An Amazing Day! Is the First Episode of Ben 10: The Amazing 18 Years and First Episode of Season 1.It shows how Ben,Gwen,Louis and Ben the Cousin are born. 

An Amazing Day!
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date April 10,2013
Written by Xenoverse237
Directed by Xenoverse237
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The Young Years


 (At the Tennyson-Watson Joint Resthouse,8:08 PM,Bellwood Standard Time)

Natalie:It's been nine months now,oh my,the baby's kicking,it tickles.(Touches stomach)

Sandra(Chuckles):Oh my sis,let's just wait,it's gonna come out any time.

David(Smiles):Oh,don't be too anxious,Natalie,you and your sisters are gonna reach exactly 9 months,anytime now.......

Kate:Oh,oh my,my water just popped!My stomach hurts!

David:(Shocked)Oh my God,Kate,what i'm gonna do!?GUYS!I'll take her to hospital !

Frank:What the!? Just take her-

David:Come with me,come on!

Frank(with trust):You can!We have to watch our wives too,you know!

David(kindly):C'mon,Honey,II'll carry you...

Kate(Anxiously):Just hurry,it'll come out anytime!

(They get in a sports car and go to the easiest way to the hospital)

David:Are you sure it's coming out?

Kate:Why would I tell that If it wasnt?

David:C'mon,hon,just calm down,think of something funny,look at my face,do i look scared?


(Drives to freeway...BAM!)

David:Oh shoot,the tires popped at the rear!


David:I AM!

(8:12 PM,they reach the hospital)

David(inside his mind):What the hell,what the hell.....

(Takes Kate Out from the car)

(Carries her)

(Runs to Reception)

David:Nurse!Nurse! MY wife's gonna have a baby!Helps us for God Sake!

Nurse:What's the severity of the situation?

David:The baby's gonna come out soon!

(Meanwhile at the rest house....)

Sandra(Shouts):He's coming out too!

Carl(Shocked):Oh no!

Sandra:C'mon Carl,we don't have much time!Ou-

(Carl takes her the same may David did)

7 minutes later......

Natalie(Scared,Surprised,Shocked):Oh no,she's out!

Frank:What the? 3 in row!?

(Takes her the same way as the other two did)

2 minutes pass......

Peggy:Oh,it hurts!He's gonna come out!

Roman(Shocked):Oh mom,what the?(Shouts) DAD! Mom's gonna let go of it!

Andrew:What the-!? Let's take her !

(Goes out)

Andrew:What the!? All cars have been,shoot.

(He sees the small Tata beside the tree)

Andrew:The Tata,there!

(Goes inside the car and goes to the Hospital)

(Meanwhile at the Hospital....,Kate is on a stretcher,being rushed to the Operating Room,along with some nurses)

David:Don't worry,they're gonna take you to the E.R. and the you and the baby are  gonna be fine.....

(8:17 PM,At the Operating Room...,they put Kate to lie down.,Sandra's,Natalie's and Peggy's stretchers pass the room.)

Kate:Oh no.......David!Behind!

David:What the ffffff?

(Kate has a dextrose needle injected at her,and gets injected by anaestetics,they do more procedures,then....)

Operation Doctor:PUSH!PUSH!


(At the other rooms,the same situation is done.)

(The Baby goes out,it cries.)

Kate(thriumpantly:Oh,my,my baby! I'll name him,Benjamin,uh,Kirby,Jireh,Benjamin Kirby Jireh!




(Baby goes out)

Sandra:He,he's wonderful! Benjamin Kirby,the name,he's so handsome,cute!

(At the other room.....)

Peggy:(Holds hands with Andrew and Roman)


Peggy:(Screams,pushes,baby comes out.)

Doctor:It's a boy!

Peggy:He,he's wonderful!I,I'll name him.....

Andrew:My love,what is it?

Peggy:Louis!Louis Benjamin!

(At the Fourth Room....)

Doctor:You can do it!


(Baby comes out)

Natalie:(Cries)I,It's beautiful.I,I'll name her,Gwendolyn!

Frank:(Holds Natalie's hands)Gwendolyn it is,honey.

(9:30 PM,the 4 women are "patched up",while the babies are cleaned and put on a weighing scale and height measure,and put on beds.)

(9:50 PM,the women are asleep.)

The Weight and height:

Ben(Omnitrix)Tennyson:7 lbs and 18 in.

Ben(cousin)Tennyson:7 lbs. 18 in.

Gwen Tennyson:6.92 lbs. 18 in.

Louis Watson:6.99 lbs. 18. in.

(All are healthy.)

(10:10 AM,December 21,1995.)

Sandra:(Looks through mirror)Look at them,so cute!

Carl:Oh my,how marvelous!

Natalie:Gwen,we have a girl!


Andrew:Look at our baby,my love, how wonderful he is!

Peggy:Oh my.......

David:Hon,how wonderful he is......

Kate:Oh my God,he's such a blessing........

(3:12 PM,inside the private room[for four])

Doctor(Happpily):You have such healthy kids!We didn't have a problem handling them.It was such an amazing day for all of you!

You can be discharged by 5:00 later this afternoon.

(5:05 PM)

Sandra:It IS really an amazing day for all of us!

Peggy:These babies are such blessings that we have right now........

(5:30 PM,at the resthouse.....)

(The 4 women are helped to the door)

(They open-)


The 4 women:(Surprised,smiles)

Max:Congratulations,my daughters,Thank God,could I hold the babies?

The 4:Sure!

Max:So wonderful....

In the end the babies are in good shape,as well as the parents,see in the next episode how they grow up!

Major Events

  • Ben,Gwen,Louis and Ben the cousin are born.
  • Ben,Gwen,Louis and Ben the Cousin (as babies) makes their Amazing 18 Years debut.
  • Sandra,Natalie,Kate and Peggy Make their Amazing 18 Years debut.
  • Carl,Frank,David and Andrew Make their Amazing 18 Years debut.
  • Max makes his Amazing 18 Years debut.
  • Roman makes his Amazing 18 Years debut.


  • Ben Tennyson
  • Gwen Tennyson
  • Ben(cousin)Tennyson
  • Louis Waton
  • Sandra Tennyson
  • Natalie Tennyson
  • Kate Tennyson
  • Peggy Watson
  • Carl Tennyson
  • Frank Tennyson
  • David Tennyson
  • Andrew Watson
  • Max Tennyson
  • Roman Watson
  • Many Relatives


  • Although no specific Hospital was named in the episode,according to the writer and director,they were rushed to the city's district hospital.
  • According to David,the babies haven't reached 9 exactly months,which means the 4 women conceived roughly the same time,in March.
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