terence: Yeah, like when the Obsidian Mirror made exact copies of all of us.

Hannibal: Or when the Torrential Rattles turned us into ice statues with just a gust of air.

Alice: They have the Torrential Rattles, Obsidian Mirror. So imagine what’s going to happen when they grab the Inferno Viper.

Ethan: I bet it turns into some fiery snake and shoots lava from mid-air!

Terence: You never cease to amaze us, do you?

Maria: We’re here, everyone hold on.

[The Helicarrier pulled down from the sky as Alice looked down the window to notice they had arrived to the Amazon jungle. The Helicarrier created a large blast of wind as it landed on the ground. A group of stairs pulled out as Ethan, Alice, Hannibal, Terence, Nikki and Maria stepped outside. Hypnotick also flew down out of the ship and made squeaking noises as it rubbed its check against Alice.]

Alice: Hey, girl. Go see if you can see the ruins from here?

[Hypnotick flew up into the sky and saw golden ruins nearby. She screeched and flew down to Alice.]

Alice: Which way?

[Hypnotick stuck its tongue and pointed the direction, being toward the right.]

Maria: Good, that means it’s that way.

Hannibal: Why did we park away from the ruins? Wouldn’t it make more sense to park near them?

Maria: We don’t want the enemy to detect us, so it’s smarter to walk on foot.

Ethan: Good thinking, let’s move. [Walks away.]

Alice: “Bleh-blehbleh”

[Alice caught up with the group, then Hypnotick followed as they went straight into the jungle. We cut to the group walking through a path of bushes. A branch went flying into Terence’s face.]

Terence: Can we do something about these branches?

Ethan: No problem. Let’s go Diamond-

[Alice sliced up a branch, and it fell to the ground. Alice was revealed to have an energy saber in her hand.]

Alice: Why don’t you let me lead the way?

[Alice continued cutting up branches as the group moved along. Terence eyed Ethan as he groaned and continued moving. We cut to the entrance to the ruins as Alice cut the last branch that was in the way.]

Alice: We’re here.

Maria: Good work, Alice. You too, Hypnotick.

[Hypnotick made a squeak while Alice turned away. The group noticed glyphs and markings surrounding the walls. Maria, curious, walked up to the ruins and pressed her hands against the walls. She walked around and kept touching the glyphs.]

Terence: What are you doing?

Maria: I’m trying to see if one of these glyphs will open us to the entrance. There’s always some kind of button that allows us straight to it.

Nikki: You’ve seen way too many movies.

Maria: Oh, haha.

Hannibal: No, she’s right. There’s a good chance we’ll probably find something if we search around, come on.

[The others walked over to the ruins and began to touch the walls. Maria tapped a button, and the hieroglyphs glowed green. The door opened and Maria turned to the group.]

Maria: We did it guys! We’ve found the entrance!

Terence: Finally.

[Terence laid back against the wall and pressed his elbow against a glyph. The glyph glowed red and everything began to shake around them.]

Nikki: Terence, you idiot!

[From the ground a giant stone guardian stood before them. The group each had shocked looks on their faces as it roared at them.]

Alice Sees... - Episode 28

[The golem guardian roared at them. Ethan turned to his Omnitrix.]

Ethan: Don’t worry guys, I can handle this!

[Ethan raised his arm up and Alice screamed out a battle cry as he turned to notice. Alice held her energy saber in the air and began to slice through its legs. Terence aimed his palms in the air and blinded the guardian with a flash of light. The guardian stepped back, covering its eyes. Hannibal jumped in the air, and enlarged his arms as he punched the guardian’s arms off. Nikki, as Firefly, flew in the air as she launched an electrical blast at the guardian to distract him. Maria created a continuous number of energy explosions to throw herself in the air. She jumped in its face and blew the golem’s head off. The golem guardian collapsed and fell to the ground. Maria landed to the ground, then looked up to see the door was closing.]

Maria: Guys! The door is closing!

[The group ran towards the entrance, and within the nick of time, an Omni-Splicer Four Arms grabbed the doorway and held the stone together to prevent it from closing.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: Come on!

[Maria, Terence, Nikki, Hannibal, Alice ran inside as Hypnotick flew straight in. Four Arms stepped away from the doorway as it closed behind him. The song ended.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: Phew, that was a close one.

Sneaking Around - Episode 28

[Maria, Terence and Nikki raised their palms and created a flash of light surrounding the tunnel. The seven moved through the tunnel as Four Arms looked at the glyphs.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: Man, there’s a lot of marking on these walls. I wonder what these glyphs mean?

