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All☆Star Requiem
All Star Requiem.png
General Information
Species Reanimated Heliosinge
Home World Stefilius
DNA source All☆Star
Body Spiked Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Rainbow in the Dark
Alien Number Θ1
Namesake See All☆Star
First Appearance Blood and the Moon: Part 2

All☆Star Requiem is the Requiem Form of All☆Star from Tech 10: Star Spirit.


All☆Star Requiem's abilities include:

  • Rainbow in the Dark
    • Rainbow in the Dark is an ability that allows ASR to apply prism effects to his solar energy rays, allowing him to create rainbow-colored light that can split and bend in unnatural ways.
  • Solar Energy Manipulation
  • Heightened Solar Energy Absorption
    • ASR is able to more efficiently absorb Solar Energy, allowing him to absorb a good amount of power from the moon and distant stars.
  • Heightened Durability
  • Heat Immunity
  • Flight


All☆Star Requiem resembles a taller, somewhat thinned out version of his regular form, with much longer head spikes and fingers. His color scheme has changed to two shades of dark blue, and his eyes are now mostly black with glowing blue pupils in the middle.


All☆Star Requiem remains unable to generate his own solar energy, having to rely on outside sources to provide it.



  • All☆Star Requiem's "Rainbow in the Dark" ability is named after the Dio song of the same title.

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