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Alien of the Week was the wiki's December 2018 featured series!

Alien of the Week is a series by Reo, formerly written by Ahmad and adopted by CreeperDNA (formerly) that picks an alien every week and Interviews him.

Alien of the Weak
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General Information
Genre Action/Adventure
Status On Going
Original run 5/05/2012 - TBA
Episodes 36 (Total)
18 (Available)
Starring Dan Black, Geomothy, Jimmy Jones, Blukic & Driba, Ky Strike, NegaBoost and Skyter, Four Arms (Hosts)
Country United States
Network Cartoon Network
Creator(s) Ahmad15(Formerly)
Reo (Adopted, Currently)
CreeperDNA (Adopted from Reo, Formerly)
Series Guide
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Succeeded by


Every week an alien is chosen by you and he will be interviewed by the host(s). Each season the host changes, so the aliens can repeat too.





Season 1 

Image Episode Title Airdate  # # Writer
Heatblast Episode 1: Heatblast 5/05/2012 1 1


Four Arms has Heatblast on for a little talk about Heatblast's powers and weaknesses
GreyMatter Episode 2: Grey Matter 5/05/2012 2 2 Ahmad15
Four Arms has invited Grey Matter over for a talk to see how strong he really is
Alien of the Week Episode 3: Upgrade Unknown 3 3 Ahmad15
Episode not available...
Diamondhead Episode 4: Diamondhead 4/06/2012 4 4 Ahmad15
Diamondhead comes over to talk with Four Arms about his Powers and Weaknesses
Bigchill7 Episode 5: Big Chill 4/06/2012 5 5 Ahmad15
Big Chill chills out with Four Arms talking about his powers and Abilities
Season finale Alien of the Week: Season 1 07/07/2012 6 6 Ahmad15
All the previous aliens fight in different challenges and Diamondhead comes out victorious.
185px-Humongousaur 00

Episode 6: Humungousaur

4/06/2012 7 7 Ahmad15
Humungousaur crashes into the studio, so Four Arms talks to him about the guy's powers and Abilities.
Alien of the Week

Episode 7: Way Big

Unknown 8 8 Ahmad15
Episode not available...
Alien of the Week Alien of the Week: Series Finale Unknown 9 9 Ahmad15
Episode not available...

Season 2

Image Episode Title Airdate  # # Writer
A Day As Goop/The Goopy Interview 31/08/2013 1 10 Reo 54
The Goop Fest special.

Ben who is stuck on an alien Planet transforms into Goop to blend in, but is stuck.

Then, we interview the Green Pile O' Goo.

Electric Faceoff/The Electric Interview with Shocksquatch 14/09/2013 2 11 Reo 54
Shocksquatch Week Episode.

Ben Overuses Shocksquatch and Gets Obsessed with him.

An Electric interview includes a SHOCKING Challenge for the Electric Yeti.

Fire is Hot/the Firey interview 17/09/2013 3 12 Reo 54
Heatblast Week episode.

Ben tests out his Favorite fire alien and gets in a Tournament.

A Molten Interview with Heatblast sets the Studio on fire!

Serious Butt-Kicking/Lemme Tell Ya Something Interview, It's With Rath! 7/04/2014 4 13 Reo 54
Rath Week episode.

Rath Fights with Khyber and Kicks butt

An Interview with rath and Someone gets his Butt kicked.

Useless Water Alien Episode/Walkatrout Interview 14/04/2014 5 14 Reo 54

Episode Not Available...

Walkatrout Week episode.

Ben Uses Walkatrout again to fight the Galvan Brothers

An Interview with the useless Walkatrout

Kick it Hawk!/The Kicking Interview 21/04/2014 6 15 Reo 54

Episode Not Available...

Kickin Hawk Week episode.

Ben uses Kickin Hawk to pound Vilgax

An Interview with the kicking Kickin Hawk

Shocking Strike/The Franken Striken Interview 28/04/2014 7 16 Reo 54

Episode Not Available...

Frankenstrike Week episode.

Frankenstrike returns to defeat Malware once and for all!