Terence: Don’t you have a universal translator somewhere in there?

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: How should I know? I still don’t know a thing about this Omnitrix.

Nikki (Firefly): You know with someone with four arms, you sure don’t have four times the IQ level.

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: It’s not my fault I’m not smart, okay?!

Maria: Guys, focus, we don’t want to accidentally set off one of their traps!

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: Oh relax, Maria, it’s not like I’m going to trigger any of their traps. I maybe the biggest one here, but it’s not like I’m not careful about my surround-

[Omni-Splicer Four Arms accidentally stepped on a button on the floor. A red flash of light glowed from the glyph below.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: -ings…

[Alice, Maria, Terence, Nikki and Hannibal turned around surprised. Pistons appeared from the side of the wall as it closed their way to the group.]

Terence: I knew you’d be the death of me, Wellington!

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: This is where super strength comes in! You ready, Hannibal?

Hannibal: Oh you bet I am!

[Four Arms and Hannibal ran to the front of the group as they punched through the first set of pistons and destroyed it in front of them. They ran to the next set and punched them together. They continued punching their way through the pistons until eventually all five sets were destroyed. The Omnitrix beeped and Four Arms reverted to his normal form, then back to Ethan.]

Ethan: Ladies, Terence.

[Terence groaned. Maria, Nikki, Alice, and Terence walked past the two.]

Maria: Thank you. [Flips hair back. The song ended.]

Nikki: You know, we could have destroyed it ourselves.

Alice: Seriously.

[A vein popped to the side of Ethan’s head as his fingers twitched. Ethan sighed, then he and Hannibal continued moving. Ethan caught up with the group and moved to the front.]

Moving Forward - Ep 28

Ethan: I swear this tunnel is taking forever.

Terence: That’s because your childish complaining is making it feel like forever.

Ethan: Yeah, but for a tunnel to drag on for this long, they sure want to make you take your time to get to the artifact. Oh! Maybe I’ll use XLR8 to clear through the tunnel faster. [Turns the dial.]

Alice: Ethan, that is a terrible idea.

Maria: Don’t do it, Ethan. You’ll just get yourself caught in another booby trap.

Ethan: Yeah, well, we can’t let those cult guys beat us to the artifact! So it’s time to go-

[Ethan stepped on another glyph and the ground collapsed under Ethan. Ethan, surprised, screamed at the top of his lungs and fell. Alice, however, grabbed his hand in time.]

Alice: Ethan!

Ethan: Alice?

Alice: Agh… [Struggling]

Hannibal: Hold on, I gotcha.

[Hannibal grabbed onto Alice and the two pulled Ethan further up. The three took deep breaths.]

Ethan: On second thought, maybe being patient was a good idea.

Terence: Great, now how are we going to get across?

Alice: Hypnotick?

[Hypnotick screeched. We cut to Hypnotick finishing carrying the others over. She grabbed Terence and Maria, then pulled them through, as Nikki flew across alongside the others. Terence and Maria stepped off Hypnotick as Nikki landed next to them.]

Nikki (Firefly): Okay, that’s all of us.

Hannibal: Hey, I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel!

Nikki (Firefly): Hanny! Wait!

[Ethan, Terence and Hannibal ran towards the light as the girls chased after them. We open to a room with a waterfall, where another giant golem creature was standing before them with his arms crossed and eyes shut. The song ended.]

Hannibal: Uh oh...

Ride Into Action - Ep 28

[The golem opened its eyes, then moved its arms back as it roared in front of the group. Ethan tapped the Omnitrix and slammed down. A green light blinded the screen, as we zoomed up to see Ghoulseye floating in mid-air.]

Ghoulseye: Let me be the one to take care of this guy! But to prevent any casualties… Hypnotick, would you be a dear and assist me?

[Hypnotick screeched and followed Ethan.]

Alice: Hypnotick, wait!

[Hypnotick sprayed a red powder at the golem as it suddenly fell asleep. The golem fell down to its knees, then began falling towards the group. In a green spinning background, Ghoulseye created a largely shaped bow out of his cloak and ectoplasm. He then summoned multiple giant arrows.]


[Ghoulseye launched the arrows and they went flying towards the golem, which exploded into rubble. Smoke clouded the area, and it was revealed Alice had an energy dome blocking the pieces of rubble. Alice put the dome down while Ghoulseye floated towards the group, then changed back. The song shifted.]

