Amazing Cannonbolt


Amazed Arburian Pelarota

Home planet

Arburia (destroyed)


Floating, enlarging/plasma-covering spikes, shoot plasma spikes, grow armor, duplication

First appearance

Gravity of the Situation

Amazing Cannonbolt is the Amazing Form of Cannonbolt in Sem 2.10. He was created specially for Cannonbolt Fest 2011.


He can grow his armor whenever he wants. He is much faster than normal or Ultimate Cannonbolt. He can also turn his spikes to plasma spikes, or grow them even larger. He can also clone himself and float. Like Ultimate Cannonbolt, he can shoot his spikes.


He is super fast, so he can't easily turn around.


  • He was created for Cannonbolt Fest 2011.
  • The fact that Cannonbolt gets the ability to clone when he evolves mirrors Echo Echo losing his ability to clone when he evolves.

Sem 2.10


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