Original apperance

The All-Power-Trix is an all-powerful Omnitrix created when the Omnitrix 2.0, Manamatrix, and Metalmatrix are combined via the Powers. Due to upgraded Powers, it has changed, and has now become more Ultimatrix-shaped.


It first appeared in BTMT Movie Season Finale Thingy!, as part of Eon's master plan. Upon getting it, he turned into Infinite Cannonbolt to demonstrate it to Ben. He planned to turn into Infinite Alien X, but was destroyed by Ben before doing so.

Ben used it for the first time in Ultimate Kate, Part 2 to battle Ultimate Kate.

Ben was given it again by Azmuth and Max in The Beginning of the End, Part 2. With the upgraded Powers, it changed shape, now looking like the Ultimatrix.


It's first version was shaped similarly to Superman's "S" symbol. The dials of the Omnitrix 2.0, Manamatrix, and Metalmatrix were in three of the four corners. The Powers sat in the center.

With the upgraded Powers, it has changed in The Beginning of the End, Part 2. It is now multi-colored, and the Powers sit where the removal button is. The main dial can be switched to the Omnitrix 2.0, Manamatrix, or Metalmatrix modes via voice command. For example: "All-Power-Trix, activate Manamatrix mode."


Going Ultimate is the same as always. But to go Infinite, the user must turn the showing Omnitrix 2.0 symbol completely upside-down, bring up the dial, and slam it down. This will cause the four spikes to go in, and the three Infinite spikes, shown on the right, will pop out, and a green wave will cause the transformation, like going Ultimate. It is only possible to go Infinite while already Ultimate.

The Powers

Powers, Separated

The Powers, separated

The Powers power the All-Power-Trix, so to speak. If even one gets displaced, let alone removed, extreme transformation errors will be made. If one is removed, the All-Power-Trix will explode into the Multi Trixes. With the new All-Power-Trix design, making the All-Power-Trix requires taking the Powers out and putting them in their respective spots on each of the Multi Trixes. (i.e. green in the Omnitrix 2.0's center, pink in the Manamatrix's right black part, etc.)

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