Altrer is a Thep Khufan assistant of Azmuth and an ally to Ben's team.


Altrer's species, the Thep Khufans waged war with the Galvans ten years ago. The Thep Khufan won. Azmuth, the smartest being was the first to be slain. Altrer stopped the execution. The king of Thep Khufans enraged, tried to kill him but was stopped and Altrer was banished. Azmuth told Altrer that he was in his debt. With Myaxx, Altrer went to the far edges of galaxy to sample DNAs.

Meeting Ben

[To be written]


Similar to those used on Egyptian mummies, Altrer is also covered in many bandages. This allows Thep Khufans to reshape their bodies at will, splitting themselves apart to dodge attacks and reforming to counter-attack. To compensate for its relatively weak form, these aliens can recover from basically any injury, including being torn into confetti by a large fan, almost instantly and with no visible repercussions. Altrer can also use his bandages as some sort of tentacles which allows him to grab his enemies and throw them with ease with out the use of his super strength. He can also create cyclones and use Aerokinesis.


The bandages may burn. Altrer is 400 years old, he haven't mastered the techniques yet (the techniques like reshaping are for 1000 years old Thep Khufans)

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