Alpha strike force

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Alpha strike force.

The Alpha strike force are a spcial taskforce within the earth stationed plumbers. They were formed on the Order of Max Tennyson, to serve backup, rescue and medical attention for Ben Tennyson on his missions. Ben and Rook are responsible for the choosing of the members, coming up with a group of Ten.

They are only used in times of great peril, so the members adopt regular plumber gear instead of any special design.

Ben feels responsible for them, so if they are called in the situation must be a major danger, usually involving the planet or an invasion force.


  • Plumber armour.
  • Combat Helmets.
  • Blasters.
  • Additional Devices. The squad are given additional devices to help deal with the diverse nature of things Ben encounters. This alone sets them apart from regular Plumber Officers who are not allocated these belts and items.
  • They are reserved 4 plumber fighter crafts, kept fuelled and armed at all times, in the hangar.


  1. Officer Maulkin.
  2. Officer Lough.
  3. Officer Fern.
  4. Officer Jerry.
  5. Bluvic
  6. Driba
  7. Officer Malton.
  8. Officer  Susan.
  9. Officer Cyan.
  10. Officer Skeve.


  • There is a Bravo strike force. They are led by Max and Gwen ( as a secondary source.)
  • They are ordered to follow up thier mission in the event of Ben being captured, and rescue deemed impossible, or if he falls in combat.
  • Maulkin was the first member when they were formed.
  • They were formed during the SERVER crisis, at first to protect earth, whilst Ben was off world, as his representatives. And secondly as a backup.
  • To be a member you have to be a skilled pilot, and, according to Ben, be adaptable and intuitive.
  • They are assigned extra target and flying practise by Rook.
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