Alvono is a character from Tech 10: Ultimatrix Unleashed.


Alvono was always a bit different from other Mechomorphs. He later learned that this was because of an infected gene, and if the gene was allowed to evolve, it would turn everything with the gene into monstrous forms. However, sometime later, Azmuth approached him with the offer to be part of a new device, the Ultimatrix. Alvono accepted, and became the basic fusion core. He turned himself off for a while, until Tech got the Ultimatrix. Alvono revealed himself to Tech and gave him the infected gene, and therefore a new form, in 'High-Technius Warfare'. Since then, Alvono has been helping Tech and giving him advice about the forms. However, Alvono has not been entirely honest, stating that the infected gene is just a mutant that wil eventually give way to a higher point of evolution. He has also with-held from Tech most of his past, and mainly lied about the rest. His motive for this is currently unknown.


Alvono can fuse with technology, and can also partially control it from a distcance due to afore-mentioned mutant gene.


Alvono looks just like any other Galvanic Mechomorph.



Alvono is very sarcastic and insulting. He knows a lot and makes sure other people know that he knows a lot too.

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