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Aliens Merged
David 10

Aired :

January 16 2012

Episode :



Octogax : Pyron! TO THE EARTH!!!

Pyron : Yes sir!

-~-On Eart-~-

David : Oh yeah I kicked almost all alien Butts my feet hurts!

Grandpa Rox : David! THAT THING ISNT A TOY! you heard what Lasmuth said! Beware of Octogax!

David : Yeah right! Why would i care about it! I can kick hes but!!

Grandpa Rox : Ok its time for Confessions, Octogax is an Alien 20 Times Stronger than that watch! he wants that watched cause thats a strongest alien Device in the whole universe!!

David : Yeah yeah. How about you tell me your Alien Police force Days!

Grandpa rox : ok, i will tell you when i fought octogax. Octogax was our enemy We shoot our blasters! to Destroy him! but he used hes strength and sword to defeat us, but We shoot a lazer Missile on him and he was a myth that Day, but until now!

David : Woah..

Octogax : I will destroy this city! Till the Host of the Gaunletrix Comes!! [Octogax shoots lazer using hes sword

and punch buildings]

[David and grandpa Rox on The R.v To go to the town and stop him!]

David : Hey Octosquid Stop this or i will make you a seafood SALAD!

Octogax : So The host of the Gaunletrix Is in the hands of a KID! this will be a piece of cake!

David : Dont underestimate me! I can beat you!

Octogax : lets see About that!

[David turns into Red Burn]


[Redburn Scratches Octogax with hes claw but octogax uses hes sword to shield it]

Octogax : How weak of you [Octgax punches Redburn why getting hes claw stuck on octogax's sword]

Redburn : You made a wrong mistake!!!!!!!!! [David Turns back to human]

David : Oh men! why now!?!?!

Octogax : i guess its free to punch you MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

-~-To Be continue-~-


  • Grandpa Rox
  • David


  • Pyron
  • Octogax

Aliens Debut[]

  • Redburn