The Wish that Didnt Come True - (Ep 28, E-10 Cut)

Alice: You know, that was really dangerous what you did.

Ethan: What? Me and Hypnotick got the job done. What’s the big deal.

Alice: You could’ve hurt her!

Ethan: Oh, please, you’d know I would never let anything happen to her. Besides, she can turn intangible.

Alice: That’s not the point, Ethan!

[The ground began shaking below them.] Maria: Uh, guys?

Ethan and Alice: [Turns to Maria] What?!

[The song shifted.]

Eliminate It! (E-10 Cut, Episode 28)

[They looked down, and the ground fell before them. They all screamed at the top of their lungs. Meanwhile, Hypnotick tried to chase after them. Hypnotick grabbed Alice, then Nikki and Maria. Ethan, Terence and Hannibal were still screaming they fell down a separate tunnel and the door began to shut.]

Alice: Ethan!

Nikki (Firefly): Hannibal!

[The door shut. We cut to Ethan, Terence and Hannibal sliding down the tunnel and they eventually fall into a room. Ethan fell first on his stomach, then Terence, and then Hannibal. Ethan and Terence groaned while they were in great pain.]

Terence: Agh, get off of me!

[Hannibal and Terence stood up, then Hannibal helped Ethan. Terence tried adjusting his back and Ethan tried popping his shoulder.]

Terence: My spine...

Ethan: Yep, I’m going to feel that tomorrow.

Hannibal: [Looks up] Hey, guys… look.

[Ethan and Terence turned toward Hannibal’s direction as they saw a group of glyphs sticking out from the wall, and showed three god-like figures. We cut to Hypnotick flying back up as Alice, Nikki and Maria hopped off Hypnotick.]

Nikki (Firefly): We have to help them!

Maria: We can’t. The only thing we can do now is move forward.

Nikki (Firefly): Hey, our friends and my boyfriend are down there!

Maria: And as long as they’re with Ethan, they’re safe.

Alice: She’s right, they can handle themselves. In the meantime, we have a mission to clear, so come on. I’m sure they would have done the same too.

[Nikki nodded. Alice, Maria, Nikki and Hypnotick went down the tunnel. Nikki and Maria guided the way with the flash of light from their palms as they found a set of stairs. They began climbing down and eventually they made it to the bottom and found themselves in a room full of symbols on the wall. Images of the three weapons appeared before them.]

Nikki (Firefly): Hey guys, are those…

Maria: The weapons…

Alice: Nikki, can you increase the lighting?

Nikki (Firefly): With pleasure.

[Nikki created an orange orb from her palms then it floated in the air and it created a flash of light which surrounded the room.]

Alice: Thank you.

Maria: If only we could figure out what these words mean.

Alice: Maybe they’re in ancient Greek.

Maria: I’ve never seen handwriting like this.

[The song shifted.]

Gods Among Us, Part 2 - Episode 28

[We cut back to Terence, Hannibal and Ethan waiting in the cave. As Terence had his palms aimed at the glyphs while Hannibal stood around with his arms crossed, while Ethan was sitting down by the pond, turning the Omnitrix’s dial.]

Terence: Ugh, it’s going to take forever to translate this thing.

Hannibal: Maybe we should keep moving. Maybe try and catch up with the others.

Ethan: No hold on. I think I got something.

[Ethan tapped the side buttons as the Omnitrix core glowed. A radio signal appeared before the Omnitrix symbol.]

Ethan: Omnitrix, Voice Command Mode.

Omnitrix: This mode is locked and not available.

Hannibal: Whoa?! It can talk!

Ethan: [Turns to Hannibal] Shhh! [Turns back to the Omnitrix] Omnitrix Default Override!

[Nothing happened.]

Ethan: Code 10?

[The Omnitrix glowed in front of Ethan.]

Omnitrix: Default Activated. Voice Command unlocked!

[The Omnitrix glowed before Ethan and it released a small flash of white light, then faded as if nothing happened.]

Ethan: Um, okay then.

Terence: So, what now?

[Ethan walked toward the wall, and raised the Omnitrix to the symbols.]

Ethan: Omnitrix, do you think you could translate all the glyphs for us into English?

Omnitrix: Translating…

[The Omnitrix scanned the hieroglyphs and the symbols glowed green and changed form, translating into English. Meanwhile, we cut to Maria, Alice and Nikki trying to read the symbols.]

Nikki (Firefly): I can’t make up any of this.

[The hieroglyphs glowed green before them.]

