Aliomixed is a villain that has seven forms. He is a mix of aliens from Former Untold. Azmuth was working on an Omnitrix that had all the aliens, but it exploded and created Aliomixed.

Form 1-W-f-g-xud-rs-g-h

His name is Wildmutt, Fourarms, Greymatter, XLR8-Upgrade-Diamondhead, Ripjaws-Stinkfly, Ghostfreak, Heatblast. He is the original aliens from the first series. He has one body(Wildmutt)two tails(Ripjaws and Ghostfreak), two wings(Stinkfly), two shoulders(Diamondhead), two arms(Fourarms), one eye(Upgrade), and four legs(XLR8 and Greymatter).

Form 1


Ripjaws makes him aquatic, but that takes away Heatblast's firepower. It is also hard for him to talk, because the other aliens can talk, but Wildmutt can't talk.

Form 2-C-wuwdeb-b-be 

His name is Cannonbolt, Wildvine-Upchuck-Waybig-Ditto-Eye Guy-Benmummy, Benvicktor-Eon. He is the additional aliens from the first series. He has one body(Cannonbolt), four shoulders(Cannonbolt and Benvicktor), one fin(Ditto), one mouth(Benwolf), four tongues(Upchuck), two arms(Wildvine), one eye(Eye Guy), four lines on his arms(Eon), and four bandages(Benmummy). He is also fifty feet tall(Way Big).

Form 2


It's hard for him to roll with Benvicktor's shoulders.

Form 3-Sab

His name is Spitter-Arcticguana-Buzzshock. He is Ben's future aliens. He has one body(Spitter), two arms(Buzzshock), and three spikes(Arcticguana).

Form 3


When Sab tries to spit goo, it freezes and falls to the ground. When he tries to breathe ice, it's all sludgy and anything it froze can easily break through it. So the only power it can pretty much actually use is Buzzshock's electricity.

Form 4-S-b-h-c-g-jes-b-a

His name is Swampfire, Big Chill, Humongousaur, Chromastone, Goop, Jetray-Echo-Spide

Form 4

rmonkey, Brainstorm, . He is the original aliens from the second series. It has one body(Swampfire), one body coloring(), two wings(Big Chill), one head(Chromastone), two horns(Jetray), two tails(Spidermonkey and Humongousaur), and four legs(Swampfire and Brainstorm).


When Azmuth was programming Swampfire, he forgot to give him some arms, so he's not the strongest one.

Form 5-L-r-n

His name is Lodestar, Rath, Nanomech. He is the additional aliens from the second series. He has one head(Nanomech), two arms(Rath), two wings(Nanomech), one body(Lodestar), and two legs(Nanomech). He is also only a foot tall.

Form 5


His small size isn't very good takes away Rath's strength, making him regular strengthed, and he can also only magnetize small things.

Form 6-Taan-w

His name is Terraspin-AmpFibian-Armodrillo-NRG, Water Hazard. He is the original aliens from the third series. He has one body(Water Hazard), two arms(Terraspin), three "eyes"(NRG), two ha

Form 6

nds(Armodrillo), and two legs(AmpFibian).


NRG's heat is hard to work with Water Hazard's water, so he usually causes smoke to go on himself.

Form 7-Ultimate Aliomixed

He is the ultimate version of Aliomixed. He is a combination of all the ultimate aliens. He has two wings(Ultimate Big Chill), two arms(Ultimate Spidermonkey), two eyes(Ultimate Cannonbolt), one body(Ultimate Swampfire), and one tail(Ultimate Humongousaur). There are no disadvantages.

Form 7

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