Neonzarro Amazona.jpg
General Information
Species Lamia
Home World Earth
Body Lamia
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Heat Detection
Enhanced Swimming
Long Forked Tongue
Enhanced Stamina
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Stealth
Cold Resistance
First Appearance TBA

Amazona, sometimes called Decayed Slithering is the Zombitrix's DNA sample of a Lamia from planet Earth.


Amazona looks like a very pale woman with a long purple snake tail with the tip rotten away showing bone, some parts of her tail are rotten which shows her vertebrae. She wears a purple straitjacket with a "10" sewed under her chest and a total of eleven buckles on the straitjacket. She wears a black ripped skirt with purple sewed parts. Her hair is short and very messy. Her teeth are yellowed and she has a scar on her mouth.

She wears the Zombitrix symbol on her stomach.

Powers & Abilities

Her snake tail is her main way of attacking, acting also as a third arm, which can grab objects or beings with ease.

Her tail is strong enough to crush metal pipes.

She's an expert at climbing and swimming due to her tail.

Using her tongue she can taste the air.

She possesses a sensory organ similar to pitvipers that allows her to see heat signatures. With it, she can follow the heat signature of her prey even in the dark.

Due to her zombie status she's not affected by low temperatures.

Cause her tail tip is rotten, she's can't become limp if touched.


She isn't aware of how powerful her tail is, so she can cause collateral damage.


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