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Alternate Jay 10, subtitled A BTFF-Only Adventure, is a writing series by JayTVStudios that follows an alternate-universe Jay Lightbolts. It is exclusive to Ben 10 Fan Fiction Wiki, hence its name.

In the BTFF multiverse, this story takes place on Earth-130. It is a completely isolated Earth, as it is quite lonely in its universe.

Alternate Jay 10 will have a minimum of three seasons. The first season with have 10 episodes, the second will have 20 and the third will have 15.


Alternate Jay 10 was created because Jay wanted to use Aaron's alien, Shadybug, but he said that he could use it, but exclusively to BTFF. As such, the idea for a BTFF-only series was conceived.

The stories are normally done during Jay's free time, and are in episodic format, meaning that there will be imaginary voice actors.


Alternate Jay 10 is set in a universe where the Collectron collected DNA samples from nearly all the free-use universes in the BTFF multiverse. As such, there is a wider arsenal of aliens.


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Alternate Jay 10 is rated TV-Y.


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  • The episodes of this series will follow some sort of code, with it differing each season:
    • Season 1's episodes have a pun on the number 10.
    • Season 2's episodes will be named after songs by One Direction.
    • Season 3's episodes will be named after Panic! at the Disco songs.


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