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All That Troll's is a fan made episode of Ben 10: Meme Force. It is written by Rob Macaroni.


Micheal Memestar starts dating Gwen, but Kevin has his suspicions about Micheal.


While Ben is looking at a stupid hologram from Grandpa, Kevin and Gwen have a fight over who's more stupid. After they see a girl called Trollina in trouble, they attempt to help her. When a boy name Micheal Memestar helps them save her, they get to know eachother to the point where Gwen and Micheal's butt's interlinked a surge of energy flows. Gwen instantly seems grossed out, but Micheal helps her get less grossed out from the butt connection.

After touring Micheal's headquarters, Ben offered Micheal a spot on their team. Their first mission as a group occurs at a power plant where a group of stupid cheerleaders from Micheal's school, who appear to have been made into stupid cheerleader zombies, are draining the power source. Ben turns into a new alien, ChromDaWoop, and later Gwen seems like she's about to fart. Despite fighting together, Micheal lets the stupid cheerleaders get away and Kevin is instantly mad. When Mike invites Gwen for dinner, Kevin's suspicions are aroused, and he breaks into Michael's house, despite Ben's trust in Mike. Later it is discovered that whenever Mike touches someone, usually a girl, a mark of an eight pointed fart in a circle appears on their arm. The star sucks out their powes and feeds Mike's.

Meanwhile, Mike and Gwen talk about the the time they farted at the same time. When Mike and Gwen get close to kissing on the lips, Mike grabs Gwen's hands and drains her powers, and suddenly she becomes wrinkely and fart's and burps at the same time. After he drains her powers, he becomes a brown Mike. Ben and Kevin reaches there, by tracking Micheal's Stupidity Badge. They see that he has drained Gwen of her powers and the ability to fart and burp, and attack Mike and ultimately fail, because draining Gwen's energy and farts made him unstoppable. After Kevin and Ben fail to defeat Mike, he attempts to take their ability to fart, but Gwen manadges to stop him and take her ability to use powers and fart back, along with some of Mike's. Mike, in a stupid state, asks the other girls to give him their energy, to 'feed him'. They ultimately turn against him and take their energy back, leaving Mike tottally deffenseless and stupid. Kevin takes Mike's Stupidity Badge and crushes it saying he doesn't deserve it. The episode ends with Ben, Gwen, and Kevin in the car driving away asking Kevin 'when is he gonna ask Gwen out'.



  • Micheal Memestar