Ammar 10: The Final Stand is back to save the day!


Ben gives Ammar an Ultimatrix with all aliens in Ben 10 Alien Force. But, Ben accidentally added a confused
mode. Ammar will save this place, Nevada and United States. The smell of the waste effects the Ultimatrix, creating a group of fused villains. He uses the Ultimatrix to defend his city from weird fusions.


Ammar's Team

  • Myself
  • Ben Tennyson
  • Gwen Tennyson
  • Kevin Levin
  • Max Tennyson (Grandpa Max)


  • Ambreas team
  1. Kraven
  2. The Automatic Rifle People
  3. Waterraifaila
  • Confused Ray
  • Confused Finnas
  • Confusedtagheri

Theme song

Ammar is now to save

All confused tana villains is


Ammar vs. Ambreas team,

Ben Tennyson vs. Confused ray,

Gwen Tennyson vs. Confused Finnas

Kevin and Max vs. Confusedtagheri


Season 1

Season 2

  • Plants in the house part 1
  • Plants in the house part 2
  • Plants in the house part 3 (Final)
  • 5 villains,1 villain is dead
  • Times out,times in

Season 3

  • Treat or Treats
  • Formation and Formator
  • Conzita turn Conzata Part 1
  • Conzita turn Conzata Part 2
  • Conzita turn Conzata Part 3 (Finale) (Final Episode)

Video Games

  • Ammar 10 The Final Stand: Killing With Your Ultimatrix
  • Ammar 10 The Final Stand: Go To Jail, Cannot Be Imperrastive
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