Nikki (Firefly): Huh?!

[The hieroglyphs transformed into English and we cut back to Ethan, Terence and Hannibal.]

Omnitrix: Translation Complete. All hieroglyphs has now been translated to English.

Ethan: Great, now what does it say?

[Terence aimed his palm at the symbols.]

Terence: Hannibal?

Hannibal: Let’s see…

[As Hannibal read, we shifted through flashbacks of the story.]

Hannibal: There once was a race of beings called the Tepitzin-Tlācatls. Their society was similar to that of Earth’s although one major difference was that all of the nations were united under one leader. This leader’s name was Huitzilopochtli.

[We cut to Maria, as she read the glyphs on her wall. The flashbacks continued.]

Maria: Huitzilopochtli was a benevolent ruler, but he was prone to anger outbursts. This would have made him dangerous, if their planet was not clustered with other species. These races attempted to invade the world of the Tepitzin-Tlācatls. Huitzilopochtli was able to fend them off with his well structured military, but their planet’s usual state of calmness and peacefulness meant that they were unable to fend off the warmongering invaders. Eventually, their planet was overtaken, and the survivors traveled underground.

Hannibal: There were only 200 remaining survivors. It was there they discovered the Rocks of Yoliztli, which they found could enhance their skills many times over. They continued to mine deeper into the core of their world, and found a staggering abundance of these rocks. Then, they figured out what to do.

Maria: They performed a ritual where they gathered all of the active Rocks of Yoliztli, and proceeded to absorb their power. See, the world of the Tepitzin-Tlācatls forced them to adapt one special skill - the ability to absorb the energy out of any material. They used this to their advantage, and absorbed all the energy out of the rocks, leaving only 16 small crystals left in case of a dire situation. Each of the survivors adapted a godlike ability unlike any other. The survivors went by a name that would describe their new status, as their previous species name was roughly translated to “small person”. They decided to call themselves gods, adapting the name Teotls.

Hannibal: The Teotls quickly wiped out the invaders that were occupying their world, and for revenge, they decided to exterminate all life on the invaders’ homeworld. After that stopped, they decided to become rulers of over dozens of worlds.

Maria: This went on for hundreds of thousands of years. The Teotls were an invincible force of nature. However, something happened. The Teotls began to lose.

Hannibal: There were some species that the Teotls were not able to defeat. And slowly their numbers began to decrease. To 180… to 150… to 110… to 80… to 50… to 20… to 10… until eventually, only 3 remained.

Maria: These three were Huitzilopochtli, who was given dominion over the sky, and was labeled the patron over the sun. Aside him was his long-time companion, Tlaloc, who was given dominion over water. The third remaining Teotl was Tezcatlipoca, who had no prior relationship with the other two, but he survived due to his love for fighting and his unending cruelty. The three decided to recuperate on a distant blue world called Earth, and figured out what to do there.

Hannibal: The three decided to use their remaining Rocks of Yoliztli, which they could not absorb any more of. They were able to contact the natives of the world, who were able to fashion the rocks into weapons for each. A sword for Huitzilopochtli, a mirror for Tezcatlipoca, and a pair of rattles for Tlaloc. The three Teotls told stories of their glory and their fallen comrades. The natives were amazed, and told these stories to others, and the tales spread like wildfire. They worshipped the Teotls like the gods they thought they were. But soon, they became power-hungry.

Maria: They demanded human sacrifices, and then they acted like tyrants to the people. The general population put up with it, but a select few had enough.

Hannibal: These select few were specially trained in arcane magic, and they used their power to catch the Teotls by surprise, then sealed them in a tomb, and placed it deep in the ocean. Since then the Teotls have been trapped there for hundreds of years, and only the power of the Rocks of Yoliztli can release them.

Terence: Whoa.

[We cut to Maria, Alice, and Nikki.]

Nikki (Firefly): Are those what those cult guys are after?

Maria: Afraid so.

Alice: That means this cult we’ve been running into is trying to awaken these Teotls.

[We cut back to Ethan, Terence, and Hannibal.]

Terence: And if they do so, that means we’re all in real trouble.

Ethan: We need to stop them fast.

Hannibal: That’s right, that means there’s no time for standing around. We better get a move on before they make it out of here with the artifact.

Ethan: Let’s move.

[Ethan, Terence and Hannibal ran down the doorway and ran down the hallway. The song ended. They eventually found themselves inside a small cavern, with two other tunnels.]

Terence: Oh great! Now what?

