Allie Feelton is a member of Kyle Tennyson's Team and is very powerful and is one of the few female on the team.

Apologies for the crude drawing


She has brown hair with red lipstick and wears a green/yellow uniform and wears brown gloves with yellow shoes.

​Powers, Skills and Abilities

Like Rogue from the X-Men or Kevin Levin, she has the power to absorb, but the problem is she can't control her powers and wears clothes and gloves all over her body to make sure she does not accidently hurt sombody, unlike Kevin, She can't absorb Matter, she can only absorb People's memories and their powers but only temporarily, however if she holds onto someone too long she can have the powers forever, but the person she absorbs will be put into a coma, or worse.


Allie was beautiful and smart with a great sense of humor, a heart of gold, an independent nature, and a lot of spirit. She usually had an attitude of good-natured irrevence.

Allie occasionally referred to everyone including even her enemies as “hon” and “sugar” and spoke in a sassy Southern accent.


Her power is also her weakness; if she touches even a normal human, they will still be absorbed so she had to keep her skin away from people she touches.

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