General Episodes

The following is a list of episodes of Alienated: A Hero Reborn.

Season 1

Title Written By Number
"Consequences" StreetM 1
Ben Tennyson's life is changed forever when he finds a mysterious watch called the Omnitrix. This is complicated even further when an alien shows up who is on a mission to retrieve the watch.
"Tomorrow" StreetM 2
A mysterious teenager starts causing havoc as he is in the possession of a powerful device. Meanwhile, another mysterious teenager known as Chrono Spanner shows up from the future so he can save the present.
"Mysteries" StreetM 3
Ben is kidnapped by S.E.C.T and Myaxx, their new leader. Things get worse when Aggregor reemerges.
"Magic" StreetM 4
A magician named Michael Morningstar wants to cross over into a magical realm for unknown reasons.
"Failsafe" StreetM 5
Aggregor returns to destroy the heroes with the ultimate power of Project: Failsafe.
"Infamous" StreetM 6
Ben's secret is revealed to the world. Meanwhile, an alien thief is stealing WMDs, explosives and nukes from S.E.C.T. 
"Aether" StreetM 7
Aggregor's foreshadowing of a strange secret that intrigues Kevin takes a turn in the present day, that may decide both their fates unless a compromise is at hand.
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