E-10 - Don't Cry

[Alice, Nikki and Maria ran out from one of the tunnels.]

Nikki (Firefly): Hannibal!

Hannibal: Nikki!

[Hannibal and Nikki hugged each other.]

Nikki (Firefly): I was so worried!

Hannibal: Are you okay?

Nikki (Firefly): Yes, sweetie, I’m fine.

Maria: [Turns to Ethan with folded arms.] What about you?

Ethan: We’re good.

Terence: Yeah, except my back is killing me.

[Hannibal and Nikki walked to the group.]

Alice: We just found a bunch of information inside the cave.

Hannibal: So did we.

Nikki (Firefly): Those magic glyphs inside turned out to be some alien language. They turned green and they translated itself to English.

Ethan: Yeah, that was my doing. I finally found a universal translator inside this thing.

Alice: Good for you. You want a cookie for that?

Maria: That’s enough. We need to stop those guys from grabbing those artifacts.

Hannibal: Yeah, because if we don’t, they’re going to awaken something deadlier than Sha’Rrow.

Terence: Great, a rerun. Now can we go? The artifact’s down this way. [Shows the way]

[The group nodded and while the five of them ran down the tunnel, Nikki flew in the air as they went down the path. The song ended. A bright white blinded the exit, they blocked the light and made to the other side. They found themselves in a large cavern and walked around.]

The Flame Keeper's Circle - Episode 28

Hannibal: I think we just found the room that holds the jackpot.

Maria: And there’s the enemy.

[We turned to the cult members as they searched and mined for the artifact. Meanwhile, Ethan, Terence, Hannibal, Alice, Nikki and Maria bent down and hid behind a giant rock to block themselves for cover.]

Ethan: We need to figure out how to go about this.

Maria: I think our only chance is to fight them, trying to find the artifact with them in the way is only going to make things harder.

Terence: So knock them out before they find it. That’s easier said than done. They kicked our butts the last time and they have two of the artifacts. How are we supposed to compete with that?

Maria: Because you have me this time.

Alice: Oh, that’s reassuring.

Maria: [Stands up] Okay, I’ve had enough with your attitude.

[Someone was creeping up on them.]

Maria: Look, I don’t know what your problem is but you need to get it together or it’s going to cost our team this mission.

[A red hooded figure tapped on Maria’s shoulder.]

Maria: What?!

[He prepared an energy blast and Maria fired an explosive blast back at him. It threw him to the ground and the other cult members took notice of this.]

Cult Members: Intruders!

[They prepared their energy blasts, as the group stood up and backed up a few feet, while Nikki flew up in the air.]

Hannibal: And just like that, they found us.

Nikki (Firefly): Oh, well. We were bound to fight them eventually.

[The song shifted.]

Omni-Splicing Battle! (Wildmutt VS The Knight!)

[Ethan tapped the button from the Omnitrix. He turned the dial from Lodestar to Wildmutt to Four Arms. He popped up the core, then slammed down.]

[WILDMUTT TRANSFORMATION: Ethan stretched out his left arm, and orange-brown fur started surrounding his entire arm and the watch. The fur started to spread all over his body, and covered his face. His mouth grew wider as fangs started to grow out, and started spinning around with his neck growing gills. Quills started growing out on his back and everything spun with his hand forming into a paw with sharp claws and slammed it to the ground. Wildmutt roared as static electricity shot from the Omnitrix symbol. The transformation background turned from green to gold as a white light surrounded Wildmutt.]

[WILDMUTT OMNI-SPLICER TRANSFORMATION: Wildmutt spun around until he faced the front. Golden armor began to grow out from his Omnitrix and surrounded his chest. We pan up to Wildmutt’s face as his face turned purple. As Wildmutt’s lip was covered with gray fur, six red fur-spikes surrounded his face until one large yellow fur-spike stuck out. Then we zoom back to the armor forming around his back as energy spikes grew out from it. An armored tail grew out Wildmutt’s back as an energy spike also grew out. Golden rings surrounded Wildmutt forearm, as his front paws grew glove-like armor and his claws turned into energy and grew longer. We zoom out from Wildmutt in the circuitry background as he roared out of the transformation.]

Omni-Splicer Wildmutt: REAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!

Maria: That’s new!

Cult Member: Attack!