An Interview with the Shocking Frankenstrike

Ditto the Cutest/A Cute Interview With Ditto 5/05/2014 8 17 Reo 54

Episode Not Available...

Ditto Week episode.

Ditto becomes the champion in an arena, cause he is too cute to kill.

An Interview with the cute Ditto

Mummy vs Mummy/The Bandage Interview 12/05/2014 9 18 Reo 54

Episode Not Available...

Snare-Oh Week episode.

Snare-Oh Has to face his old enemy the Mummy

An Interview with the bandage king Snare-Oh

Alien Oftheweeklogo Atomic Showdown/The Very Nuclear Interview 19/05/2014 10 19 Reo 54

Episode Not Available...

Atomix Week Episode

Season 3 

Image Episode Title Airdate # # Writer
212px-Bigchill icebreathOV-1- Chill Out! 23/08/15 1 20

Reo 54

The episode features Big Chill. Blukic and Driba interview him arguing at the same time. Big Chill reveals his thoughts on a few things as well as what would he rather do.
Way big Big Power 30/08/15 2 21

Reo 54

An Interview, vie Video Call, with Way Big. Blukic and Driba Interview him about his thoughts on stuff as well as start arguing and forget about the interview.
AOTWlogo Totaly Freaked Out 6/09/15 3 22 Reo 54

Episode Not Available...

Ghostfreak Week Episode.


A Total Hazard


4 23

Reo 54

Episode Not Available...

Water Hazard Week Episode.


Blazing Hot

20/09/15 5 24 Reo 54

Episode Not Available...

Heatblast Week Episode.

Season 4

Image Episode Title Airdate # # Writer
Articguana (1) We Are Back! 03/01/2016 1 25 Reo 54
The Series returns with the 4th Season and the new host has an interview with Arctiguana
Swampfire (2) Fire in the Swamp! 10/01/2016 2 26 Reo 54
Episode 2 of the 4th Season. Swampfire is interviewed by Jimmy. Let's hope No plants or fire spread in the studio
Fasttrack (27) Fast and Furious 17/01/2016 3 27 Reo 54

Episode Unavailable.

Randomly chosen alien due to delays Fasttrack is ready to answer his questions real fast to get the episode out in time.

NRG (20) Energic 24/01/2016 4 28 Reo 54

Episode Unavailable.

Coming a long way from the Andromeda Galaxy, NRG is here for some questions.

185px-Big chill close up Freeze! 31/01/2016 5 29 Reo 54

Episode Unavailable.

For the 3rd Time in the show, Big Chill is back for even more questions. Guys, please... aren't you bored of these overused aliens?

AOTWlogo Murk Or Perk 31/01/2016 6 30 Reo 54

Episode Unavailable.

Murk Upchuck gets invited for some question mostly about Heroes United, but the hosts mix him up with his Twin - Perk Upchuck

Creeper's Era S1 (Season 5)

After the series was adopted, Creeper decided to reboot it.

Image Episode Title Airdate # # Writer
Fasttrack (27) From Old to New 08/03/2017 1 31 Creper
Geomothy discovers the old AoTW showroom and decides to refurbish it.

Season 6

Image Episode Title Airdate # # Writer
AOTW S6 E1 It's Been a While June 5, 2018 1 32 Reo 54
Jimmy Jones and Dan Black return to Alien fo the Week and interview the new alien - Shock Rock
AOTW S6 E2 Too Fast For You June 12, 2018 2 33 Reo 54
After a five-way tie, XLR8 is chosen as the winner for Week 2 and brought on to the show for some questions
AOTW S6 E3 The King of Sand June 20, 2018 3 34 Reo 54
Snare-oh returns to the show for the second time.
AOTW S6 E4 A Different Kind of an Apocalypse June 26, 2018 4 35 Reo 54

Episode Unavailable.

Plantapocalypse comes on the show for an interesting interview.


Energy Boost

July 10, 2018 5 36 Reo 54

Episode Unavailable.

NRG is invited to the show for a little interview after randomly being selected from all of the Andromeda aliens.


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