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Ben 10: Ultra-Superverse
Season 1, Episode 8
Air date Unknown
Written by Planetmiguel
Directed by "
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My Arch Nemesis


Both Ben are in a field with Max having a picnic. Just then the ground starts shaking and a large, alien mole/cat creature is digging towards them. Max tells them to hide so Ben turns into Grass Hopper and hops behind a tree. Young Ben sees a tree and tries to turn into Wildvine but instead turns into well-noticable Heatblast. The mole/cat alien comes from the ground and pounces onto Heatblast who then blasts the alien into the air. The alien grabs young Ben and throws him into the air as he is turning back. Ben turns into Bigpunch and grabs Ben is his hands and smashes the alien into the ground. The alien mysteriously disappears and it pops up out of the ground and hits Bigpunch's foot causinf him to fall down. Ben turns back and young Ben's omntrix recharges. He sees the alien running at him and turns into XLR8 and speds around the alien. He begins making the alien chase him around so Ben turns into Static-tron and shocks the alien. It falls down and both Bens turns back. Just then Ben's supermatrix begins glowing yellow and it shoots out a scan ray at the alien and the supermatrix says: "Zufferion DNA scanned". The alien gets gets up and goes right at Ben. Grandpa Max jumps out to help Ben and zaps the alien but hits a tree and is knocked out. Young Ben turns into Cannonbolt and races at the alien. He hits it aside but falls back into one of its holes. Ben dials up a Zufferion and quikcly turns into, naming it Dig Bang. He begins beating up the Zufferion and they both fight each other with the same powers. Young Ben turns back and looks up at the hole and hears them fighting. Ben throws the alien into the air and drills into his arm. Just then a green flash fills the hole and Wildvine jumps out of it. He grabs the Zufferion and throws him into a tree. It becomes knocked out and Ben (16) turns back. Max gets up and calls the plumbers to take the alien to jail. Young Ben turns back and boht Bens high five each other.



  • Zufferion

Aliens Used:[]

By 16 Ben:[]

  • Grass Hopper
  • Bigpunch
  • Static-tron
  • Dig Bang

By 10 Ben:[]