[The group charged at the cult members. Wildmutt’s mouth was covered with purple-like sludge and Wildmutt pounced onto the cult members as he bit onto them, then threw them back. Other cult members appeared trying to blast him from behind. Wildmutt ran forward to dodge the blasts, his body supercharged and his tail, covered in electricity, swung a group of tail members back and went flying across the cavern. A cult member successfully shoots a blast at Wildmutt, throwing him back.]

Omni-Splicer Wildmutt: AAAH-ROOO!!!

[Wildmutt managed to catch himself on his feet.]

Omni-Splicer Wildmutt: [Shakes head] Raah-grrr-uff!

[Wildmutt ran back towards the cult members and we cut to Nikki shooting electricity at the cult members.]

Nikki (Firefly): I can do this all day, you know!

[A purple cloaked figure covered in knight armor appeared before Nikki.]

Nikki (Firefly): You want some?! Well come on then!

[He climbed up a set of invisible stairs, then disappeared.]

Nikki (Firefly): Hey, what?!

[Nikki caught off guard, A cult member sliced Nikki’s wings off and she went flying into the ground, unconscious.]

Hannibal: Nikki!

[Three members blasted Hannibal from behind and he was sent flying next to Nikki, unconscious. We cut to Terence trying to blind the cult members with his flashlights.]

Terence: They just keep coming!

[Terence was shot back from two members into the ground, Terence tried to get up, but fell unconscious. Maria was flying in the air as she created explosions one by one to boost her speed. Cult members tried to attack from the side in mid-air, but Maria blasted them back and the cult members fell unconscious. The purple knight figure stepped toward her while Maria did the same as she cracked her knuckles. The purple knight figure pulled out an energy rope to her surprise, it clinged onto her leg and he pulled her forward, tying her up. The figure blasted her in the face, and jumped off, continuing into the fight, as Maria was unconscious with her body was covered in smoke. Alice used her energy sword to fight off the other cult members, sending them backwards. The purple knight figure approached Alice as he and Alice’s swords clashed at each other swing by swing. Alice screamed as she was prepared to send the finishing blow. To her surprise, he held a pair of rattles from his other arm. He shook them and created a minor gust of wind, freezing Alice’s chestplate. He kicked her back and sent Alice flying towards the unconscious group. Wildmutt took a notice to this and roared. Wildmutt stood in front of the group, blocking the colliding cult members from attacking them. Wildmutt growled at the group. The purple knight figure and the cult leader approached Wildmutt.]

Cult Leader: Stand down, unless you want us to kill all your friends.

[Wildmutt growled louder until the Omnitrix beeped and transformed Wildmutt back into Ethan.]

Ethan: Guess I have no choice…

[Ethan raised his arms in the air, surrendering. A cult member blasted Ethan and he was sent falling to the ground. We zoom into Ethan’s unconscious face as a shadow covering him.]

Search for the Culprit (E-10 Cut)

[Ethan slowly opened his eyes as he started to wake up. Ethan jumped up and screamed to realize he was trapped inside a cage. We zoom out to reveal the rest of the group was trapped as well.]

Ethan: Wait a cage? How the hell did they get a cage down here?! Did they just build this from scratch or-

Cult Leader: SILENCE!

Ken Kishu: Do you want me to cut the boy’s tongue?

Cult Leader: No! As much fun as that would be, we’ll keep them alive long enough for our gods to slaughter them with their almighty powers and turn them into lumps of meat and blood.

Terence: Wow, that totally isn’t graphic at all.

Cult Leader: You can blast them though.

[The leader blasted Terence with an electrical pulse and he fell to the ground.]

Nikki: Terence!

Terence: It’s fine, I’m alright.

[Maria helped him up as Terence covered his side.]


[The cult member moved the rubble and gold chambers started popping off from the ground. They grew into stacks and the artifact was held at the top center, where it was rising in front of everyone. The cult members were in awe.]

Cult Leader: Finally, the Inferno Viper, and it’s all mine! One of you go grab that for me!

[A cult member rushed into it while we cut back to the group.]

Hannibal: We’ve gotta find a way out of this.

Ethan: And we’ve got powers don’t we?

Alice: And we don’t wanna ruin the element of surprise.

Ethan: There’s no point in keeping a surprise, they’re about to grab the artifact and we can’t risk letting that happen. We should bust out now and stop them before it’s too late.

Alice: That is a terrible idea! Yes, grabbing the artifact is our number one priority, but do you really want to kill us all at the process?!

Ethan: Then what do you suggest we do?

Alice: One of us, who can actually be quiet, should sneak out and distract the guards long enough for us to grab the artifact and get out of here.

