General Information
Species Elogon
Home World Wistaria
Body humanoid eagle
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Wind Manipulation
Sonic Screech
First Appearance Dr.Animo and The Mutant Ray II
Amplifalcon is an Elogon from the planet Wistaria in JOEY 10 and JOEY 10: AWESOME FORCE.


Amplifalcon looks like humanoid eagle and he as orange eagle eyes. He rather short for his species. The Awesomatrix symbol is on his left hand, similar to 10-11 year old Upchuck and Arctiguana. His body is regular size but his legs are rather short, which helps him become lighter.


First, dark brown feathers go up the users arm and goes to the face (when at face, the feathers are turned white). A beak rips through the users mouth and morphs into their skin and the eyes turn into yellow eagle eyes. The users hands, now wings, stretch out his feathers into feather-like fingers. While the Matrix Core symbol goes on the users hand, his legs get smaller and turn into eagle claws and he poses.


Amplifalcon is an Elogon, therefore his species live on the harsh wind planet of Wistaria, where they have learned to adapt to their climate and to the wind. Actually, they use it as an advantige, because of their short size, they let the wind carry them around and control it. He can create wind funnels, tornadoes/twisters, and sonic screeches of eagle noise.

His feet help him grapple onto things.


He is very weak and not strong.

He cannot jump very high due to his small size.

He has wings, but they are not very powerful, so he has to use tornadoes around his legs to fly.



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