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Alpha Echo Echo

Alpha Echo Echo is the alpha form of Echo Echo. He is a super evolved form of a Sonorosian. He is an alein within the Alphatrix.


He has the same structure as Ultimate Echo Echo, but is green instead of blue. On his chest, he now has four sonic cannons instead of two. Along with his lower arms, he has two on the outside of his lower arms, and two one the inside.

New Powers and Abilities[]

  • Instead of just being able to duplicate his disks, he can now duplicate himself up to two times, making three of himself. Although attempting to create more duplicates will seriously injure him.
  • His strength is super enhanced.
  • He can can use his sonic abilities to create a giant tremor.
  • He can now use his abilities to transfer any language, even regular Vulpimancer's. And can also make people hear something else then what was actually said.
  • His new attack evolved beyond Sonic Doom, is Big Sonic Bang where he makes three of himself and creates roughly around seventy-five sonic disk's each. They surround their opponent and release a barrier of sound.


He can still be affected by magnets, but they must be super stronger magnets.