Alien invasion is the 7th episode of Lokesh 10.


Ben Tennyson turns into Alien X, the universe is getting destroyed, can Lokesh save the universe from getting destroyed?


Lokesh was going to his home from school suddenly a car was about to hit him.Then Lokesh there was a boy with all the toy omnitrixes [4 series omnitrixes], then he scanned the Protype omnitrix,Ultimatrix, Omnitrix [improved version].Then when he reached home he ran in the house, then his sister, Revathi came out.

Revathi : Stop running,Lokesh! I am trying to study.

Lokesh : OK.

Revathi : Better.

Someone knocks the door.Lokesh Opens the door and sees Ben.

Ben : Coming to bellwood.

Lokesh : Of course,I am!

Revathi : Where do you think you are going?

Lokesh : Bellwood, duh!

Then Ben and Lokesh  go to Bellwood.

Lokesh : Look there is a Way Bad attacking Belwood.

Ben : It's hero time!

Lokesh : Correction, It's heroes time!

Ben transforms into Way Big, Lokesh transforms into Way Big too.Lokesh and Ben fight the Way Bad and win.

Lokesh : Can you show me how Gravattack Looks?

Ben : Of course!

Ben trys to turn into Gravattack, but turns into Alien X.

Lokesh : Oh! Man!

Lokesh trys to turn into any alien but the omnitrix T.2 turns into the omnitrix T.2 improved version..Then he immediatly turned into an alien and the alien was none another Alien X.Then suddenly both omnitrixs contact each other and Lokesh went inside Ben's Alien X boIdy.Then Lokesh meets Ben,Belicus,Serena.

Lokesh : Who ar these green faces?

Ben : Belicus and Serena.

Belicus : Luckily, this time the world is not getting destroyed.

Ben : It is?

Lokesh : It Is?

Serena : It is?

Belicus : It is.

Lokesh : Than I am going normal now.

Lokesh and Ben become normal, but the problem was Lokesh and Ben's body get exchanged.

Lokesh : I am Ben now awesome!

Then Ben tell Lokesh to become Ghostfreak, then Lokesh became Ghostfreak and went inside his own body and became normal and the were back to thier normal forms and atleast the world was saved by Lokesh because he also became Alien X. THE END

Major events

Alien X makes his debut for Lokesh and Ben tennyson.

It is known that the Omnitrix T.2 can change forms.

Lokesh's sister makes her debut.

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