Alli-Gator is the Omnitrix’s DNA Sample of a Crocodylian from Swamplandia.

BTF3 Alli-Gator

In BTFF: New Recruits


His Hologram by Benatic4


He is a humanoid alligator with spikes on his back. He has a Omnitrix band around his waist with some black shorts. His head has a mustache unlike other members of his species.

Powers and Abilities

He can swim faster than a sonic boom. The spikes on his body act as body armor.


Ben 10: Ultimate Omniverse

The Arrival

 BTFF: New Recruits

Newbie Beginnings Part 1

Interspace 10

Alli-Gator is set to appear in Are You Afraid Of The Light?

Ben Quest

Already appeared in the movie.


  • He has an ultimate form.
  • He is one of the first aliens thought of in the series of Ben 10: Ultimate Omniverse.
  • He is pronounced Ally Gator.
  • He was made by Ben10fan3.
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