Ben 10: Ultimate Fusetrix
Season 2, Episode 15
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all grown up part 2


When Ship returns good he transformed into an adult by Dint and he looks like Upgrade but without a Fusetrix symbol. Basically a thinner Baz -El.


Ship is in his room, thinking. He misses Mech and Julie and Ben and most of all his sister Shipett! Oh how so sorry he was to her for mistreating her! Dint crashed his door opened!

Dint; Lord Vilgax needs you!

Ship: No!

Dint: He is really- Wait? Did you say no?

Ship: Yes! I was never evil! I'm leaving you dirty skunkbag!

Ship went into battle spaceship mode and zoomed off!

Julie: Ship!

Ship: Yes Julie it's me! Though now I am older and more mature! I came back because I was wrong and I missed you and Ben and Shipett and Mech-

Julie: They left!

Ship: Where?

Julie: They said the only way for us to stay with them is for us two to become plumbers. We already are since Ben convinced Magister Hulka to let us pass without attending!

Ship: What are we waiting for?

Julie: Shipett is saying goodbye to our old toaster! She really liked it!

Ship walks over to his little sister. He unplugs the toaster and hands it to Shipett.

Ship: There you go sweetie!

Shipett: Shipy shipy shipy!

They left to catch up to Ben. They caught up to him about two hours later. Kenny and Jenny were explaining what happend about Kenny being stuck in Clockwork and how Albedo came and pretended to be Ben and he disappeared when Jenny cast a spell.

Ben: Where could it have taken him?

Jenny: Two possibilities! The Null Void or Amperi!

Ben: You mean AmpFibians home planet in the Andromeda Galaxy?

JennY; Exactly!







Gwen: Huh? Dog where are you?

Dog: Woof!

There was a power outage. It was dark. Gwen made a mana oval on her hand for light. Kevin was with them dreaming about racing Hulka. Tack Jr was also there in a deep sleep.


Azmuth: Rickon show me the updates of Myaxx and Eunice on Primus!

Rickon: Yes sir!

Primus showed up. Slowly it zoomed in until Azmuth saw Darkstar and Nanolena fighting Xylene, Myaxx and Eunice! The evil guys were losing! Xylene shot a purple beam from her three eyes. Eunice absorbed the codon stream D.N.A sample of an Tetramand. She had enhanced stregth. She then turned into Nanomechand she tore nanochips apart! Myaxx was using some kung fu on Darkstar. Meanwhile Dint was telling Vilgax the bad news!

Animo: I always knew he was a traitor!

Tick: Ragh agh!

Dint: I'm sorry m'lord that he never told you the secrets!

Vilgax: Enough of this chit chat! Attack them and destroy them all! Tenysons pet took my Ultmonitrix! But I am still Vilgax, Conquer of 92 worlds!

Dint: I thought it was 90!

Vilgax: I have some time to conquer planets! In fact I'm ready to conquer Earth! Since I have the FKC members, the Lucubr army and the Forever Knights no one can stop us! Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahaaaaaaahhhhhhahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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