Amazing Waylighter is the,Amazing Form of, Waylighter in, Sem 2.10.

Amazing Waylighter
Official Amazing Waylighter art


Evolved Vuurian

Home planet



Fly, shapeshifting, pyrokinesis, cryokinesis

First appearance

Sem 10: Amazing Alien


Freezeflame (prototype)


Like Waylighter, he keeps his normal abilities of flight and pyrokinesis.  His new ability is control cryokinesis, better know as Ice Manipulation. He can breath, control, and even melt it.


He stills keeps his old weaknesses of water and ice when using his pyrokinesis, and his new cryokinesis powers come with a weakness to fire and fire based attacks.

Sem 2.10

He first appeared in Sem 10: Amazing Alien multiple times to fight some villains. He appeared again in Fred 2.40 to fight Demonstar and his fleet. He is used by Alshedo in Noah 10-Sem 2.10: Clones Attack. He is used by Vilgax in Ben 10: Ultimate Crossover.



  • Controlling both fire and ice could technically give him the power to make ground. He was later shown to be able to make ground.
  • He is the most used Amazing.
  • Unlike Waylighter, he is an energy being, and there is nothing underneath the blue light on his body. However, unlike Anodites, he has DNA.
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