AmpFibian (alternatively spelled as Ampfibian) is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Amperi from the planet Tesslos in the Andromeda Galaxy.

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AmpFibian was a blue jellyfish-like alien with six long tentacles that functioned as two pairs of arms and a pair of legs. AmpFibian had green eyes with no pupils and white swipes on his body, resembling lightning streaks. His main body had three segmented, skirt-like parts, one for his head, chest and abdomen. AmpFibian wore the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

AmpFibian can manipulate and produce lightning and electricity. He can launch them in electrical blasts, and as of Cosmic Destruction he is capable of generating a large energy blast surrounding him. He can also absorb electrical energy and relaunch attacks, as seen in Deep, when AmpFibian did so to the Piscciss Volann guards' energy net. AmpFibian can also become pure energy in order to enter electrical cables.

AmpFibian has the ability to become intangible. He is capable of combining that with his electrokinesis to electrically shock objects and beings he phases through.

Even though AmpFibian has not yet trained himself to do so, Ra'ad could read Kevin's thoughts by sensing the electrical pulses of his mind.

AmpFibian is capable of flight.

AmpFibian's tentacles can extend multiple times their length.

AmpFibian's lack of bones allows him to squeeze into extremely tight spaces.

AmpFibian is capable of respiring underwater and swimming at enhanced speeds.


  • Electrokinesis
  • Electroportation
  • Electrical Absorption
  • Electrical Redirection
  • Electrical Telepathy
  • Stretchable Arms
  • Size Alteration
  • Flight
  • Speed Swimming
  • Underwater Breathing
  • Intangibility


AmpFibian can use his electricity underwater, but if he is using electricity while entering water, or only part of him is in the water, he will shock himself.

AmpFibian is weak against enemies who drain electricity.

Since his body is very frail, heavy objects falling on him can make him faint.


  • AmpFibian and the other Andromeda aliens have powers linked to a certain element, for AmpFibian it's electricity.
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