All☆Star Cosmic
All Star Cosmic PD
General Information
Species Modified Heliosinge
Home World Stefilius
Body Armored Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Heliokinesis
Ability Access
Classification Fauna
Alien Number ∞1
Namesake COSMIC MIND by Astronauts
COSMIC MIND - Astronauts

COSMIC MIND - Astronauts

First Appearance Starman
All☆Star Cosmic is a unique form of All☆Star that appears in Project Deca.


When Theo and Nova fused into Technova while Theo was under the effects of the Hybrider Belt, the StarTrix's core underwent a similar fusion process using the first form in its DNA Card slots as a base, unintentionally creating All☆Star Cosmic.


In addition All☆Star's standard abilities, All☆Star Cosmic has the power to access the abilities of any alien in the StarTrix. Known abilities accessed include:

Verse 2

When fused with Silver Mt. Zion using Swarm 2, All☆Star Cosmic assumes a new form called All☆Star Cosmic Verse 2, which grants them the abilities of Silver Mt. Zion and greatly enhances their overall speed and power.


All☆Star Cosmic cannot access the powers of any aliens not currently in the StarTrix or Star Driver Gauntlet, essentially limiting them to 14 extra abilities at a time unless fused with an alien from Swarm 2.



  • All☆Star Cosmic tends to yell out the names of the aliens whose abilities they're accessing in order to help them focus, although this isn't strictly necessary.
  • Concept names for All☆Star Cosmic included "All☆Star Encore" and "All☆Star Delta".
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