General Information
Species Hemophageon
Home World Necrolopia
Body Humanoid/Vampire
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Energy blasts, flight, energy drain, etc.

Alucard is an alien in Noah 10. Noah rarely uses him due to his power and the chance of being overshadowed.


In Super Force and Matrix Unleashed, he looks like a humanoid vampire. He has black hair and a black robe. He has a red cape and has the Matrix on his chest.

In Super Matrix, he looks the same, except he has a belt, the Matrix is moved to his belt, his cape is green, the bottom part of his robe is split up and he wears boots and gloves.


  • Super Strength
  • Flight
  • Darkness Eye Beam (Powerful Red Eye lasers)
  • X-Beam (Crosses arms in an "X" shape, uncrosses swiftly and emits an X shaped beam of energy)
  • Syphons Blood and/or energy (If wanting to kill oppenent, suck blood, if spare them, suck energy, making them unable to fight back)


As made in Paint.

He only has one weakness, sunlight, just like Ghostfreak. Any source of light not from the sun won't hurt him.

Another weakness is that if he sees blood, he loses control.


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