Alien Zoo is the 10th Episode of Deo 12.

Deo 12
Season 1, Episode 10
Air date Unknown
Written by FlameStrike
Directed by FlameStrike
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Deo [Opens the door and comes in] hey whats up?

Christie: Look what i just finded

Deo: What [Goes closer to the computer]

Christie: Look at this

Deo: All i see i some alien prisson page

Christie: Look at the List of Prissoners

Deo: CC, Fistina, Liam, FireFast? That guy is there? Cyclo, Buble helmet, Jack Recew, Andro.. Jack Recew!!!

Christie: Yes

Deo: [Sees a flashback]

Jack: [Shows up]: Hello Deo!

Deo: [Shakes head]

Christie: are you ok?

Deo: Yeah. Now how did he get there

Christie: i have no idea

Deo: Can u check?

Christie: Only if i hack it up

Deo: Can u do it?

Christie: [Presses some buttons] No.

Deo: [Smiles] I have a plan

After some time

Christie, Deo and Megan are standing by the door of the prisson

Guard: You 3 are here to wisit

Christie: yes, Jack Recew

Guard: You sure, His dangeros

Christie: We are sure

They go inside

Christie (to Deo): [Whispers] This is your plan?

Deo: yes, you have a better one?

Christie: well... no.

They go to Jack's Cell. we see Jack in a simmilar machine Vilgax wanted to use to take of the Omnitrix fom the Ben 10 episode Secrets.

Megn: Jack!

Jack: [Sees the others] hi Losers

Deo: Ja-ack!

Christie: [Looks aroud] we can get you out.

Jack: i don't care, just go away.

Christie:okay [Starts walking away]

Deo: Christie!? [Follows her]

Megan: [Follows them]

Then an explosion happends at the end of the hall. the 3 turn around. Prissoners are running towords the exit

Deo: what the? [Transforms]

Alientrix: error, Snaning new DNA.

Deo: what?

Alientrix: [Scans the Prissoners] DNA Scaned. transforming

Deo as Kickin Hawk: k: Oh yeah!

Megan: New alien?

Deo as Kickin Hawk:  Yap [Runs towords the prissoners, kicks some of them back]

Christie: [Runs to the Exit controle and presses some buttons.]

The Room splits in to half. 1 side with the prissoners and the other with Deo, Megan, Christie, Cyclo and Jack.

Jack: told ya i don't need you. [Transforms]

Jack as Crabdozer:  stand down Deo

Deo as Kickin Hawk: No way!

Alientrix: New DNA! transforming

Deo as Bullfrag: Hell yeah!

Jack as Crabdozer: [runs towords Deo]

Deo as Bullfrag: [Kicks Jack away]

Jack as Crabdozer: [Destarnsforms] 

Cyclo: [Grabs Jack] Lets Go 

They run to the exit. the doors close

Cyclo: [Activates his mind control to make all of them fall down.]

The exit the prisson. we see Deo sleeping in the hospital. he opens his eyes and sees Christie. Chrstie has a band around her head.

Deo: what happend

Christie: they got away and somehow made as all colapse

Deo: [gets up] Then lets go get them





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