Amp-Eye is a Fusions that appears in Earth-68. It is the fusion of AmpFibian and Eye Guy.

Amp-Eye - Ya-Mi-Oh!
General Information
Species 1/2 Amperi

1/2 Opticoid

Home World None
Body Humanoid Jellyfish
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Mind Reading
360 degree vision
Elastic Tentacles
Lightning Arrows
Enhanced Jumping
First Appearance Battle of the Satellite


Amp-Eye has Eye Guy’s humanoid form with AmpFibian’s light blue coloring, though his muscles are shrunk down, being less exaggerated. He has four tentacle arms, with hands on the end of them. His head is the shape of AmpFibian’s, having Eye Guy’s mouth on it. Eyes open all over his body, except on the head.

Powers and Abilities

Amp-Eye has the ability to see electrical signals with his eyes, able to read the patterns and use this to sense the electrical pulses to read minds. The more eyes he has focused in a particular direction, the further away the minds he can read.

He has 360 degree vision. This vision can see long differences when focusing energy into a certain direction or to a certain set of eyes.

He has electrokinesis, which he fires from his eyes. His tentacle arms are elastic. Using his limbs, he can create a bow, using his left tentacle as a bow, supporting it at the top with his right hand, then his right tentacle as a string, pulling it back with his left hand. The lightning released from his eyes converge to create lightning arrows which he can fire.

His tentacles are elastic. He has enhanced jumping.


His mind reading powers can be shut off by those with enhanced telepathic powers. If some of the neurotransmitters in the brain are shut off, he can't interpret what the electrical impulses he reads are saying.

Dimension 40 (Ya-Mi-Oh!)


  • His name is a combo of amp and eye.
  • He can't be utilized in regular Omnitrices, needing a fusion device to do so.
  • Amp-Eye's abilities are based off the Marvel hero Hawkeye, with the bow and arrow theme, and being able to see far distances.
  • The way that Amp-Eye forms the bow from his limbs is consistent with a left handed person shooting a bow and arrow. Most Omnitrix device users, including Yami, who the transformation originated with, are right handed.
  • The picture was done by Cham.
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