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This series has been canceled!

Amalgam Academy has been cancelled due to I'm too lazy to write it and didn't have enough inspiration. The concept is neat imo so if anyone wants it just ask.

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Amalgam Academy
Creator CreeperDNA
Co-Writers CreeperDNA
Earth Earth-321
Seasons 1
Episodes 7 (planned)
Created on 4/7/16
Rating TV-7
Preceeded By None
Succeeded by None

Amalgam Academy is a series by Creeper DNA that follows the next generation of Amalgam Kids as they go through Plumbers Academy and fight villains It is supposed to have 1 season. It was suggested on 1/7/16 and confirmed to be made on 3/7/16. It debuted on 4/7/16.


Vlad was an average kid... with sun allergies. But when dormant DNA inside of him is awakened, he has to join the plumbers to learn to control his powers, and he's not the only one...


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