The Ambura system is another universe created by the Galvans, and the main setting of Omni-World


Outer space in the Ambura system.


Around the time of the creation of the Omnitrix, Azmuth had a thought on his mind to create a whole universe, just for the aliens in it. He told the rest of the Galvans about it, and decided to create it.

As the years passed by, more aliens found their way into the Omnitrix, and shortly after, the Ultimatrix. After years of much more Omnitrixes, the its only planet...


....Became more social, aliens started to bond with each other, became friends, and after the decission to make female counterparts, found love.

But, evil found it's way into the Ambura system. Not to long ago, Ben Tennyson regained his Eon DNA sample, and shortly after his Ghostfreak sample, and when Albedo got the Ultimatrix, evil counterparts were created.

The series follows Ditto, Eyeguy, Wildvine and Ultimate Cannonbolt living in their appartment that they hired from Brainstorm. They often get into stupid or just plain silly situations, or just sit around while something else happens.


  • Instead of a normal black background and stars for outer space, the Ambura system has the background seen when Ben transforms into something. It has been confirmed that everytime Ben transforms, he is teleported to the Ambura system for a split second to come in contact with the alien he wants to become. 
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