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General Information
Species Osmosian
Home World Voltoron
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Osmosian's natural powers
Absorbed alien's powers
Voice Actor Charlie Schlatter
First Appearance Friend of My Enemy

Amsol is an Osmosian from the planet Voltoron in BBO.


He is a buff Osmosian, with shoulder-length, black hair, and wears a black shirt, with Osmax on his chest.

First Mutation

He has large Pterzar wings, a Pilosus right arm, an Involo left arm, and an Ectonurite tail, along with Merlinisapien eyes.

Unused Second Mutation

In his mutated form, he has a Talpaedan's body with Crystalsapien shards on his chest and Prypiatosian-B armor/holes, with some Gimlinopithecus fur. His right arm is similar to a Talpaedan's but with an Orishan's hand and the colors of a To'kustar, with some Celestialsapien star design. His left arm is a mixture of an Appoplexian, a Methanosian, a Loboan, and a Thep Khufan, with a Biosovortian shoulder. His tail has the same design as a Talpaedan's but with a Kinecelleran's colors. His head is shaped like a Petrosapien's, with a Methanosian's colors, three Merlinisapien eyes and is engulfed in Pyronite flames. He wears the Osmax on his upper-chest.


Amsol grew up on Voltoron, along side Nemevoc. The two grew up together and and were the best of friends. When Azmuth gave Bryce the Infinity Omnimatrix, he became angry at Azmuth for not trusting his best servant and giving the device to someone that none of them knew. He then pursued several aliens, absorbing their powers to enact his wrath.


His goal is to kill Azmuth and Bryce, then give the Infinity to Nemevoc.


He has all the powers of the absorbed aliens. He has the powers at full potential due to the Osmax(Omosian Maximum/Greatest Osmosian) which allows Osmosians to access the full powers of absorbed aliens, and materials. This device also allows Osmosians to absorb amore type than before, such as atomic or nuclear.


Shun 10: Matrix

His Origin is Unknown, thought he was the man that shoot Shun in A New Alien. When Shun finds out about this, he trys to destroy Amsol, but fails and mutates him. After that he was sent to the Tull Void by Ben.



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