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Alpha Swampfire is the Alpha Form of Ultimate Swampfire in Tennyson Force.

Alpha Swampfire
Alpha Swampfire
General Information
Species Methanosian
Home World Methanos
Body Part Humanoid
Part Weed
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shock Fire
Plant interaction
Super Nova
First Appearance TBA


Alpha Swampfire can still project fire and fire bombs, that are now rainbow. He can also make his fire and bombs into a special type of glowing green-to-light-green fire called "shock fire", that is so hot, it can stun or shock a person if it hits them. This can also freeze machinery or hack it. He also has retained his ability of flight, but he can now create a type of glider out of fire, like Heatblast. He can connect and merge with plants, like Wildvine. He can also "upgrade" plants and control them. Alpha Swampfire still has his Swampfire's super strength, but is now slightly enchanced to be a bit more powerful than a Tetramand's. His most powerful ability is his ability to be become entirely made of fire, (like Heatblast, but without the rocks) except his Omnitrix, and heat every thing around him. He can range his heat in this form, so he can heat or completely burn things. He can also release his heat that is being built up inside in waves and create something similar to a super nova, that can travel over a whole planet.


Alpha Swampfire looks just like Ultimate Swampfire, except with a few differences. His "orbs" on his back and arms are now colored to have a fire-type color scheme, but his face stays its natural blue. Elbow and down, his arms now have a more planty-green color, instead of the barky-brown skin. His biggest change is his Wildvine tendrils that attach from his torso. These are also Ultimate Swampfire skin-colored.

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