The Alpha Nanotrix or simply the Nano Matrix is a device in DZ: Omniverse(Reboot).

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  • It is a chest amour that covers only the heart region of the chest.
  • All transformation wear it on their chests


  • It alters the DNA of the user transforming the person into different alien forms.
  • It has Nanobots in it that can be used to construct electromagnetic forcefields, Swords, Armours,etc.
  • It charges through absorption of Cosmic energy.
  • It can be used for a maximum of 50 minutes after charging.
  • It has ability to receive, download and send files from plumber bases across the universe.
  • It can grant the user a special mode called Fusion mode which can grant the user abilities of his transformations without transforming completely but rather it transforms the 4 different body parts of the user into the parts of 2 separate aliens.
  • It can use stored DNA of a species, with the aid of Nanobots to repair the DNA structure of that species, it can also revive any one in the species.
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