General Information
Body Metallic and formless
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Amorphous Physiology
Neuro-electrical blast
EMP Blast
Magnetic Blast
Energy Dectection

Amorphytes are Mimicury's species in Get Animated. They live an unknown planet but can be found all over space.


They have no real form, but they come in a variety of colors and metals.

What you see one as is what they prefer to look like.


The metallic substance is a protector for their core, of which is their lifeline and true essence.

Rumor had it was that they are unique energy beings from the universe next door, but that is incorrect. They can be found anywhere and everywhere but blend in with utmost ease.

Powers and Abilities

The body is like that of Goop's but without the need of an anti-gravity projector, along with that their bodies are made of metal.

They can mimic things with all the finest of details, including the voice or sound of what is mimicked.

They have a set of three different blasts that are all short-ranged that come from the core power within. The first is a neuro-electrical blast that can have a focal point/target. It comes from the head. The second is an EMP blast that sends out electrical impulses from all around the Amorphyte. The third is a magnetic blast that comes from the hands and is only temporary in effect. These can only be used when not in a puddle form.

They can detect energy and its levels, but not all can do this and some can do it uncontrollably.


Depending on the metal, they have different environmental weaknesses. It all depends on what that metal is naturally weak to or against.

Removing the core is dangerous and may result in killing them if removed the wrong way.

If energy is drained, they can either become immobilized or killed for the worst-case scenario, but if energy is taken forcefully, it can result in death or permanent damage to their being.


They tend to keep a low profile and say very little of their history, but there are a few rumors about how they came into existence.

Notable Amorphytes

  • Mimicury (Creatorix DNA sample)
    • ???
    • (Alternate version of Amorphyte DNA sample)
  • (Amorphyte character)
    • (Alternate version of the said character)

Notable Evolved Amorphytes

  • Ultimate Mimicury (Ultimate version of Omnitrix DNA sample)
    • (Alternate version of Ultimate Mimicury)
  • ????? (Alternate evolution type of Omnitrix DNA sample)
  • Sentient Ultimate Mimicury (example of naturally-evolved members of Amorphyte)

Notable Amorphytes Hybrids

  • N/A (???-Amorphyte hybrid)
    • (Alternate version of Amorphyte hybrid)

Notable Amorphytes Fusions

  • ???? (Omnitrix/Biomnitrix fusion containing Amorphyte DNA)


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