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Amun is a tall and lean alien made completely of a bandage-like material. He wears a standard plumber uniform excluding the armor connecting the upper torso armor and the shorts. The armor covering his forearms and calves are made of the same material of the standard plumber armor.


Amun is a very talkative and lighthearted individual. He is rarely seen not cracking a joke while not on a mission trying to quote “keep it light”. While on the job, he tones down his jokey attitude and becomes serious and tactical. He likes to hang out with his teammates and wants to get to know each and every one of them. He deeply attaches to his friends especially to everyone in the Pollux team which he has fought alongside time and time again.


When Amun was younger he lived with his mother and father living a normal life for a Thep Khufan. He had many friends and one day he was playing along with them and the ball that they were playing with got kicked a ball into a nearby rundown building and Amun went to go get it. When he went in he saw many aliens from off-world huddling around a map. He heard of their plan to rob a nearby bank and saw the many weapons they had stored there. After a while, one of his friends stumbled in and was seen by the criminals and was taken, hostage. Amun was too scared to do anything and froze up. Amun realising his friend was in danger he finally mustered up all the courage he went to call for help . When the plumbers arrived at the scene Amun was amazed by how brave they were. That day on he vowed to become a plumber and help those in need and was ashamed of how he acted that day.


Limited Shapeshifting- Amun can shapeshift by detangling his bandages and morphing them.

Bandage Generation- Amun can generate bandages from his body.

Elasticity- Amun can stretch his bandages.

Regeneration- Amun can regenerate his bandages if torn or destroyed.

Space Survivability- Amun can survive in the vacuum of space by not needing to breathe.


  • Amun was created by Claymorr
    • His art was done by Xavier Pokedex which we have the permission of using.