Ethan: Hey, I’m the only one who can actually slither out of here.

Alice: Then I guess you better learn to keep your mouth shut then instead of saying ridiculous things.

Ethan: Hey! We’re in a desperate situation, we need to do this fast!

Alice: And hey! This is a matter of life and death, we need to handle this smartly and delicately. Unless you want another Sha’Rrow incident to happen today, I suggest you listen for once!

Maria: Settle down! Unless you want them to kill us on the spot!

Terence: Seriously, I can’t take it with your constant arguing.

Hannibal: For real.

Nikki (Firefly): If you two don’t make up right now, we’re all going to get killed by these guys.

[The two sighed and turned each other.]

Ethan: Truth-skies [Gives hand.]

Alice: Truth-skies.

[The two shook hands, as Hypnotick made a happy screech which also made Alice smile.]

Alice: So how do you suggest we get out of here?

Ethan: Well, after giving it some thought. We’re going to handle this both your way and my way!

[Goop’s icon was activated from the Omnitrix and he slammed down. In a green flash of light, Goop splattered to the ground and morphed out of the cage. The song shifted.]

ChloroClimax - Episode 28

[We cut to a small group of cult members running up a small set of stairs to reach the artifact until a blazing inferno blasted the cult members as they screamed from the top of their lungs as they were burned alive. Their corpses collapsed to the ground as the artifact flew in the air. A cult member grabbed it and raised in the air.]

Cult Member: I did it! I grabbed the artifact! Hahaha! You see that, I...

[The Cult Member turned around to notice…]


[We pan over to them taking a notice to Goop helping the others out of the cage.]

Cult Leader: Damn, imbeciles! Dispose of them!

[The cult members charged toward the group. Terence aimed out his palms and blinded the members with a flash of white light. The members stood back as they covered themselves from the light. Goop sprung into the air.]


[Goop threw large blasts of slime at the cult members and they were thrown back. The purple knight figure stood toward Alice as they both raised their swords.]

Alice: Ready to go again?

[Everything suddenly began to shake around them as everyone took notice.]

Goop: Gah! What’s happening?!

Maria: This place is coming apart, without the Inferno Viper to hold it together, it’s going to collapse!

Goop: [The Omnitrix beeped] Then we’ve gotta get out of here.

[Goop powered down and transformed back into Ethan in a red light. Ethan took a calm deep breath before he screamed at his Omnitrix.]


[Ethan noticed the group taking their leave and followed them toward of the tunnels. Meanwhile as the cult members began to flee, one of them was running off with the artifact. The cult leader blasted him backwards into the ground.]

Cult Leader: Mine!

[A piece of the ceiling shook, and a large stone went falling toward the cult leader, as he screamed from the top of his lungs. We cut to blood splattering the ground as the cult leader was instantly killed. The purple knight figure grabbed the artifact.]

Ken Kishu: I believe you mean, mine.

[We cut to the group running through the tunnels as everything shook around.]

Ethan: I’ve said this a lot, and I’ll say it again, this place goes on forever. How are we going to get out of here?

Alice: I’ve got an idea.

[We cut to Alice riding on an energy made hoverboard, while Ethan held on for dear life. Meanwhile, Terence was holding onto Nikki as she was flying in mid-air while Hannibal and Maria were riding on Hypnotick.]

Alice: There, I see it!

[The group ran out of the ruins in time as it collapsed to the ground. A dust cloud appeared around them as they began to cough and wipe away the cloud. The cloud cleared to reveal the ruins were destroyed.]

Terence: So, did they escape with the artifact or do we have to dig under there?

Alice: I think it’s safe to say they escaped.

Maria: [Sigh] Let’s go.

[Maria walked away and we faded to the next scene, as the ship was flying from mid-air.]

Itsuka no Tegami - Episode 28

Hannibal: They got away with the artifacts again.

Maria: Which means now that makes them more dangerous than ever.

Terence: [Arms folded] But now we know what they’re up to.

Nikki: And whatever it is they’re trying to do, we’ll be ready.

[We cut to Alice sitting back, watching the clouds go by at the window. Ethan took notice to this and walked over, then sat next to her]

Ethan: Hey, Alice. How are you doing?

Alice: I’m doing good, I’m just thinking about how we’re going to stop them.

Ethan: Yeah. These cult guys are sure going to be quite a mess to deal with. Ya’know, It kinda reminds me of last year when you and Nikki joined Hex’s cult to try and study better.

Alice: Hey, it’s not my fault I didn’t know what he was planning. I can’t believe he turned me into that disgusting monster!

