Amaxon Pest
General Information
Species Zonessectoid
Home World Zonesia
Body Humanoid-insectoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced speed, light manipulation, hypnosis, flight

 Amazon Pest is a Zonessectoid in Ten: The New Generation. This specimen belongs to Zaneth Hametsu. Because she is female, Zaneth did not like the fact at first, but them eventually she became one of the strongest aliens, and his mind completely shifted.


She has an upright body with a thin pink body and pink arms/legs with yellow highlights and glows.She has a pair of shining, pink, majestic wings with glowing rings and a lighting bolt shaped tail. She has green eyes and a normal human mouth.


Like any other Zonessectoid, Amazon Pest is naturally equipped with immesense knowledge of war strategy and battle. She is excellent in physical combat. She can use acid as a projectile by producing it in her body. Amazon Pest can also manipulate light and use it as weapons. Her most notable power is her hypnosis.


Her hypnosis can be negated with strong minded people and with those who have powers of darkness.


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