Altor Dominus is a planet that is home to the Anodeities (or was), in Get Animated.


Little is known about the planet but in flashbacks of Roccelt back in his early years, it was a planet about the size of Ourbista, filled and overflowing with energy.


According to the last native and their flashbacks of home, it was plagued by a constant war that resulted in its people being lost and split apart over trivial matters.

When the war came to an end, it was Paradox who helped to end it, along with a few very special friends of his. Afterward, only one person remained and was sent to Anodyne to learn how to master his powers.

But in truth the war was nothing but simple rivalry, petty arguments, and such till the day that Roccelt was born, to the most powerful beings in the universe, they thought this union and the child would bring in an age of peace. Which it did not, for it only made the fighting worst.

It got so bad that it was tearing space and time apart, of which slowly created the forge of creation around the planet itself. Yes somewhere within the Forge of Creation lies a lone planet hidden from those wishing it harm.

As Roccelt grew up the fighting only became that much worse, he was a voice of reason and understanding, compared to his parents one of who was Love and compassion, while the other anger and aggression.

People stopped coming to visit Altor Dominus, for soon they could no longer find it.

Soon the Professor Paradox came and with some friends (Not Ben and the others) to put an end to this futile fighting before it destroys all of space and time.

A deal and a bargain was made, Majority of the people became Celestialsapiens locked in an endless argument for the rest of their days, while the few lucky, mostly the children scattered across the vast cosmos becoming other species of pure energy.

Known Inhabitants

  • Anodeities (formerly)
  • Timewalkers (occasionally)
  • Celestialsapiens (occasionally)


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