Ethan: Hey, at least got what he deserved. Besides, we got turn you back into your pretty face. [Blushes, Waves hands] Wait, I mean-

[Alice snickered.]

Ethan: Listen, about before, about us, I-

[Alice eyes grew sparkled. Before Ethan could finish his sentence, Maria appeared from the side and elbowed Ethan. The song shifted.]

Misinterpreted Information (Short, Ep 24)

Maria: Great work out there today, Ethan. If it wasn’t for you translating those glyphs we would’ve never figured out what the cult members were planning.

Ethan: Yeah, what can I say, I’m great when it comes to translating anything.

Maria: I’m sure you are. Who knows, maybe you’re good at translating signals too.

[Maria brushed her hair to the side, then walked past Ethan, elbowing him. Ethan blushed.]

Ethan: I wouldn’t mind radioing that signal.

[Ethan noticed what he said, as his eyes widened. Ethan turned to Alice as she was looking away with a vein popping from the side of her head as a shadow covered her face.]

Alice: Peasant.

[Ethan backed away and groaned. The song shifted.]

The Start of a Mysterious Plot

[The scene shifted to inside a different cave as the purple knight was being crowned by a minister. Ken Kishu was now wearing a different set of armor, with a helmet placed on his head. The two turned toward the rest of the Esoterica.]

Cult Member: Behold, our new leader! Hail Ken Kishu!

[The cult members bowed to him.]

Cult Members: Hail! Hail! Hail!

Ken Kishu: [Waves hand.] At ease. Now, that we have the Obsidian Mirror, the Torrential Rattles and the Inferno Viper, it is time to awaken our masters! However, we will wait until the holiday season to do so. After all, if Jesus was brought into the world on that special day, don’t you think it would benefit for a true god to awaken as well?

[The cult members chanted and cheered for Ken Kishu.]

Ken Kishu: For the time being, we will search for the location, so that in two weeks time we will open the seal which I promise will change this world forever.

[We cut to the Pacific Ocean at nightfall, where we pan below to reveal a cave like entrance was below, having ancient glyphs and statues of topless muscular humanoid species in kilts. We zoom out from it as a large aquatic creature swam around, then went at full speed to the screen, as we zoom into his mouth where it roared as everything cuts to black.]

Life - Rude-a - ED 2
E-10 Horizons - ED 3 - Life AMV-0

E-10 Horizons - ED 3 - Life AMV-0

Episode 29 preview

[We shifted through scenes of a younger Ethan meeting with Lieutenant Steel and Maria inside the SACT base. Then we shift to Maria giving Ethan advice as he looked up with sparkles inside. We shift to a present Ethan talking to Alice as she walked away. The last scene shows a present Ethan and Maria talking to each other as they lean into each other slowly.]


Major Events

  • The G.L.E.E. Team and Esoterica goes after the Inferno Viper.
  • The G.L.E.E. Team discovers the origin of the Teotls.
  • Ethan unlocks the Voice Command function.
  • The Cult Leader is killed by Ken Kishu, and is assigned the new leader of the Esoterica.
  • The Esoterica decide to awaken their masters in December.


  • Hannibal finished building the Toolboxx, the device he was creating from the previous episode.
  • Alice is still upset with Ethan over the last episode. Ethan tries his best to reconcile but fails to succeed.
  • Alice brings up the Sha'Rrow incident as an example of Ethan handling situations too fast when he wants to stop the Esoterica from obtaining the Inferno Viper.
  • The ending foreshadows the same aquatic creature the Tideslayer was referring to in Awakening an Ocean's Fury.



  • The Flame Keeper's Circle
  • "Cult Leader" (death)
  • Ken Kishu
  • Miles

Aliens Used


  • Goop's slime blast is a reference to one of his attacks from Vilgax Attacks and the Pokemon move "Gunk Shot".
  • When Ethan times out and screams "YA DUMB WATCH!", he is referencing when Ben timed out in "Mutiny for the Bounty" when he timed out as Four Arms in the Ben 10 reboot.
  • Itsuka no Tegami is remixed in this episode.
  • Various Pokemon Themes are used in this episode.
    • I Want to Return Home
    • The Wish That Didn't Come True!
    • Eliminate It
    • Don't Cry
    • Search for the Culprit!
    • Save the Sacred Swordsman!


  • This episode features another example of A'taenda showing Ethan more around the Omnitrix as he tries to unlock the voice command mode.
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