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The First Encounter

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Dee Bradley Baker

Amphysist is a Petrosapien Ectonuritus. He was one of the first members of The Army of Animo conquered by Ben and the gang. Under the lead of Cyberwolf, he attacked a Dracosian science facility and steal an engine the later used for enhancing the power of Powerhouse.


Amphysist is a tall humanoid alien. He's a purple creature with one eye. He have very thin legs and very long arms which nearly touch the ground in the rest. He have 4 long fingers. He wears a suit similar to Two-Face.

He has the ability to become intangibility and invisibility. He doesn't speak much, he prefers a quick attack with his sharp talons. He's a very loyal servant to Animo and follows every order without questioning. He can also create lesser clones of himself which he can use against his enemies.


He was one of the first living creatures created by The Engineer. All the earlier creations were liveless things. He was trained to become an assassin and sent to steal the Dracosian Dimensional Engine. He was responsible for the death of most of the Dracosian scientists. When confronted by Ben, He cloned himself and attacked them. His clones have the others the chance to escape.

In Jailbreak, he was one of the members that were sent by The Engineer to find Animo. He killed several jailers and some prisoners. After finding Animo, he escorts Animo.


He have no goal, he only follow orders of The Engineer and Animo.


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